Too easy!10/15/2020 1:55:58 PM

Overall Review: Old RAM was only 16gb and not stable at its XMP profile. Shut down PC, turned off PSU power, removed old RAM, installed this kit, booted into BIOS, set XMP profile, zero complications.

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Massive case, dead silent2/7/2020 11:05:28 AM

Overall Review: It is big and heavy, but it mutes almost all noise (in my scenario at least). There is a lot of room for expanding internally. Every part is particularly high end in quality. The yellow accents on the screws might throw off your style. My only 'complaint' would be regarding the interior HDD drive mounting locations, these require a bit of good planning to get your stuff plugged in accordingly. Overall though, this case is spectacular.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Mighty enough to tame a 3900x!2/7/2020 11:00:25 AM

Overall Review: Classic Noctua, goes above and beyond with virtually no audible sounds.

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So many ports!2/7/2020 10:58:42 AM

Overall Review: For the price, and assuming you have the x1 slot available, this is likely the best way to add USB ports to your system. You do need the molex power for the ports to work, but you will probably need to if you plan on using the ports to charge or run high-powered peripherals.

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Crazy fast!2/7/2020 10:54:40 AM

Pros: Fastest CPU I've ever owned Temperatures are low with air cooler

Cons: Zero issues

Overall Review: Definitely recommend this to anyone while the price is competitive

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This display is beautiful, but issues with USB2/7/2020 10:46:59 AM

Pros: The color accuracy out of the box is absolutely incredible The included stand is exceptional Freesync

Cons: The USB 3.0 ports on the back are mostly non-functioning for my computer. In order to provide pass-through data, you'll need to connect the monitor to your computer with a USB-C to USB-C cord. When I do this, I get thrown display and USB errors in Windows. The manual is very limited on explanation, but mentions you can alternatively connect with a USB-C to USB-A connector, which in my case made the ports usable, but still proceed to throw me constant USB errors in Windows, though the peripherals connected still worked - most of the time. I'm sure if I did more research I could figure out the USB situation. Without a connection to your computer with a USB-C cord, the ports will not even offer power.

Overall Review: The USB hub of this monitor was one of the primary reasons I chose this 4k display at this price point. If someone at LG wants to help me figure out how to use those ports, that would be much appreciated.

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Still going strong!2/7/2020 10:34:29 AM

Pros: -Plays my games very well @1080p -Inexpensive -Massive upgrade over the GT 730 computer came with

Cons: -None so far

Overall Review: Great GPU overall, as long as the price is right (obviously)

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Excellent price/performance1/3/2020 2:30:07 PM

Pros: No installation issues Works as intended Read/write speeds match specs Not DOA

Cons: No sticker with the packaging for my collection

Overall Review: Easy install, detected on the first boot, value seems unmatched at this time.

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Just works.1/3/2020 2:24:57 PM

Pros: Not DOA

Cons: Not SSDs?

Overall Review: Bought three of these, none DOA. I set up a parity array without any issues. Read and write speeds are as expected for general storage.

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Best keyboard I’ve ever owned.1/3/2020 2:20:30 PM

Pros: -Switches, key presses feel great -Excellent industrial color scheme -No RGB

Cons: -USB pass through would have been a nice feature, but that’s typically a feature on more expensive mechanical boards

Overall Review: Not much more to say, this keyboard looks and feels exceptional.

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It works, kind of?8/16/2019 9:09:59 PM

Pros: -Technically, it works

Cons: Currently, I have no BIOS. The Asrock splash screen is there, I boot into windows fine, but if I press F2 to get into the bios, or try the Restart to UEFI from Windows, I just end up at a black screen with a white line in the center. So currently, I have no access to changing multipliers, enabling XMP, boot order, etc.

Overall Review: Can't recommend this right now unless there is a fix that doesn't require my computer being out of commission longer than it already has, I really do not want to have to send out and wait for another motherboard, that is the whole reason I bought this one. I have reached out to Asrock support, so we'll see.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Bradley, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please try following whether the issue is resolved. • Unplug the ATX power. • Clear the CMOS. • Try with another monitor and cable to check. • Download and update the latest BIOS link below (press F6 for instant flash). Link: If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
7 Years later...9/20/2016 7:23:33 AM

Pros: -Still running strong after 7 years -No dead pixels -As clear today as it was then

Cons: -No issues

Overall Review: Handed this off to a family member who uses it daily.

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Eco mode makes this incredibly efficient!9/19/2016 7:23:34 AM

Pros: Inexpensive yet feature rich. Low power draw with varying power modes. Screen came well calibrated, many adjustments possible for the needy. HDMI, VGA, DVI connections, and Audio connections.

Cons: Stand sits pretty low, not adjustable in height. Monitor directed volume adjusting not intuitive, as in you have to go through submenues to get to it.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor for a Raspberry Pi environment, I wanted an inexpensive monitor with built in speakers, HDMI input, and adjustable power modes. It is not well advertised, but this monitor has at least three power settings, the lowest setting being Eco Conserve. The monitor itself is reduced to a 13watt pull, dimming the screen slightly and applying a blue filter (very good for your eyes). In this mode, the screen looks great! My total power pull running Retropie or any other Pi OS is less than 15watts with sound!

