It is big, powerful, and surprisingly quiet1/28/2021 4:48:10 PM

Pros: - The current top end of AMD GPUs. In many games this card trades blows with the RTX 3090. - This XFX card is one of the fastest out of the box 6900xts. - This card's fans are surprisingly quiet. I had a EVGA RTX 2080 Ti before this and that card's fans were much louder. The RTX fans would spool up and make a loud wooshing sound when starting up the PC. The XFX 6900xt was silent too the point I thought the card was DOA. - The card does look pretty cool. The shroud, fans, and backplate are also very solid. - The AMD drivers have come a long way since the last time I had an AMD card. These drivers were smart enough to automatically detect and set the proper screen resolution and refresh rate for my monitor. - The AMD Radeon Software can do neat things like tell you average FPS in each game you play, grade how good the card performs, and advise you to turn up the settings or dial them back. You can also overclock the card, and monitor temperatures with AMD's own software..

Cons: - The card is quite long. The case I have has two fans in the front, I had to remove one to fit this card. - Not as fast as Nvidia's RTX cards in games that utilize ray tracing. - Like other cards this one is not easy to obtain. - A bit on the pricey side.

Overall Review: In the current market where cards are hard to come by it is hard to be choosy. I was looking to upgrade to either the RTX 3090, 3080, AMD 6900xt, and 6800xt. When this one popped up as available I quickly jumped on it. So far I am not regretting my decision.

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Sweet looking and has lots of features12/1/2016 11:45:12 AM

Pros: A very nice board. It looks great, and has lots of features. I really like the Wi-Fi adapter it comes with works really well and I get a strong signal. My old X79 board had one but the reception was spotty and inconsistent.

Cons: This board does not always play nice with my DDR4-3200 RAM when set to XMP. Every once in a while, when I boot up my PC, it will fail the POST and complain about an overclocking failure. Going into the BIOS and changing the RAM setting from XMP to Auto, rebooting, going back into the BIOS and changing the setting back to XMP will fix it for a while.

Overall Review: I do recommend this board specially if you have to use Wi-Fi like I do. My rig consists of an Intel 6700K, 32GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, Samsung 950 Pro M.2, and a Nvidia GTX Titan X and it all runs well without many hiccups aside from the XMP issue.

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A great buy5/5/2011 10:36:40 AM

Pros: Fast, runs cool, easy to overclock, and is reasonably priced

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Got mine running at 4.6GHz using an old Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme cooler (with socket 1156 adapter bracket)and it still idles below 30c. I went from an i7 920 to this and I do notice a decent speed increase.

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Very nice5/7/2010 5:55:09 AM

Pros: Fast! I have 2 in SLI and they bring games to their knees. I'm able to play with 16xQAA at 1920x1200 in many games and these cards don't break a sweat. Even Crysis is nothing to sweat anymore.

Cons: Runs hot though if you have air conditioning and good air flow it won't be a problem. Also you'll need at least a 700 watt power to run 1 card or over 1,000 watt PSU for SLI. Fan on this card is loud but I use headphones so they don't bother me.

Overall Review: With good air flow you can safely overclock these cards pretty nicely. I got mine to 800mhz core without a problem.

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A good alternative to SSD11/23/2009 12:12:37 PM

Pros: Fast 10,000RPM, SATA, almost silent compared to the older Raptors. Also looks cool compared to other HDDs.

Cons: Relatively low 300GB capacity, a bit pricey vs other HDDs though not as much as a good SSD. SSDs are faster but you need to spend a lot more to get a good one.

Overall Review: If you are not yet sold on SSDs the Velociraptors are a very good alternative. These are excellent for gaming rigs, for loading games up fast. I got a pair of these in Raid-0 running Windows 7 and everything is very snappy.

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Nice monitor for the price11/13/2009 11:52:25 AM

Pros: 1920x1200 resolution, bright display, the stand is pretty sturdy, not cheaply made. DVI, and HDMI ports available. Good for gaming.

Cons: The shiny screen can cause glare, and can be difficult seeing things on the screen if used in a room with lots of light or with lots of windows. The shiny screen also attracts finger prints, dust, and dirt and needs to be cleaned often. The 60hz max refresh rate might be a problem for some.

