Sexiest Cooler on the Market!!!9/28/2018 6:36:56 AM

Pros: -Premium quality expected from Asus -Cooler block made of aluminum -Has extra screws in case you lose a few

Cons: -Asus LiveDash program not recognizing the hardware even though it comes up as a flashdrive since it's connected to a usb slot directly to the motherboard -Stuck with the Asus eye animation for now until customer support contacts me -Multiple Call backs from "product support" issue not even close to being solved

Overall Review: Would look amazing once the LiveDash application works. The default eye animation is not bad but i want some temp readings and frequency readings displayed. I have tried everything possible but I think the LiveDash software is not ready for this cooler.

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The Case itself looks amazingly simplistic9/14/2018 11:47:05 AM

Pros: -Case looks even more amazing in person -RGB fans pre-installed to a fan hub -RGB can be adjusted with AURA sync

Cons: -Make sure you have a 5v RGB header in your MOBO: this one has 3 pins -It's tight around the rear fan/motherboard I/O area - there is no room to route the CPU cable other than accross the top of the motherboard

Overall Review: -2 of my fans are defective and just sent in a request through Rosewill customer service to have them replaced. Hopefully I can get this issue resolved without doing a full case replacement. I am not trying to go through the trouble of gutting my PC and putting it back together. Fingers Crossed! -4 stars for the looks of the can't beat matte black metal! UPDATE: Newegg sent 2 fans and I was able to swap out the other two and now everything is right with the world : ) Giving another star for new egg support.

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Looks Amazing!8/25/2018 8:40:45 AM

Pros: -Full RGB slots on Mobo for around a 10% price premium -DDR4 3200

Cons: -Can't seem to find a way to adjust the RGB

Overall Review: If you are just needing 16GB of RAM and looking to have all your slots filled in, this product is for you. The dummy sticks are identical to the one with actual memory. Docking a star for lack of RGB adjustments. If I can figure out a way to adjust the RGB it would be super. For now there is a developer kit to do it but I'm just a regular person who know nothing of that world.

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