Super fast hard drive12/19/2020 9:13:39 AM

Pros: My 2 year old laptop with the conventional spinner hard drive was slowing down and taking a longtime to boot up. I had been thinking about replacing it with a SSD for a while now and with all the pre black Friday sales, I decided to take the bait and buy one. I arrived yesterday and last night I used the Apricon transfer hardware and their USB to serial cable to copy over my hard drive to the new SSD. You never know how successful this will be until you open up the back of the laptop, install the new drive and fire it up. The entire operation was a success and the laptop booted up in about 15 seconds to the Windows password screen. That was the first time and the second time, after I had put the back cover on and tightened everything down, it booted up in just under 10 seconds. ' I am not a computer geek but I know how to install hard drives and other computer components . I couldn't tell you anything about transfer rates or Mbs per second but I know the difference between slow and really fast. This Team Group SSD was really fast. I can't speak to longevity or durability but my first impression is that this was a really excellent purchase and a great value for the money. I also have to credit the Apricon software and their transfer cable. I have had it for about 10 years and used it a couple of times before with the same results. The software transferred the old hard drive to the new SSD without anything being done. I took it out of its shipping box, hooked it up and started the transfer process. About 20 minutes later the drive transfer was complete. I am very happy so far and hope this SSD will last a long time.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yes, I would purchase this drive again. Excellent value for the money. Update: 12.19.2020 My wife's laptop was having a ton of issues and I thought putting this SSD in her machine would solve a lot of the problems. Every laptop has it's own challenges to finding all the screws in the baseplate but I was able to install the new SSD without any issues. She had a i3 processor and I thought that might slow down the boot up time but I was wrong. It fired up just as fast as my i7 machine. This is a great SSD and cheaper than any of the other brands I have seen. If you are going to buy one, this a great drive and you will be satisficed with performance.

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Excellent for a Samsung Gaxaxy Pad1/24/2015 5:26:24 AM

Pros: Small, compact, battery powered, easy to connect.

Cons: Takes a few tries to connect, but I am guessing it is searching for a code that works. You have to cycle through a few codes and enter each one to determine if it is the right code, but once you get the right one, it works great.

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Almost fool proof!8/26/2014 6:46:44 PM

Pros: Easy to operate, fool proof bread every time, cheap to operate, great tasting bread for almost any dirt

Cons: Can't think of any

Overall Review: I have toyed with buying this machine for a few years. I have been on and off of the Dukan diet and one of the cravings I have had is for bread. I thought I would try this to make the oat bran that the diet calls for everyday in a bread format and to my surprise, this machine makes a wonderful loaf of bread. You can mess up the portions, miss something, or over load it on something else and it still turns out good. I even made regular bread and it tastes fantastic. This machine is wonderful for the price. If you get one, make sure to check out the videos on how to make bread before you make your first run. Also make sure to buy grocery products that are specially made for bread machines. They make a special flour and yeast that really makes a difference and is about the same cost as other products that are not for the bread machine.

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2/25/2014 4:34:53 PM

Pros: Fast hot water, quick cup of coffee in the AM. Great for making hot tea or chocolate coco.

Cons: Buying the K cups can be very expensive. 50 cents for a home cup of coffee is too expensive for my taste, so I bought the reusable inserts that let you use your favorite coffee and make hundreds of cups for the cost of a box of K cups.

Overall Review: I got this for myself for Christmas when the price was like $89 bucks. It has been a real gem. Makes hot water very fast and then the second cup is even faster as the system is already on and has the next cup of hot water ready to go in a flash.

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Really great printer2/25/2014 4:30:21 PM

Pros: Very quiet. Great quality B&W laser prints. Low start up cost.

Cons: Wireless connection takes a bit of getting used to. Make sure you have the printer where you want it when setting up because moving it requires going through set up routine again. High cost for HP laser print cartridges but third party suppliers give you almost as good for a fraction of the cost.

Overall Review: I got this because the HP Envy printer I bought for my living room cost so much to have refilled. Plus it would not stay connected to my network or computer requiring re-entering my network access code. Once I figured out how to access the HP 1102W, it has never disconnected and operates great. It is very quiet and a much cheaper alternative for B&W than the ink jet. The price was right too. Shipping was super quick. I have an old HP 1006P laser printer for my upstairs office and it has lasted forever and this new one is the same hardcore durable HP quality. I am anticipating that this one will willed to my kids in about 30 years.

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Easy to use buy but not without compaint6/10/2013 6:56:26 PM

Pros: Easy to pair with my Galaxy 3 and charges very quickly

Cons: When I am walking, the sound cuts out, almost like a record skipping.

