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ASRock DESKMINI 310W Intel Socket LGA1151 Intel H310 Mini / Booksize Barebone System
ASRock DESKMINI 310W Mini / Booksize Barebone System
  • Onboard Video: Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Wireless LAN: Intel AC-3168
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • HDMI: 1
  • Model #: DESKMINI 310W
  • Item #: N82E16856158062
  • Return Policy: International Order Return Policy
  • 802.69SR 
  • Est. Shipping Fee 213.31SR
  • Eligible for Free Shipping

Mini computer barebone PCs differ in size and performance. If you’re looking for a regular desktop computer in a much smaller space, go for a barebone system. They feature various connectivity options that range from wired to wireless. The miniature size and unfinished build reduce acquisition and operations costs. You can look for additional accessories after buying an incomplete set. Whether you need to game or run heavy software, you can adjust your computer’s specifications for maximum utility. What you get from this construct is a portable computer suitable for travel and gaming.

Mini Computer Barebone PCs Are Versatile, High-Performance Constructs

A barebone mini computer features partly built systems excluding RAM and SSD, thus reducing acquisition costs. Its incompleteness facilitates the inclusion of additional storage and a personal operating system. A barebone mini computer features a partial design that allows you to save money on licensed Windows® and other unnecessary PC parts. The TB3 connection creates room for expansion, and adds bandwidth-supporting connection to an external GPU enclosure. The compact form facilitates portability, while providing room for redesigning. You can add RAM to the CPU processors to produce smart visual graphics. Due to their expandability, gaming barebone systems are very reliable.

Compatibility and Multiple Uses of Mini PCs

You can also use this PC as a game console by transferring all your gaming content into a single drive and pairing it with a stellar graphics card. Gaming mini PCs are popular today, as they feature advanced technology that enhance their performance, including fast boost and visual BIOS. Book-size barebone systems have specific power supply and motherboard designs that fit into their limited infrastructure. The compatibility with hardware devices gives you the option of modifying them. A mini-cube barebone computer features layout architecture that offers upgradable options.

Mini PC Barebones Offer Different Connectivity Options

A mini PC barebone is spacious enough to accommodate different connectivity options. The stable structure gives it a robust suite of ports locations. The barebones PC features two front and rear USB 3.0 ports offering additional connectivity options. COM ports facilitate mouse connections, and the system features Bluetooth® 4.2, enabling wireless file transfers to other devices. The headset jack is at the front to offer connectivity options for earphone enthusiasts, and the mini PC features a power button inside the LED ring to support accessibility. The left panel has a Kensington® security slot acting as an anti-theft system that protects user data, and traces the computer if stolen. Its rear HDMI® port features 4K support, enabling connectivity with other devices when transmitting high bandwidth audio and video streams. DVI video outputs offer additional connectivity options for video display, while an optical audio line supports the transmission of digital signals to other devices. The Ethernet jack and 802.11ac Wi-Fi® support internet connectivity, and the dual-array front mic ensures noise reduction, enabling you to utilize the Windows® 10 Cortana voice features. Mini PC barebones feature sensors that relay temperature and voltage information to the management software to monitor the system’s health.