Overall Review: I've had this monitor for over a year and have enjoyed using it. The image quality is great, it's bright, and good for gamers.

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The next generation is here10/1/2009 6:05:42 PM

Pros: Fastest single GPU card on the market, and it also trades blows with the dual GPU cards like 4870x2 and GTX 295 but without the hassles of Crossfire/SLI scaling issues. Card runs cooler than most others I have used. The fan is loud when cranked up but it does a good job removing heat fast.

Cons: The card is about an inch longer than my GTX 280 which was pretty large itself. So with the 5870 you'll need a decent sized PC case to fit it properly.

Overall Review: Went from GTX 280 SLI to a single 5870 and I'm glad I did. While the GTX 280s in SLI were a tad faster in games, the 5870 as a single card holds its own and still allows AA/AF eye candy to be cranked up. I'm definitely going to get another and do Crossfire.

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Nice but there are better out there6/8/2009 6:51:48 AM

Pros: You can use more than 4GB of RAM, and its XP so its got a familiar layout.

Cons: There are better 64-bit OSes out there. Vista and even W7 RC1 have better driver support than XP x64. XP is also less secure and more virus prone than Vista or Window 7. I also find the XP GUI to be very dated now compared to Vista, W7, Mac OS, and even Linux. Also having to slipstream the SATA/RAID drivers so I could use XP 64 on my Velociraptor was a pain (I have no floppy).

Overall Review: If you are looking for a 64-bit OS I'd get one of the newer OSes like Vista or Mac OS or wait for Windows 7. XP 64-bit just had too many headaches for me. Vista SP2 has come along way since its debut and I don't see many reasons to avoid it anymore.

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A year old and still going strong6/5/2009 10:09:47 AM

Pros: Bought this card about a year ago when the GTX 280s debuted and its still in my case running great. I have mine along with another GTX 280 in SLI running at 702mhz core/1512mhz shaders/1224mhz memory.

Cons: The GTX 280s use a bit more power then their GTX 285 brethren and don't overclock quite as high.

Overall Review: If you are deciding between the GTX 280 and 275 get the 280, the larger bus size (512-bit), memory size (1GB) do make a difference in some games.

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Works well4/7/2009 4:42:27 PM

Pros: Easy to use, no tools needed, and it is very useful for those who want to use an SSD in a desktop. This converter has all the screw holes for any type of setup. Also at the time of purchase this came free with my OCZ Vertex SSD.

Cons: No problems here. Worked as advertised.

Overall Review: Others seem to have problems with this product, but I did not experience any problems. The connectors on my Vertex lined up perfectly with the Icy Dock. For future SSD purchases I will be getting another one of these as well.

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Great performance3/26/2009 5:53:31 AM

Pros: Very fast, no stuttering, good capacity for a SSD, price not too bad. Also the Icy Dock 2.5" to 3.5" enclosure was bundled free. The OCZ support forum has a lot of useful info on SSDs and how to optimize Windows to get the most performance out of them. The Indilinx controller and 64mb of cache makes the Vertex usable on a motherboard raid controller (no separate card needed).

Cons: Nothing yet.

Overall Review: I was torn between the Vertex and the Intel X25-M but the higher capacity and reasonable cost of the Vertex convinced me to give it a try.

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wicked fast3/25/2009 6:33:38 PM

Pros: Very fast, no stuttering, decent disk space for an SSD. Also the OCZ support forum has a lot of useful info on tweaking Windows to get the most performance out of this drive.

Cons: Not a con of the drive but the prices here on Newegg fluctuates a lot with these SSD drives.

Overall Review: The Vertex is a worthy SSD to consider. They say the Intel drives are faster but I wanted an SSD larger than 100GB and the Vertex seemed the best for the price.

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Good bang for buck CPU, and a great overclocker2/27/2009 6:09:49 AM

Pros: Fast processor, and easily overclockable. I got mine running at 3.8GHz on air 24/7. I went from a Core 2 Quad Q9450 to this and there is a noticeable increase in speed. This chip is ideal for an Nvidia SLI setup.

Cons: The need to buy an X58 motherboard, and compatible DDR3 memory makes these Core i7s a somewhat costly investment. Thankfully the prices on DDR3 memory have come down quite a bit since the Core i7s debut. Also if you are going to overclock, you'll want to invest in a decent air cooling solution to get the most out of this chip.