Overall Review: I bought this to wear while walking and when flying. It paired easily to my Galaxy 3 but not so easy to my Toshiba laptop. It quickly pairs every time I use the phone, but it takes quite a bit of effort for the Toshiba to recognize the headset. I don't know if I could recommend these. I got them for a sale price but the dropped sound is really annoying.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please contact us at so that we can help you resolve the issue. Thank you, Kinivo Product Support Email : Live chat : | Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM PST
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How much?6/21/2012 7:24:47 PM

Pros: Light weight, easy to connect and use.

Cons: Not worth the money.

Overall Review: I came across this at Walgreens and bought one. Of course, the price at the store was $10, not over a hundred.

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Silver stylus pens4/2/2012 6:03:56 PM

Pros: The pen as two colors, black and red. Allows you to focus a smaller line on your screen

Cons: Not a pen like stylus, but rather an eraser size point.

Overall Review: I bought these for my wife and I. She didn't really care for them and I use them somewhat, but they are not a whole lot better than just using you finger.

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Outstanding value10/27/2011 5:15:44 AM

Pros: Low cost, ease of installation, super quick shipping from New Egg

Cons: None

Overall Review: I was looking for a low cost solution to increase my laptop memory. While memory isn't that expensive to start with, when I saw that the 8MB (2x4 configuration) on sale through slickdeals, I jumped on it. I received the memory yesterday and it liberally took less than 5 minutes to pop the old memory out, install the new chips, and close the laptop back up. I fired the laptop back up and the computer started up perfectly! I was concerned because I wasn't sure if his memory would work on laptop but it does so life is good! Well, except for the Marxist dictator that is in our big house!

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Low End Price, High End Results2/10/2011 4:09:32 PM

Pros: The Price.....however I bought it one day and the price dropped 20 bucks the next so I feel a little cheated. I wish New Egg would extend the lower price since I never received it before the price dropped. Now for the real review. Easy setup. You simply insert the base into the attached stem and then plug in the video and power cords. Its that simple, that easy. The color and monitor clarity are fantastic. The size is good for an office setting. I actually bought this for my office and mounted it on a movable platform. It was really easy to mount so if that is what you are buying it for, you can rest comfortable that it will be easy to do. My work laptop auto configured the screen resolution so I can't really talk about manually setting it up. Another review might have that.

Cons: Again...the price change at the last second really ticked me off. I wish New Egg had a price guarantee. They had one for Christmas, but it I am guessing it would be a really good customer service policy to honor last second price changes so customers can feel good about purchasing electronic items that cost a lot. My other negative comment is I don't like the base. So much that I decided to drop the base and mount the monitor. But you might like it....I just didn't.

Overall Review: I started buying Acer computer products a couple of years ago. With the exception of the laptops, the desktop computers and monitors have all given excellent service. The laptops have all had issues and Best Buy, where I bought them, is the worst place in the world to buy anything and won't stand behind their products. So if you are looking for a monitor or a desktop, I strongly recommend Acer....but if you are looking for a laptop....nope, its not worth it!

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24 inch Acer Monitor8/5/2010 9:21:46 AM

Pros: Very good monitor. I have had this for over a year and it has been on about 95% of that time. Flawless performance. Easy to set up. My Acer computer instantly recognized it and it was operational in seconds. The black gloss finish looks fantastic.

Cons: Cannot think of one....and I am very critical.

Overall Review: If you watch the price on this item, it never seems to have a constant price. It is always on sell so if you pay over $200, like I did, you will pay too much.

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Love this monitor12/16/2009 12:50:14 PM

Pros: Fantastic look.

Cons: Can't think of any.

Overall Review: I have a 22 inch Acer monitor and this 24 inch. The 24 looks so great that it makes the 22 inch look weak. Now I want to buy another 24 inch to balance the look out. I sometimes think I have more money than brains!

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Good, inexpensive machine8/2/2009 2:42:58 PM

Pros: Quick boot up, inexpensive, good memory, very quiet.

Cons: Does not come with a wireless card built in. Can't get rid of McAfee on it. Seems to have hidden McAfee software that won't delete.

Overall Review: I bought this as a TV PC for my large LCD in the family room. I had to buy a USB wireless card to hook up with my wireless internet connection. Another $60.00 added cost, but I knew that going in. I also bought a cheap Logitech wireless Mouse and keyboard and they are worthless. I wish it had a Bluray DVD drive, but most of my videos come from Hulu or Netflix so it isn't a big factor.

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Great Value for the money10/23/2008 11:39:01 AM

Pros: Super price....great color....easy to install...comes with 2 monitor cords...great for an office or home computer for work at home applications.

Cons: It doesn't swivel and no height adjustment. But for the price, you know that going in.

Overall Review: I have to hand it to New Egg. They process the order fast and get it to you fast. I have bought quite a few components over the years and they never cease to impress me with low prices and lighting fast delivery.

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