Nice regular mouse.10/20/2019 12:54:31 PM

Pros: I bought 3 of these refurbished, they all seemed brand new and work flawlessly

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Nothing fancy, but does the job. I would recommend it.

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Good product, very fast but annoying errors.10/20/2019 12:51:09 PM

Pros: Installed flawlessly on my AMD Ryzen 3600 / MSI Tomahawk Max system. Linux Udisks utility benchmark gave whole disk 3.4G read speed with 70 microseconds latency. On actual partitions with file system overhead this drops to 2.4G, still very respectable figure. as a NVME disk, regular SMART monitoring applications won't recognize it. On Linux Mint, I installed nvme-cli (in the software manager), then typed: 'sudo nvme list' to get the name of the drive then 'sudo nvme smart-log /dev/nvme0n1' to see the equivalent of SMART report.

Cons: The disk worked well but was showing lots of kernel errors in /var/log/syslog Oct 15 16:28:15 ******* kernel: [ 88.172669] nvme 0000:01:00.0: PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Data Link Layer, id=0100(Transmitter ID) Oct 15 16:28:15 ******* kernel: [ 88.172675] nvme 0000:01:00.0: device [1987:5012] error status/mask=00001000/00006000 Oct 15 16:28:15 ******* kernel: [ 88.172678] nvme 0000:01:00.0: [12] Replay Timer Timeout No one really likes hardware errors on their system even if that's just timeouts that are recovered from. The first thing I tried was to throttle PCI from Gen3 to Gen2. It worked but I lost more than a third of the speed (links in Gen3 are 8gbps, versus 5 in Gen2). To solve the problem for good, edit /etc/default/grub Replace the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pcie_aspm=off" then run 'update-grub' However, it removes the PCIe power saving feature (for all connected devices, including the GPU), leading to useless power consumption, even more so on a laptop. there are other workarounds but they all shut up the logs. That's wrong as it can also hide more serious problems. The same 'pcie_aspm' setting also can be found for Windows, you can google it. Firmware is ECFM22.4 and I can't upgrade it as Silicon Power website does not recognize it's own capcha ! does not look good. Also, they have no utilities for Linux.

Overall Review: The performance is there, for a lot less than the leading brand. Not sure if the timeout problem is firmware related, and can't find out now as the vendor website is broken and won't let me see / download a newer firmware version.

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Works well with AMD Ryzen10/20/2019 12:07:50 PM

Pros: I bought it knowing it's timing was optimized for Intel, but got very good results with my AMD Ryzen build, at a much lower cost than RAM that officially support AMD processors. My Motherboard (MSI Tomahawk Max) includes a feature called 'Memory try it!' that helped me find the best timings for it. at 1.39V it was stable at 3600Mhz with 1T 16-19-19-19-39 timing (Tested on Win10 with OCCT / Prime95, then on Linux with memtest86+ for 12H) Using the 'Advanced DRAM Configuration', I then throttled it back to 1T 17-20-20-20-40 as I would take stability over a little more speed anytime. 1.39V is slightly more than I expected, but both modules run cool to the touch.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: No need to buy more expensive memory when you can get these kind of speeds with those modules, unless you really 'need' a RGB DRAM ...

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Perfect with Ryzen 360010/20/2019 11:42:51 AM

Pros: Very clean board I upgraded to the latest BIOS (as of now, 7C02v33 with AMD ComboPI1.0.0.3abba) using the flash BIOS button before inserting the processor. It failed at first, and needed to reformat the USB key and put only the binary file on it. The CPU voltage regulator heatsinks are barely warm, same for the chipset. The build went smoothly, the resulting system is very stable on heavy continuous load (crunching for World Community grid in the background 24/7) The feature called 'Memory try It!' made tweaking RAM settings easy.