Overall Review: If you are considering a Core i7 build, forget the more expensive 940 and 965 chips. Just get this one and overclock it and you'll get the same performance for a lot less money.

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Great performance2/27/2009 5:58:03 AM

Pros: Great speed, and decent storage space for an SSD. When paired with a decent PCIE Raid Controller card with 256mb of cache, this is a killer drive.

Cons: The price kind of fluctuates a lot. These started out at $299 then creeped up to $349 then back down to $309 and now its back up to $349. If you are going to do SSD, you may want to ditch XP and go to Vista or wait for Windows 7. From what I understand XP is not optimized for SSDs.

Overall Review: If you are shopping for a performance hard drive such the Raptors, consider this drive as well.

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Getting old, but still a good OS2/23/2009 7:21:19 AM

Pros: Works well on lower end systems. Most hardware, and software still support XP.

Cons: XP is starting to show its age. Newer tech like SSDs, Tri-SLI, Quad-SLI, and CrossfireX don't work well with XP. Also, XP is 32-bit so if you want to use more than 4GB of RAM you are out of luck if you stick with XP. I also find that XP is more virus prone then newer OS's.

Overall Review: XP is great for older systems, but I don't see any reason to use it with newer builds. Vista has come a long way since its debut, and I don't see any reason to choose XP over Vista now.

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I've grown to like Vista2/20/2009 7:28:03 AM

Pros: Nice features, easy to install (no need to pre-install SATA, Raid drivers), good 64-bit driver support, works great with games, more secure than XP.

Cons: Price is high, and a decent PC is needed for a good experience. The UAC is annoying but I've gotten used to it after using Vista for a long time.

Overall Review: I've been using Vista since its debut and its come a long way since its rocky start. I've tried XP X64, and Windows 7 Beta but Vista is currently the most compatible with my build and what I do.

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You want speed, buy one or two of these1/28/2009 6:55:07 AM

Pros: Went from 2 Western Digital 640GB Blues to two of these and there is a noticeable increase in speed in some areas. A 5 year warranty is also nice to have with a HDD.

Cons: Price I guess but these are enterprise class, performance hard drives. You get what you pay for with these.

Overall Review: I've always liked the Raptor line of drives, and they are a favorite among enthusiasts. I'm suprised other HDD makers haven't jumped on the 10k rpm SATA bandwagon specially with the rapid advancements in SSDs. With the threat of SSDs looming in the future, I wouldn't be suprised if the next Raptor is a SSD. But for now the Velociraptors offer a good bang for buck alternative to SSDs.

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Fast DDR3 RAM at a reasonable price1/13/2009 6:48:25 AM

Pros: This RAM runs as advertised in my Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard. With this RAM I'm able to overclock my Core i7 920 easily to 3.8GHz. Running over 1600mhz doesn't seem to be a problem with this RAM.

Cons: Not really a Con of the product but my motherboard by default sets the timings to 9-9-9-24. Though since I was overclocking anyway I just left it at that.

Overall Review: Good bang for buck DDR3 1600 RAM. OCZ makes good RAM, I've never had problems with their products. My Dad's rig has 4GB of DDR2-800 OCZ RAM that I bought 3 years ago for my old rig and it still runs great.

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From someone who's owned both the 9800GX2 and GTX 2807/2/2008 11:24:08 AM

Pros: Faster then 9800GX2 in some games, not as fast in others (getting better with newer drivers 177.39 and 177.41). Higher minimum frame rates and much less stuttering then 9800GX2 in pretty much every game I've tried it on so far (including Oblivion, Crysis, Assasins Creed, and Call of Duty 4).

Cons: High price. Also people who don't own the card, and have no first hand knowledge yet criticize the reviews of those who do own the card and have experience.

Overall Review: Having owned both the 9800GX2 (see my review of the Gigabyte 9800GX2 on this site), and the GTX 280 I can say that there are things review sites don't take into account in their reviews. For one thing the 9800GX2 occasionally has issues with stuttering in some games, the GTX 280 does not have this issue. Also the frame rates of the GTX 280 tend to be more stable with higher minimum frame rates. This is important for those looking for smoother, more stable gameplay.

