Better Read Speeds than a Samsung 860 EVO11/20/2020 8:07:47 PM

Pros: - Makes dirt look expensive, ESPECIALLY when this is on sale - Reads better than a Samsung 860 EVO SSD (The Team Group SSD is the Benchmark with the "A: 47%" on top) - The cache appears to exist (I haven't bothered to disassemble it yet, but performance-wise it acts like it has one) - Write speed seems pretty consistent until the cache runs out, (unlike my Samsung 860 EVO which declines in speed linearly for some reason) - Has by far the coolest front cover I have seen on an SSD so far

Cons: - Arrived 2 days late for me, but my local post office also held it idly for a week straight; I assume Newegg/the seller had nothing to do with it, so I won't take off for it. - Its cache is a little on the small side judging by how little data is needed to slow it down - No Mounting brackets or screws, you only get the SSD

Overall Review: Now, I'm no SSD expert, so I can't vouch for the benchmarks entirely, but I hope that what settings I used are sufficient enough for everyone. Value-wise this SSD blows other SSDs out of the water. It's amazing for a person who's getting their first SSD or just on a tight budget, and it's not half bad when running a game or working as a boot drive. Just make sure you have some mounting screws and/or a bracket already at home so you can actually mount it.

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