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Ubiquiti UAP-3-US UniFi Indoor Wireless N300 Access Point (3 pack)
Ubiquiti UAP-3-US UniFi Indoor Wireless N300 Access Point (3 pack)

Pros: Put simply, these are braindead easy to set up. The UI is quite nice, though it requires a couple of browser plugins that I had hoped to never use again. The devices themselves are rock-solid stable. And they look good enough that they can go just about anywhere you might think one to be appropriate. They come packaged with all the PoE hardware they need, as well as mounting brackets, screws, nuts & bolts, and backplates for mounting through a drop ceiling tile.

Cons: PoE hardware is required because they don't use standard PoE (so using a PoE switch is out of the question). That's probably the biggest "gotcha" these have. This only applies to the round "n"-standard UFO-looking ones, though. The square "ac"-standard ones use standard PoE now. (They're also about 3x the price.) The instructions in the box are also lackluster, but if you're buying a 3-pack, you probably don't need them anyway. Basically, I only used them to look up the color codes for the light-up ring.

Overall Review: The configuration interface is a bit strange. It's no deal-breaker, but it has some oddities. First, it installs a system service. You have to launch the system service before you can use the web interface. This is probably mostly used for device auto-discovery, so it's a necessary quirk. Then, the web interface requires both Java and Flash plugins for the browser you use to configure them. These are both security holes, and Java extends its reign of slow-moving terror into the rest of your system as well. Hopefully someday they'll update it to use in-browser scripting and HTML5.

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Avoid this mouse.

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse 7N5-00001 - Black
Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse 7N5-00001 - Black

Pros: - Comfortable - Well built - Doesn't eat batteries like popcorn - Magnetic battery door is a nice touch

Cons: - Has difficulty pairing with certain BT chipsets, especially the ones used in Dell laptops - Has horrible lag problems with certain BT chipsets, like the ones in Dell laptops.

Overall Review: Don't buy this if you have a Dell XPS 15 with Windows 10. Your wireless chipset (it handles both wi-fi and bluetooth) is probably a Dell 17xx or 18xx (mine's a Dell 1830). It won't play nice with this mouse with current drivers (as of January 2016). The pairing process will fail repeatedly. After restarting the computer, the mouse, and various other things, you *might* get pairing to work. Once that happens, the mouse cursor will lag like it's drunk. I keep hoping for a driver update that will address these issues, but nothing I've found works yet.

A nice clone console.

Hyperkin RetroN 3 HD 3-in-1 Retro Gaming Console for NES, Super Famicom, and Genesis/ Mega Drive (Jasper Red) - Super NE
Hyperkin RetroN 3 HD 3-in-1 Retro Gaming Console for NES, Super Famicom, and Genesis/ Mega Drive (Jasper Red) - Super NE

Pros: - Has both HDMI and Composite output. NOTE: Composite seems to be a LOT more accurate to the old-school look. Most review videos only show the HDMI output, and most of those reviews complain about the colors being too dark. Composite output doesn't have anywhere near as much color inaccuracy. - Comes with SNES and Genesis controllers. - Both of the controllers have really responsive face buttons. - It's three systems in one case. Each one has independent cartridge slots, region switches, and controller ports. This allows you to leave each system set up so you can swap between them quickly. - My unit included a USB power adapter in the package. (Apparently this isn't consistent...?)

Cons: - Not everything is perfectly the same as a real NES, SNES, or Genesis. The NES is the most noticeable. Colors can be a bit off, and sound is a bit tinny at times. It's almost like the audio circuitry needs a low-pass filter to sound right. - Does not include a NES controller, but includes a dongle to convert a SNES controller to NES. It's an okay solution, but not great. There's something not-quite-right about playing NES games with a SNES controller. But any old NES controller will work, so I just use that. - The included controllers have really bad D-pads. You can push the D-pad downward in the neutral position, and inputs will fire. This is 100% caused by the center "nub" on the bottom of the D-pad not being tall enough to reach the back of the controller housing. But again, I don't use the included controllers. - Also, the L/R shoulder buttons on the SNES controller have a mushy feel, but that's probably just due to soft silicone membranes. It's not too bad. They're each just a minor issue. But together, these minor issues are why I rated it 4/5 instead of 5/5.

