good and bad news2/22/2021 3:35:07 AM

Pros: -speeds on benchmarks are 20% less than advertised -overall a usable drive durable speeds R/W of 350GBps -runs cool.

Cons: -likes light workloads and will hang up for 20-30 seconds at a time in long duration volume or large file copies. -drive features sparse and this is justified by the price.

Overall Review: overall as published but does hang up for long periods before resuming R/W operations if doing 100+ GB file copies or VM backups. Worth the cost though it does not perform as well as SAMSUNG 860 unit I have. only 160TBW total and you have to figure out how this is progressing by translating S.M.A.R.T. numbers in hex to decimal. Overall would recommend for light duty workstations but would avoid for servers.

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beyond excellent as a io bottleneck solution!2/22/2021 3:27:39 AM

Pros: I have two windows servers each with over 20 VMs. Had 2.5" SSD running at 560GBps write as my system drive and place where all VM images resided. Backups to Hard disk of the 1.2TB of all VM machines was taking 30 mins to do all drive exports. Was using VEEAM but continually had problems restoring (parity errors) so using VM export exclusively). VM exports now with the wd_black take 1 minute and throughput is 2600 MBps. Fantastic performance and price is only 2X what I had as a previous solution. I sleep better at night now.

Cons: -works as advertised and I love it. -if you don't have a see through case all you will get is some light pulsing out the back of your server against a wall.

Overall Review: I would recommend to others without reservation. A real SSD solution to a real problem.

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6th surface I purchased and better than the last11/3/2020 4:40:19 AM

Pros: Love this product. I have one and got one for each of my children too. A bit expensive, but ssd performance is great and screen color renditions are wonderful. Bought the keyboards but not the mice or pencils as that is unneeded. 20 seconds to boot up. Accepts all the software I use regularly and range to pickup wifi signal is excellent. overall I cannot be more pleased.

Overall Review: 3 years and I replace them and I really get my money worth.

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SDD heaven3/14/2015 8:45:04 AM

Pros: set this up as the boot drive on a 6 way server and am using it as storage for my 10 virtual disks using Hyper-v. Fnatastic and fast. 40% faster overall than Raid1. I know That the high amounts of reads and writes over the next few years will really tax the drive as I am a few weeks into it and see that I have already read and written over 2TB of data to the drive. easy to setup - like the samsung Musician software that comes with the drive as it shows overall health and helps optimize performance. performance perfect at 549Mbps read amd 535Mbps sequential write. bottom line - great!

Cons: windows server cannot be optimized using the Samsung tools though win7 can be

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wanted to see 3TB drive compatibility6/24/2011 7:50:01 AM

Pros: Have four systems at my house, each of various ages and manufacturers and all desktops. Started with a 2007 vintage asus motherboard and got 2TB when mounted - bios upgrade allowed it to work at 3TB but it acted flakey and corruption experienced. Moved to 2nd system with Intel motherboard circa 2010. same as first and got it to work. For Grins wnet to my latest 2011 system a AMD with megacours and it worked at 3TB great from the start. Great drive and a great price...thanks newegg

Cons: Bios and motherboard are the key. If you have not seen a review that verifies it works dpn't invest for a while yet

Overall Review: We all buy these leading/bleeding edge items to beef up performance and make up for what is missing from the system as new things come out. I am just prepared to accept failures.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great decision and GREAT PRICE11/9/2010 8:21:31 AM

Pros: Objective was quite ambitious. Need to support the virtualization of over a dozen hosts using hyperV in windows 2008R2. Need a lot of memory and need a lot of processing power to support web server, data servers and application servers all on this machine. Essentially what I am standing up is a full set of production servers and reserving all my lower environemnts and production backup servers to another configuration. Chose the Megycore CPUs and paid about 300.00 for each of two 8 core processors. Bought some memory 2GB UDIMMS (20GB total) the motherboard can support 16 of these. Asus installation was smooth as silk - as always! I got a PCMARK of over 1800 for the configuration and am supporting 10 and counting VMs on the box. Added in a OCZ high speed SDD and that made the thing hum. I love the AMD performance at 1/2 the price of the equivalent intel CPUs. Motherboard QUALITY LAYOUT IS WONDERFUL -- THANKS ASUS!

Cons: PCMark was 1800 as opposed to a benchmark of 2200 for a 2 cpu - 6core each intel XEON configuration. But heh the pricewould have been 2900.00. I paid total amount under 980.00 for the whole rig including case. - oh yes - remeber that this motherboard requires two power leads - this makes the power supply a special requirement.

Overall Review: I bought this box as a replacement for 10 physical servers. They got caried to the dump this past weekend for recycling. So far I have been running this box for about a month and have ZERO downtime. With this type of price point, and overall capability, AMD is still very much on my GOOD LIST of suppliers. My other lower environment servers are XEON 5600 - but I feel like I paid too much for what I got in those.

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Great Performance11/9/2010 8:03:15 AM

Pros: Out of the box and directly onto a dual (2-8 core) G34 AMD server. Nothing special required as bios recognizes and no problem setting it up as a boot drive. Windows 2008R2 x64. Raised my PCMARK by 400 points on the disk storage swap out of a 10,000 rpm drive for this OCZ rated drive at 500MB/sec.

Cons: Storage was presented as two 55 GB physical drives on boot up. rather than configure as Raid0/1 I opted to cahin the two together and present as a single volume. Seems to have made no difference in performance. still a great little SSD

Overall Review: have been running now for three full weeks 24x7 and is fresh as the day I bought it. I will buy more of these soon.

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no dead pixels and contrast/brightness is adjustable2/22/2008 10:05:48 AM

Pros: THANKS NEWEGG for your 1 day delivery with FREE shipping. You are the best............ monitor was plug and play from the start. This replaces a 20" samsung display and I must say that the KDS unit is dead pixels....and the contrast/brightness probelm described by others did not exist. I set the contrast to 30% and the brightness to 50% and the color, saturation and hughes are Vivid and GREAT.....I will buy another of these in the weeks ahead.........finally, I threw out my custom speakers and am using the 3W speakers in the screen. They blow me out of here at 60% power.

Cons: hope you have a big desk....but heh....we all should have such problems

Overall Review: I would recommend this unit to anyone who wants to do web site absolute postioing design is working great for me

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best overall drive12/24/2006 2:12:36 PM

Pros: excellent drive. quiet, efficient, using in an raid6 array with 5 others of the ame type and performance with as dedicated raid controller is seamless and efficient. I would recommend these drives with no reservation to anyone who wants to build a raid array for their pc or server

Cons: none

Overall Review: had heard that there was a problem with areas of these drives going bad after heavy use. My experience is not like this at all. These are on a highly available and high use server and have worked very well since the day I first configured them. Over 100TB of read and write activity on muy array thus far.

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last review must be mistaken9/15/2006 7:35:13 AM

Pros: great motherboard, but want to make sure that buyers understand that they need to purchase 800 series AMD processors to get full benefit of the board. Otherwise you can only use 2 of ther 280 series Italy processors.

Cons: limited extra slots - so only really a server board configuration

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