SP 256GB NVME7/31/2019 5:17:18 PM

Pros: Quick, affordable

Cons: None in my experience

Overall Review: I didn't buy this expecting top of the line performance... However I'm extremely happy with it. If this lives its projected lifetime - this is a definite bargain. Setup in BIOS was pretty easy. It detected the drive immediately. All tests in BIOS cleared. Even CrystalDiskMark is putting the drives sequential read/write within less than 1% of advertised numbers. Who can argue with that?! Once I get the $ I plan to buy the 1TB model for the second M.2 slot.

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meh..2/26/2016 2:35:21 PM

Pros: Sleek case, toolless, USB 3.0

Cons: Flimsy construction, standard USB 3.0 instead of using a micro USB interface for the unit.

Overall Review: It's a nice case but like others who have submitted a review, I encounter the random disconnect problems. Some days it works great and others it disconnects every five min. I use this case with a Seagate hybrid drive for my Xbox One and it's great when it works. Half the time the game shuts down because the unit decided to restart itself. I tested the drive in my computer to see if maybe I got a bad drive but it ran flawlessly on my rig

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FX-63006/20/2013 5:13:45 PM

Pros: Low cost, Good performance for pice, runs pretty cool

Cons: None really

Overall Review: The only gripe I have is the heatsink. I understand the processor is lower in cost but I bought an FX-4100(same price as this 6300) last year February and it came with a copper core heatsink... this heatsink with the processor is just a block and thats it. Fan didn't even have an AMD sticker on it :(. I understand cutting costs to keep the prices a little lower but really... I think this heatsink could have performed better had it had a copper core like the FX-4100 had come with. I dropped the copper core one in (before installing my water block) and saw a 6c degree drop over the solid block one that came with it :-/

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Does the job6/18/2013 3:29:20 PM

Pros: Stable, cool, on/of switch for LED fan a plus as I don't like blue LED's, cable length is sufficient

Cons: Would have liked to see 2 - PCI Express dongles as opposed to one coming from the PSU. SLI with 2 cards that use 2 - 6 pin connectors would be impossible unless you have an adapter

Overall Review: I bought this one to replace the Raidmax 650W PSU I bought a little over a year ago that shorted out and fried my computer. Had to buy new motherboard, processor and one set of RAM that was crippled from the surge it created. :( I decided to give Raidmax one more chance, mainly because of the price and reviews compared to other PSU's in its price range and class.

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Good short term solution5/30/2013 8:07:23 AM

Pros: enough power connectors for all my components. Cable length was sufficient though I'd have like to see the main cluster to be a couple inches longer (only using a mid tower and I had to get creative with routing to make it work). Power was stable.

Cons: Fan died in 5 months. Replaced it with a Sythe 130mm fan and it did a good job. A week ago, the PSU fried and shorted out my rig thats only a year old so now I have to buy an entire new rig with money I don't have.

Overall Review: Not buying Raidmax again. Going back to Rosewill or Corsair. never had problems with them until several years of use had passed. I was only utilizing about 60% of the PSU's capacity on the rails with my equipment so I can't understand why this failed so fast.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Meh...2/20/2013 4:05:42 PM

Pros: None

Cons: I don't think it runs at the rated RPM. Seems like at highest setting on the fan controller, it really isn't moving much air.

Overall Review: Like a lot of the others, I ignored the warning signs and bought this to replace my stock fan for my Diamond HD7850 that had a cheap plastic, brittle fan. My knuckle barely grazed the fan at 20% speed and blades snapped off while I was trying to find a vibration. This fan won't line up with the screw holes. Had to carefully drill new holes for it to mount. After mounting, the card runs hotter at idle and under load as opposed to stock. *sigh* my fault

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Update2/14/2013 1:47:12 PM

Pros: low temps, low power consumption

Cons: The fan is made of very cheap plastic. I reached my hand in there to feel around for a vibration yesterday and the edge of my knuckle barely grazed the blade and it snapped which jammed and caused 5 other blades to snap off. the fan was running at 20%.... I've never had a case fan do that let alone a GPU fan. Yes I know, not the smartest thing to do, putting my hand in there. It's the only way to find vibration. Yay for warranty....ugh. back to the GTX460 for now.