Cons: I would have appreciated to get more USB ports, but I would certainly buy again, the predecessor (Tomahawk) is one of the most popular AMD 3000 MB for a reason

Overall Review: You can't go wrong with this board.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Eric, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the B450 TOMAHAWK MAX! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
ryzen 3600 on Linux Mint10/20/2019 11:25:09 AM

Pros: Very powerful processor at a reasonable price. I like the fact that AMD keeps using the same socket for several processor generations, making it easy (and more environmentally responsible) to upgrade the processor while keeping the same motherboard.

Cons: You will need an aftermarket cooler for any kind of overclock. My processor seems to be from a not so good bin, auto setting to 1.45V at stock speed (MSI Tomahawk Max MB). Max speed is 4.2Ghz with ABBA Bios version. Idle temp is 40C and reaches more than 92C (Win10 OCCT & Prime95). If I had to do it again, I think I would go for the 3600X (or jump to 3700X as the price is getting lower) as the spire cooler is better and I also expect it to be better binned. It did not work with Windows7 (well documented issue there are workarounds). That decided me to use Linux Mint as my main OS with PlayOnLinux for most Windows software and a VMWare virtual Win7 machine of my previous setup. The transition/migration went smoothly. Maybe this failure to boot Win7 is not a 'con' after all ... There is way too much thermal grease on the cooler, you need to remove most of it (use the side of a credit card to do so). Installing it with so much thermal paste won't allow proper cooling and might result in the (conductive) paste spilling on the processor/socket. Idle temp should be between 35C and 40C. Anything above is abnormal.

Overall Review: It's good to see AMD back with the 3000 Zen 2 architecture, not cutting corners with the cooler would make it perfect !

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Worked for a while, then bricked12/11/2018 9:09:58 PM

Pros: worked for a while

Cons: then bricked. I tried all the rituals with the keys, dead.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good product, nice quality1/20/2010 12:33:07 AM

Pros: Seems sturdy, was very easy to install, good handle & bar grip. Allows for a wide range of levels. I now have no more excuses for not doing at least some workout !

Cons: The lateral arms will probably leave marks on the doorway paint after a few weeks, maybe some soft padding on the side of the swing arms would help. Also, if the bar+arms is removed, the protruding pivot could be a hazard. The box was damaged during shipping, but the product was ok, I'm glad that was not a HDD or a motherboard ! I now have no more excuses for not doing at least some workout !

Overall Review: I did not expect Newegg to carry that kind of stuff, but why not ? it's good exercise for people who spend too much time in front of a computer screen. The installation guide states the holes must be drilled with a 4mm (5/32) drill bit, using a 3.2mm (1/8) bit would probably have been wiser. Better tight than loose. Rubbing the screws on a dry soap lubricates them, mostly if a smaller bit is used. I first wanted to install it in a small room, but finally went for the wide kitchen door. It'll be a constant reminder.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Solid board at the right price11/19/2009 9:25:26 AM

Pros: Worked flawlessly, very good feature set for the price, lots of USB plugs (8 on the rear+4 on internal headers), very good OC capability with adjustable voltages & timings (I used a rescued E8400@3.8 with very little tweaking), Windows 7 install was a charm, the board and all it's controllers were recognized immediately, Win 7 loaded all the drivers, I did not even open the included drivers CD. Ubuntu seemed to also work well (starting from the live CD, I did not install it). There is even an onboard COM port for the odd device that requires it.

Cons: Little I can think of, an ESATA plug would have been good. If you miss that, just buy a cheap SATA to ESATA bracket (Item#:N82E16812226006)

Overall Review: Now that we have X55 & X58 for the higher end, spending more on a socket 775 MB does not make sense anymore. I got this board to replace a cheaper (by 10$) ASUS P5G41-M LE/CSM that had issues. If you plan on using a video card, save yourself the trouble and go with this board.

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Very useful, recommended.10/30/2009 9:28:51 PM

Pros: Way more accurate than a "no-name" unit I previously had with non linear load (low power factor, such as most power supplies or dimmed halogen lamps) An eye opener, shows what sucks power and what does not, with more than a few surprises.

Cons: a bit flimsy, does not store several measurements, LCD is not easy to read unless used with an extension cord. With nothing plugged in, power consumption is not zero. (1 to 3w). subtracting that amount allows precise measurement of very small loads.