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Efficient performance!9/19/2016 7:22:45 AM

Pros: -Excellent performance for the target software: DOTA2, Starcraft 2, CS:GO, etc. -Powered from the slot, no 6-pin required. -Quiet at load -Small profile

Cons: -Outpaced by more expensive cards? (Strange yet common complaint by many)

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Amazing value!9/15/2016 7:27:47 AM

Pros: -Inexpensive, modern Quad-Core (Q1 2016 release) -Incredibly efficient, 65w TDP -Modern instruction set -Quiet stock cooler -Higher IPC than 860k or 880k, clock for clock

Cons: -PCI 3.0 x8 only (though any GPU that can be effectively paired with this without a CPU-bottleneck would never come close to reach this bandwidth anyways -No iGPU; this must be paired with a graphics card -Locked multiplier

Overall Review: I built a system for my wife, pairing this CPU with an RX 460. Playing Heroes of the Storm together, I am able to crank it up to extreme settings, V-Sync enabled, so at 60 FPS locked, her entire system plus the monitor pulls an average of 120 watts from the wall. Overall, I am highly impressed by this CPU and it's efficiency. Her entire system is more efficient than just the CPU of my rig alone, playing CS:GO, DOTA2, and Heroes at max settings, 60 FPS. CPU: Athlon X4 845 GPU: PowerColor RX 460 2GB MOBO: ASRock A88M-G/3.1 RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2133

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So far so Great!9/12/2016 8:27:11 AM

Pros: -Quiet! -All black cables, ribbon style except for 24-pin -120mm fan for efficient, low RPM cooling

Cons: -Wrap on 24-pin cable began to fray after a few tight bends in my case, behind tray and not noticeable, so not a deal breaker

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Best DDR3 Kit9/12/2016 8:22:47 AM

Pros: -Visually appealing, Matching most 'gaming' themed boards -2nd highest DDR3 speed at lower volts, with a better command rate than any at this or higher speeds

Cons: -Really tall, be careful with after market cooler clearance

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Too Many Good Things9/12/2016 7:33:28 AM

Pros: -Supports highest possible DDR3 clocks -USB 3.1 Type A-C ports- -Visual appeal (these pictures do not do the board justice -This board will actually let you adjust the multiplier of locked processors. (More info below)

Cons: -M.2 slot does not support M.2 drives with a SATA interface (M.2 Samsung 850 Evo, for example). This is well detailed in the manual, including a chart of supported drives at time of release, but at first glance this might not be obvious as many modern boards with M.2 slots support PCIe and SATA interfaces.

Overall Review: I bought this with an Athlon X4 845, should be a locked processor. Once I booted into the bios, and after I enabled the XMP profile on my Corsair Vengeance DDR3 2133 kit, I started poking around in the OC settings tab. Sure enough, after switching it from AUTO to Manual, the BIOS gave me every option that would normally be granted to only locked chips. This is not an advertised function, and I probably will not be taking much advantage of it, but it is an incredible selling point, considering the 845 is at a very low price with incredible performance per lock compared to an 860k or 880k. I'm sure with the right tweaks you could out perform and out value both. Main Specs: CPU-Athlon X4 845 GPU-PowerColor RX 460 MOBO-ASRock A88M-G/3.1 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2133 DDR3 PSU: Seasonic S12II Bronze 350w

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Feature Rich w/ Need of BIOS Tuning11/16/2015 8:56:09 AM

Pros: -DDR3 Speed Compatibility - Though the board supports 2450, my system is only stable at 2133, still higher than the 1866 standard of my processor. -USB 3.1 Type A/C Add-in Card - Works out of the box, no software needed -M.2 Slot (PCIE 2.0 x2) - Windows 10 bootable (though note about this in cons)

Cons: -VRM/Mosfet Temperatures - The previous review is generally correct about the board temperatures, the heatsinks periodically run very hot, regardless of stock voltage or overclock voltage. -M.2 Boot Issues (BIOS related?) - I currently use a Samsung XP941, listed as compatible on the ASRock website. It took a bit of research to get Windows 10 installed on this drive through a USB disk, as only a specific format works. The issue currently lies in the system boots to the SSD faster than the SSD can initialize, resulting in a blue screen at EVERY initial post. System is perfectly stable beyond this after it initiates a restart, but there must be a way for the board to ensure the SSD is ready to boot before the order is sent via possible BIOS update. This may be only limited to this particular SSD though.

Overall Review: The board follows the black and red trend most companies assume gamers want, but still remains aesthetically pleasing.

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Simply amazing.7/9/2015 8:16:25 PM

Pros: -Turn 1 motherboard fan header into 3. -Excellent for cable management. -Black color blends well. -PWN.

Cons: -Cannot independently control the 3 fans connected, but this should be expected as they are all sourced to 1 fan header.

Overall Review: While you cannot control the 3 independently, the 3 being sourced to a motherboard fan header means you can at least have them controlled collectively at one speed, either by manual software/bios control of automatically by your board chipset. Before I switched to these, 4 of my case fans were powered via molex directly from my power supply, meaning they were on full RPM. Now instead of listening to a vacuum, I only hear the soothing hum of appropriately managed fans.

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Essentially a 7850k.7/4/2015 6:10:12 PM

Pros: Upgraded to this from my 7850k. -I am able to clock mine up to 4400 on default voltage, stable. -My iGPU is clocked up to 1100, from 850, again, all voltages default. -The chipset supports PCI 3.0. -Both of these provide significant 3DMark scores over the 860k(an FM2 processor that is basically a 7850k without the graphics cores) thanks to Mantle and Directx12(in Windows 10) usage of the graphics cores while running discrete cards.

Cons: -Though the A10-7870k has the same rated TDP of the 7850k, its actual voltage use is slightly higher, thus I am experiencing slightly higher temps with the exact setup I used prior to upgrade. -Dual Graphics with an R7-250 results are generally underwhelming. When benchmarking, 3DMark scores for my setup actually generated lower scores in Dual Graphics mode than when the R7-250 is being utilized as discrete. Though real world application may vary as benchmarking is not real world use.

Overall Review: I would not recommend upgrading from a 7850k to this, but at a reduced price compared to the original 7850k and the upcoming usage of Directx12 with the Windows 10 release, this processor has a lot of potential.

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