Overall Review: OK so I've had this card a while and really put it to work. Started noticing horizontal tearing here and there. Temps were still good so I dunno. Could be sign of a dud. I think i'm going to sell this one on on auction and go back to nVidia and snag a GTX660 instead. Since I went back to my GTX460, I'm noticing its much sharper in environmental and character details vs the HD7850. It just lags behind and gets choppy at times

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1/13/2013 9:36:18 PM

Pros: Stable ram provided its used on an Intel system. Pretty flashies! I built my mother a new computer this month and used this set for it. Her rig is 100% stable and pretty lol

Cons: Newegg - you really need to include in the details that this ram is really designed for Intel systems. That's the con :-/

Overall Review: Haru15b - these modules are pretty much designed for Intel processor chip sets. It doesn't say that in the item description but if you look in the details there is a picture icon that states its Intel XMP. I have the same Gigabyte mobo and bought some G.skill RAM for it and it was an unstable wreck. I didn't notice the same Intel XMP logo pic. I bought a 16GB set of AMD Branded RAM and have had no issues since.

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AMD FX-4100 Zambezi2/19/2012 7:02:52 PM

Pros: Oc's well. performs well.

Cons: I've noticed she gets a bit picky on occasion with OC.

Overall Review: I'm very happy with the processor as a whole.This is my first AMD proc in 6 years and technology has changed a lot since then so I am used to my Intel Core2Duo E8400 that is now in my Media PC. I don't fault AMD for it. I am just getting used to how it functions since I'm used to Intel Proc's.

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2/19/2012 6:59:40 PM

Pros: Looks good in my case with mobo and fans. Speeds as anticipated. OC being a little picky but I think its my mobo (i've read reviews on it and people have a hard time OC'ing to 1866 and 2000 with the mobo)

Cons: None

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Cooler Master SickleFlow 1202/19/2012 6:58:20 PM

Pros: High CFM, Quiet, Love the LED curve along the blades

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'm glad I bought these fans. i'm very impressed with them. I bought them to replace the OEM Thermaltake blue LED fans that came with my TT V9 case. SOOOO happy I got them. The case is a freaking vacuum cleaner now lol. I have to spray dust out more frequently. Mild annoyance but it just means the fans are doing their jobs! Will be buying 2 more for my media PC soon

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Rosewill RFA-80-WL2/19/2012 6:55:56 PM

Pros: Does its job. Its a fan. I bought this to replace my OEM fan on my Thermaltake CPU heatsink and it does the job great.

Cons: None that I can find

Overall Review: There isn't much to say. The fan performs as I anticipated. Tho Rosewill wasn't really one of those "Name brand" companies known for fans, it definitely pumps it out like I need it to. I like how the LED's are wired with the voltage so when the temps are low, the fan doesn't spin much and the LED's are dim but as the CPU heats up, the LED's get brighter - I just like it cuz it gives me ease of mind knowing the fan is going faster plus it lights up my case a bit more as gaming gets more intense

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Gigabyte GM-M69002/19/2012 6:52:26 PM

Pros: Sleek Design, Conforms to medium to large hands comfortably, Glides well along desk with no resistance, Adjustable DPI has upped my game (FPS's)

Cons: I can't think of any.

Overall Review: I spent a good 3 weeks reading through reviews of several different mice for my rig with my Cyba Snipa mouse finally died after 6 years. I almost bought another of the same for $50 but i saw this one and decided to give it a chance. I could not be happier. Most of my friends loved using it when they tested it out and are planning on buying the same to replace their mice when the time comes

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
AC Memory Fan2/2/2012 6:03:50 PM

Pros: Dropped my mem temps by appx 10 degrees celsius w/fan controller/temp monitor attached (running about 50% - have not found need to run it higher) Fit my mobo just fine and looks good

Cons: None that I can see... maybe would have like it to have red blades instead of white lol

Overall Review: So really, if u buy a product but have not used it, why are you posting a comment? The point of reviews is to help others make a more informed decision on a product. "I haven't used it yet but it won't fit in a mATX case" is not really helpful. Anyone with a lick of sense would pretty much figure out that you can't fit much of anything in a mATX case.

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Thermaltake V9 BlacX Ed3/4/2011 7:21:23 PM

Pros: Incredible airflow, slick looking, massive top fan

Cons: Like others have said, Wire management is a bear! I managed to keep it looking halfway clean but not much for places to tuck excess wiring as you start to lose room to tuck them away. Also, Note that the wiring for the upper 2 SATA hard drive bays as well as the USB headers and audio i/o jacks actually takes up the top front drive bay (kinda erp'd me as I was going to put a fan controller there). Once wiring is done, there's no room up there for anything Also, I wish Thermaltake would have charged a couple extra bucks and put in fans that had the rpm sensors in them. They only gave ONE fan that had the sensor and thats the rear exhaust fan. The rest use the standard 4 pin molex connector couplers. I need to buy new ones for my fan controller and replace the existing fans. :(