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The king of GPUs6/20/2008 6:35:05 AM

Pros: Very fast, with lots of memory bandwidth to keep most games running smooth. The card is overclockable, and is very stable.

Cons: The price is high but no higher then previous top end Nvidia cards like the 8800GTX and 8800 Ultra. The card isn't much faster then the 9800GX2 but it is more stable, and scales in every game. Also a serious powersupply is needed to run this card well. Nvidia recommends higher then a 550w PSU, to be safe I would get at least a 750w.

Overall Review: Being a single GPU card means more stability, and less problems. You don't have to worry about games that don't scale well with muli-GPU cards or SLI, yet you still get the performance those cards would get if they did scale. So far I have yet to experience any lock ups, freezes, crashes, or BSOD while gaming with this card, its very stable as are the drivers.

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Lots of space and lots of speed4/22/2008 8:21:20 AM

Pros: Very fast for a 7200RPM drive. Lots of space 640GB to go along with that speed.

Cons: The random access times are a tad slower then the Raptors I had before. But I think this is as close as you can get to a Raptor with a 7200RPM drive.

Overall Review: I have two of these in Raid-0 and over 1.2TB of space which is overkill at the moment. These drives are a match for the Raptors though the faster access times of the Raptors are sometimes missed.

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Very fast4/7/2008 12:27:48 PM

Pros: The fastest GPU I've ever used, and I've had 8800GTX, 8800GTS 512mb, 8800GT, and 2900XT. This thing also overclocks quite well, I got mine to 740mhz core/1782mhz shader clocks/2214mhz memory. The card also runs about as hot as an 8800GTX which isn't that bad.

Cons: If you have a watercooling setup where the radiator sits on back of the case you might want to avoid this card. The DVI slots as they are situated make plugging in the monitor very difficult in such a situation. The card is long, but no longer then an 8800GTX. The cards expensive at $600 but thats still less then 8800Ultra and GTX when it first came out. Finally, the drivers are a bit immature, so not every game will like this card yet.

Overall Review: If you are shopping for the top GPU right now, buy this card and have fun gaming at the highest settings. If you are considering this card also consider a decent powersupply (750w or better), and a good CPU so it doesn't bottleneck the card. This card runs good with my Intel E8400 clocked at 4ghz. Also if you want two of these for Quad-SLI it won't work with XP, you'll need Vista.

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Not bad3/31/2008 1:30:52 PM

Pros: Works with new 45nm Intel CPUs, has 3 PCIE slots for Tri-SLI. From what I've heard Intel mobos are better overclockers, but I still got 4.1ghz overclock on an Intel E8400.

Cons: The onboard Realtek sound drivers are pain to get working on Vista 64. Also the MCP on mine gets real hot, had to add more fans to my case.

Overall Review: That MCP (media control processor) gets real hot, I don't know if my mobo is defective or what. Doesn't seem to harm anything yet and I've had the board 2 months now. This board is a decent overclocker,and the BIOS is easy to use.

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Very impressive3/26/2008 6:20:40 PM

Pros: Bought 2 sets to try 8GB on my system and all 4 modules worked flawlessly out of the box. My EVGA 780i mobo recognized them right away, I had no need to change anything other then voltage in my BIOS.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you have 4GB of Ram and Vista 64-bit (any version) and think you have enough Ram, try 8GB you'll be suprised at how much smoother Vista runs. As for G.Skill, I am very impressed with these modules so far, I've used OCZ and Corsair in the past but these G.Skill chips are fast, and work correctly right out of the box.

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Enough space for the longest GPUs3/20/2008 8:22:43 AM

Pros: Lots of space, enough to fit the long GPUs like the 8800GTX, 3870X2, and 9800GX2.

Cons: Fans are kinda weak, will probably need to add more fans in the future to improve airflow. Also on mine one of the side panels doesn't latch so it doesn't close all the way. The front door doesn't like to stay open and gets annoying. This thing is very large and heavy so its not ideal for Lan Parties.

Overall Review: A nice case that fits my need for space. Though the air flow in this case isn't the best, so I'll probably be looking at a PCI cooler or something to increase the airflow a bit.

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