It gets the job done3/26/2019 2:01:31 PM

Pros: -good performance with light workloads and some games -fast boot times -really nice keyboard -solid build quality -Amazing IO

Cons: -awful battery life -awkward to take apart -track pad doesn't have separated mouse 1 and 2 buttons

Overall Review: if you need a laptop for emails and are going to be near an outlet most of the time, it'll function. I'm a huge fan of the keyboard (it's up there with the best of the best in terms of quality and layout, plus you get a full keypad which is always nice) the speakers are alright at best, they sound a little flat. If the track pad had separated mouse buttons instead of them being under the pad, I would have no physical issues with this laptop. at best the battery lasts about 4 hours, but don't expect it to last that long if you have it doing anything other than sitting on a table with the screen on. Any kind of actual strain on the laptop brings the battery down to about 2-3 hours. The CPU fan can get a little loud while playing games but it's almost never distracting. At $450 it ain't bad. For those of you wondering why the AMD version is cheaper, it's because the CPU costs that much less. If you really need that battery life, spring for a different laptop. The intel version will get you more life because of its more flexible chip with a much lower TDP (25 watts versus AMD's 35 watts) but honestly it's not a big enough difference to justify the $200 difference.

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