Overall Review: All in all, I am happy with this case. I was using the Thermaltake Aguila case and I loved it but the case was showing signs of rust at rivets and other joints sadly :-(. She will live on as my file server once I clean it up and put a new coat of paint on the inside. Just a note on the fans - They are fragile. I reached in my case to move the USB 3.0 cable away from the rear fan and my finger barely touched the fan (ya I was stupid and did it while my rig was running LOL) and one of the blades snapped off. I removed it and spent a good 20 min disassembling the fan and super glue'ing the blade back in. funny note: snapped a second blade by barely any pressure while fixing the other one. Got it all fixed up and back in my case and runs just as good

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Not a good experience7/5/2008 3:26:57 PM

Pros: 3.0GHz, Extremely overclockable, 45nm technology, runs pretty cool

Cons: For some reason, Windows doesn't see the second core in the Task Manager. i checked to see if it was just showing both cores in the same graph and its not. Device manager shows 2 cores but second one isn't being utilized. CPU-Z and other programs don't see the 2nd core as well. Windows Experience Index gives me a 4.5 as a rating.... the processor is the only thing holding the system back.

Overall Review: I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but I am not impressed with this processor at all. I upgraded from an AMD 3800+ X2 overclocked to 3.12GHz and that thing beats this processor. I guess thats what I get for going with intel

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Meh.... its ok7/5/2008 1:45:50 AM

Pros: 3.0GHz, 6MB cache, 45nm Tech.

Cons: Since I've installed this processor, I cannot get vista to see it as a dual core processor. CPUid, RealTemp, all of them see it as a single core processor. Windows Experience Index is a 4.8?! All my hardware are 5.9's for subscores EXCEPT the E8400 which is 4.8 on calc per second. The processor seems to choke from time to time and I dont think its reporting its temps correctly. 45c at idle with a Thermaltake V1 cooler on it? I doubt that.

Overall Review: I was extremely excited to pick this thing up. I'm a long time AMD fan and was gearing to get the new 45nm technology as well as 3GHz upgrade.... needless to say, I'm very disappointed and I'm thinking of just returning this thing and going with an AMD 6000+. It runs hotter and the cache isn't nearly as large... but I've always had problems with Intel and never had issues with AMD. I guess I'll stick with who's done best for me Intel C2D E8400, ASUS P5Q mobo, 2GB Crucial Ballistix RAM, MSI GeForce 8800GT 512mb OC, 2 - Western Digital 160GB 16MB cache HD's in RAID-0

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Not bad... but not great either6/28/2008 1:46:44 PM

Pros: Big heatsink, plenty of airflow, nice blue LED fan that isn't bright enough to blind you, Solid construction

Cons: Instructions don't really tell you much outside how to mount it. They could have included info about the fan controller that comes with it and whether you can use the fan without it. (yes you can). All in all I am not impressed. My stock cooler (be what I've read) can do the same temps as I'm getting out of this one.

Overall Review: After reading all the reviews on 10 different heatsinks I opted for this one. Everyone is talking temps from 30c idle to 45c under load overclocked on a E8400... i'm seeing temps of 45c idle with the core running itself on the auto management for the core speed (2GHz)... needless to say I feel i wasted my money. I went as far as to lap the contact plate even tho it was nice and had a mirror finish just to see if that would help; it didn't. I guess I'll have to try a few more tricks to see where I can get it. ASUS P5Q LGA775 mobo, Intel Core2Duo E8400, MSI GeForce 8800GT 512OC, 2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 800, 2 - 160 Western Digital SATA II 16MB Cache HD's, 2 Samsung CD/DVD Combo drive w/Lightscribe, Thermaltake Aguila

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Solid and Cool6/23/2008 6:10:41 PM

Pros: Solid construction. Cools like a beast

Cons: The fins are a bit sharp - wear some decent cloth gloves when handling this heatsink.

Overall Review: I bought this heatsink for my best friends birthday gift. His only complaint was that he sliced his hands up a little trying to handle the heatsink and getting it into place. He started out with mid 40c temps idle with his stock cooler on his Q6600... now he's looking at low 20c idle and never went over 40c under full load with it overclocked 18%

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Solid and Simple design6/23/2008 6:07:35 PM

Pros: Solid construction. Easy to assemble. EGGCELENT price!!