Overall Review: If you've done your research on these, you know what to expect. It runs original NES, SNES, and Genesis games, with some minor inaccuracies compared to original hardware. I bought this for the NES, primarily. My NES from 1987 isn't working so well these days, and I wanted to get something that isn't so much hassle. And for that purpose, this works VERY well. No more blinking red light of un-death. Just to note: I did NOT test the Genesis functionality at all, since I don't have any Genesis games.

Probably works, but the NewEgg description is misleading ST121SHD50 HDMI Over CAT5/CAT6 Extender with Power Over Cable - 165 ft (50m) HDMI Video/Audio Over Dual Ethernet Cable Extender - 1080p ST121SHD50 HDMI Over CAT5/CAT6 Extender with Power Over Cable - 165 ft (50m) HDMI Video/Audio Over Dual Ethernet Cable Extender - 1080p

Pros: Probably works. I haven't tried it. StarTech stuff is usually just fine.

Cons: I have no reason to believe this is a bad product. I also have no way to verify that.

Overall Review: NewEgg's description page doesn't make it very clear, but this item *requires* two UTP cables for the extension run. The description doesn't say that. The specs don't say that. The picture doesn't make it obvious that it's a requirement. Other similar products have PoE or an optional second long-run channel to provide better quality than the baseline. Not this one. This one is dual-run only. My main regret here is that I shelved this item in preparation for a project and it has been too long to be able to RMA it. And that's on me, not NewEgg or StarTech.

Buy it. You know you want it.

Retro-Link SNES -Controller to PC/MAC USB Adapter - Dual Port
Retro-Link SNES -Controller to PC/MAC USB Adapter - Dual Port

Pros: It's a SNES controller adapter for USB. This is automatically a pro.

Cons: Wire seemed a bit loose at first, but I think it's just the strain-relief mechanism doing its job. It's just a minor nitpick, and not enough to remove an egg from the rating.

Overall Review: Now I can use my Asciipad in Steam. YAY! (Now if only Steam properly supported system-defined joysticks...)

A handy alternative to HomePlug or WiFi

Actiontec MoCA Ethernet to Coax Network Adapter Kit for Homes with Cable TV Service (ECB2500CK01)
Actiontec MoCA Ethernet to Coax Network Adapter Kit for Homes with Cable TV Service (ECB2500CK01)

Pros: Brain-dead easy to set up, basically maintenance-free, doesn't trip cheap-junk (read: everything other than Square-D or Cutler Hammer) AFCI breakers like HomePlug does

Cons: Sssslllloooowwww. Sure, it's not 10Base-T slow, but it's barely better than 100Base-TX slow. Gigabit has been standard on everything for at least 10 years, and this just isn't up to par with that. Don't expect fast LAN speeds. It probably won't cut into your WAN-bound throughput, though.

Overall Review: MoCA is basically 140-ish Mbps, and it's not duplexed. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now, it's not as good as HomePlug's 500Mbps (also not duplexed) or WiFi's N or AC specs (and both of these WiFi specs can be multiplexed with MIMO). But it works well enough for a single PC and a VOIP phone in a bedroom/office with coax to the splitter in the basement.

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Be wary of extreme reviews. Not a "scam".

I ordered from this seller before I looked at their reviews and ratings. When I saw a significant number of bad reviews, I became worried. The terrible reviews were balanced out with a similar number of glowing, "perfect" ones. Neither of these extremes inspires confidence. My advice: Don't worry. If you live in the US (as I do), shipments from this seller will take a little longer to ship. That's just the nature of international shipping. It has to pass customs, and customs (for any country) can be a complete bureaucratic nightmare. I ordered on 1/1, with an estimated shipping time of 8 to 15 days. It arrived on the 19th. I give them a 4/5 score because they didn't (for whatever reason) provide tracking on that international shipment. But shipping was free, and that's out of their pocket, I assume. Beggars can't be choosers. It would at least be nice to have a heads-up on that when selecting a shipment option, though.

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