Overall Review: Since I bought it, I made several changes: - Bought a new fridge. The new (Energy star) one is much better, and will pay for itself in reduced electricity bills in about 7 years (360KWH/year versus a huge 1300KWH/year). The single biggest change. - Found out my A/V setup consumed around 40W (30$/year) while inactive, and hooked it to the auxiliary power output of the cable receiver. Standby power reduced to 10W (the receiver itself). - Changed my old desktop power supply to a 80Plus Bronze Antec TP750 and gained 10W - Found optimal setting for my 52" LCD TV. Gained 60W without losing in picture quality and a marginal loss in brightness after tweaking the controls. - Found out a very dim halogen lamp consumes a lot. However, the most important lesson learned from this device is a change of attitude, and it really shows in my electricity bills ! I got it on sale, but at the regular price, A P4400 + a calculator would do the same job. Either device will pay for itself many time

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Only 1 fan controller ...10/30/2009 8:57:27 PM

Pros: Does what it's supposed to do. easy to attach anywhere in the case by drilling a hole for the knob. low cost.

Cons: It's called "ZALMAN FAN MATE 2 Fan Controller" but will only control 1 fan. If I did read better, I would have known, still this is a very deceptive name. The regulator is linear, so when the fan speed is lowered, energy is lost as heat. That's an inefficient design.

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Solid product10/30/2009 2:26:15 PM

Pros: Well built, solid product. Wireless range is good. No noticeable lag. No interference with wireless keyboard/mouse.

Cons: Drains the batteries a bit fast when not in use, but that's what rechargeable batteries are for.

Overall Review: For use with a big screen TV, wireless is a huge plus. Highly recommended.

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Very good product10/30/2009 2:10:29 PM

Pros: The small physical size & good audio quality sets it apart. The refurbished unit I bought had the latest firmware with ability to select MSC (regular USB drive) mode from the menu, and looked like brand new. The device uses a normal USB plug. Display is a perfect fit for the intended purpose, and the menu system is simple & easy to navigate. Real use battery life is about 10H. Included headphones are a bit boomy but ok to use as a replacement. The very short USB cord is very handy when on the go.

Cons: The battery is not replaceable (can be done, but a PITA) Some mp3 songs (in my experience 1/100) will freeze it, and I think this is the reason behind many complaints, as it will drain the battery. When it happens, the device require a 10 second push on the power button. To solve the issue, restart it. It will resume by playing the previous song. Press "Next", and you will see the song that's causing the problem, right before it freezes. Remove said file, and everything will be fine. I had the same problem with another Sansa (e260) too.

Overall Review: I hope this nice little player will last for years. The clip itself is a bit flimsy, and does not hold very well. I splitted it into a 1G music player and 1G secure drive (using open source software) to store sensitive data such as passwords, SSH & FTP access codes, etc ... so I have them with me anywhere without worrying in case it gets lost. USB transfer speed is ok, similar to a regular USB drive. I should have bought a few more while they were a "shell shocker", they make perfect gifts !

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Avoid this board.10/30/2009 1:27:00 PM

Pros: none (defective board)

Cons: After a power supply cycle, the BIOS shows this message: "Power supply surges detected during the previous power on ASUS Anti-Surge was triggered to protect system from unstable power supply unit Press F1 to run setup Press F2 to load default values and continue" I upgraded the BIOS, then tested with 3 power supplies, including Antec Earthwatt 380 & TP-750. Same problem. Asus told me the "Anti Surge" was probably too sensitive. RMA time ...

Overall Review: Asus tech support was courteous. Newegg RMA was smooth & fast. The idea to warn about a potentially bad power supply by monitoring supply voltages is interesting, but that feature have to be thoroughly tested.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I'm sorry that you're having BIOS issues with your board. It may be a corrupt BIOS chip which could be fixed by sending you another BIOS chip. If we can help with the RMA process, please contact us at so that we may get more information about your system configuration and assist you in resolving the issue. Best Regards, ASUS Support Team