Cons: none that I could see... maybe a LED activity light on the front would be nice

Overall Review: I bought this for my boss. He had bought a Seagate (garbage) external hard drive and 6 months later, it wouldn't stay powered up. It took about 5 min of assembly and i plugged it in and boom. windows recognized it immediately and he says it actually transfers info faster now than it did before hand! I'm going to order one in a couple week for myself

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Watch your seating of heatsinks!5/27/2008 5:48:03 PM

Pros: Sound, Stable, Quality CPU

Cons: BIOS updates to fix bugs kind of a turn off

Overall Review: ThomFrost & everyone else having issues with temp problems - Check your seating of the heatsink as well as thermal paste. If the heatsink came with the thermal paste on it, use a box cutter blade and carefully shave the thermal paste off and then use damp sandpaper to grind it off and use some real stuff like Artic Silver 5. Make sure to start with a rougher grit sandpaper and work down to a fine grit to smooth the heatsink surface as much as possible. You should be able to see a almost mirror reflection of yourself in it if you do it right. Use straight even strokes with light/medium pressure in the same direction each time working with the grain of the metal (usually you can see the lines where they cut the block.) IF it has a copper core that was already nice and shiney then don't do this. You'll see that 64c idle drop significantly if you seat seat it right and use those samethods. Also make sure that you have the clips fastened securely and bracket to the motherboard is secured.

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Good buy3/24/2008 4:18:03 PM

Pros: Read my earlier review =)

Cons: Read my earlier review =)

Overall Review: weezy - #1 the input switching issue you are having is because you need to HOLD the button, not keep pushing it. #2 - I've been watching this LCD monitor since they put it on newegg in anticipation of buying a larger one and they never had it listed with a height adjustable base. #3 your text issues are most likey due to your resolution settings. make sure they are proper for the monitor. I had the same issue until I set it to the monitors native resolution. #4 the monitor has no bearing on your FPS for gaming. As for your particles that you're seeing, check your video cards heatsink. The thermal paste may be degrading. I had the same problem with one of my PNY GeForce 7600GT's when I ran it in SLI. it turned out to be the heatsink itself. It was getting too hot. And Finally.... Why in the world would you use built in speakers in any LCD and expect them to sound good from any distance? they're just basic speakers on the back of the monitor, they're not going to produde very good sound

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Good buy3/23/2008 8:15:25 PM

Pros: DVI/D-Sub inputs, dual PC support (input switching), 5ms timing, high res.

Cons: Light Bleeding from top and bottom in dark screens, 1 stuck pixel. They could have put the D-Sub and DVI inputs in a better place than just above the stand bracket. It makes it hard to get the cables plugged in and tightening down the screws. Would have liked to see an HDMI input over the D-Sub. Staples has a 22" Hanns-G that has HDMI and D-Sub inputs... even that doesn't make too much sense.

Overall Review: Ok so I spent a good month researching TONS of 22" monitors. Weighed pros and cons. I settled on this Hanns-G monitor despite my instinct to buy a Samsung for $100 more. I have the Hanns-G 191D model that this one is replacing and I was overjoyed with the quality for a no name monitor (at the time.) That one had a stuck pixel as well, green... this being my second monitor I am left wondering if this is a problem for Hanns G. But all in all this is a good monitor and great for gaming and movie watching. The largest drawback I found with this is just the light bleeding. It is very aggrivating when I'm in game in the dark and i can see light arching from the top and bottom.

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Look at settings before posting bad reviews!3/5/2008 5:22:18 PM

Pros: Everything!

Cons: None except a little more involvement in settings that people don't like to take the time to work with to make their rig the best on the block!

Overall Review: Anyone in here who's giving bad reviews because of inadequate cooling - Check your settings! If everyone in here is complaining about the fan being too loud, you're not checking your settings for the fan speed or setting them properly. Sometimes you have to manually set the speed at full. Just relying on the temp sensors to speed it up for you is a sure fire way to overheat the card. If you're true computer junkies, you'd know that. You have to be involved in your computer and its settings. We're geeks! We like to tinker with our systems and tweak the hell out of em and make them perform as best as they can! hehe. This card is incredible once you really figure out its settings and how it behaves.

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Awesome Memory for the price7/24/2007 9:39:59 AM

Pros: Fast memory for a fast gamer. This memory takes a beating and keeps on ticking. I bought the BL2KIT6464Z505 model (non-led model of this RAM) and I RMA'd once. Come to find out it was because my motherboard fried the memory lol. Anyway. For all you complaining about the heat - Yeah they do get terribly hot, but if your case has good circulation there shouldn't be a problem. Mine was runnin a little hot because i have no side fan on the case so I rigged up 2 80mm fans, one mounted on my heatsink and then I used 2 fan screws to mount a second hanging off the edge of that one over the memory and since they they stay ice cool

Cons: none as long as you put some cooling on them. Also, make sure you're using canned air every couple months on them to keep the temp down. Dust is a computers worst enemy... next to a stupid kid with a can of pop.

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