Top of the Line Card!5/16/2020 10:24:08 PM

Pros: This card is a darn monster! It eats every game I throw at it and asks for more. Most games are fluid and smooth at 60fps or more, and the card doesnt even hit 100% usage! Coming from a 2070 Super, I see a 20-30fps difference with this card. Worth every penny. It stays frosty, never hit above 63c yet.

Cons: Very very large, like 13.5 inches long, and pricey. But worth the money

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this card over a baseline 2080. No complaints from me, only Joy!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI graphics card! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Great Memory, Stylish RGB modes1/25/2020 11:25:40 PM

Pros: Fast, reliable, stable, stylish

Cons: None

Overall Review: New build, Installed in a MSI Tomahawk B540 Max using Ryzen 7 3700k. After first boot, it defaults to the 2100mhz speed for compatibility assurance. But, after turning on XMP, it automatically pops it to 3600mhz with the rated timings on sticks. Amazing! It doesn't get any easier! Did not have to manually set anything. The XMP set the correct voltage, mhz speed, and rated timings automatically. I was worried after seeing some reviews that i would have to manually dig through the bios to get this done correctly. I will be buying 2 more sticks in the very near future to boost to 32gb of ram, just for the hell of it. I wasn't worried about the RGB part of the ram, but I must say, it looks so nice along with everything else. Good job guys!

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Great CPU!1/25/2020 11:14:54 PM

Pros: Snappy processer, stays cool and has a low load even when gaming!

Cons: No cons!

Overall Review: Coming from Intel i7, I wasnt sure about going with AMD. My Intel lasted me 8 yrs overclocked at 4.6ghz. But Surprise! This is a great gaming CPU! I dont even see the need to OC this thing. It chews up and spits out everything thrown at it thus far. Stays cool even in turbo, and while gaming. I played Star Citizen in 4K, and this CPU only carries a 30% load using all 8 cores. Great job AMD, im officially a fan!

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Very nice Chassis!1/25/2020 11:08:04 PM

Pros: Solid Chassis, roomy, very professional looking, very clean after installation, great cooling room

Cons: Only 2 USB ports on case, but not a dealbreaker. My other one has 4.

Overall Review: My build 8 yrs ago, I went with Thermaltake. So I decided to use them again. Definitely did not disappoint. This case is very solid with a glass side, great for all my RGB controlled components. Everything stays nice and cool, plenty of room past my large GPU. Nice room on other side of Chassis for all the wires. All the PSU wires are nicely hidden. Im in love with this case. And the RGB fans work flawlessly with reset controller. For the price, this is a very nice case. I will always choose Thermaltake for my Chassis needs!

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Great Job Asus!5/8/2018 6:03:01 PM

Pros: I ordered this with mixed feeling due to reading some of the other reviews. I have really got to say, I f’in love this thing. Its Beautiful, love the backlit Keyboard, The i7-7700 CPU is a beast. Handles anything I toss at it. I was iffy about The GTX 1060, but after playing PUBG on FULL setting for hours on end, this thing doesn’t even twitch. I love the SSD + HDD combo, but 128Gb is almost used up already. Just gonna upgrade to a 250Gb. 16Gb Ram is Awesome. For real, its Fast, Its Beautiful, and its mine! This is my first Laptop purchase since my Bad Ass desktop build 3 yrs ago, and I can honestly say, this laptop is on par with my desktop build. Which is no easy feat. I definitely recommend this Laptop! For heavy work load to Gaming, its definitely worth the $$.

Cons: Honestly, the only Con I have is the size of the surface area. But still, thats not really a dealbreaker! The whole thing is still really thin, and you can tell its well built. I seen alot of cons about the screen, but to me its perfect! This is not a fricking flatscreen TV so dont expect that kind of screen on it. But the screen is bright and in HD.

Overall Review: I was only gonna spend just under $1k on a laptop but wanted something I could at least game on if im gonna spend that much. For the price I payed for this, it was an excellent bargain and im so glad I bought it. So sorry if other people had issues, but mine was perfect. Im guessing over the years, Asus reads comments about what people complain about in order to fine tune their productions. Cause I have absolutely no complaints about my laptop. My Asus motherboard in my Desktop build was Great and still works flawlessly. Im hoping to be just as happy for just as long with my laptop. Thanks Asus! Good job!

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Nice Motherboard7/23/2012 2:52:05 PM

Pros: Everything I wanted and more from it

Cons: After it was totally installed, found Memory slots A1 and A2 were defective. Had to totally break down my install to ship board back.

Overall Review: Newegg was great about RMA. They paid for the return ship. It shipped today, so I dont know ow long its gonna take me to recieve my replacement board.

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