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Happy Veteran’s Day: Newegg Offers Special Veterans-Only Savings to Say Thank You

By November 10, 2015 One Comment
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I love all things military, whether it’s video games, paintball or military history. I’ve always had some camo in my life. It’s important to know this world wouldn’t exist without the help of those soldiers who fought to keep the freedoms we have today. Even as I sit here I know there are troops around the world fighting the good fight for my freedom. It’s important to take a moment to think about what it must be like for the soldier. So often we die in games with no consequences. Sure we might wait 30 seconds to respawn, but somewhere out there there’s a soldier risking his life in a battle or trying to save others. It takes a huge amount of courage to run into gunfire, regardless of the outcome. People are fighting to make our country a better place. Many games are reenacting those famous battles, where brave men and women gave their lives. While it’s fun to play soldier for the day, remember it’s often based on the stories of real soldiers.

While I’m not a Veteran myself, I have a lot of respect for those who served. My Grandfather served in the army, many friends and their family members have also served. You may have a friend or family member in the military, so take some time to thank a veteran today.

Newegg would like to thank those Vets who served for us and work here at Newegg.

Special Veterans Savings Today

Newegg would also like to thank our veterans everywhere with our Veterans Day weekend sale. It goes from Friday to Tuesday. Be sure to check out the deals by clicking here.

We are offering special discounts for Veterans only with SheerID. SheerID is a live verification tool which allows Newegg to verify veterans and provide them a one-time use unique promo code to get an additional 10% savings up to $20. This is another way for us to say thank you to the veterans.

Say Thanks to a Veteran

Do you have a special veteran in your life, or a story about a time in service? Let us know in the comments below.

Veteran's Day

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  • Darrell Smith says:

    Went to check out the Veterans Day weekend sale and this is what it says

    We’re sorry, there are no items that match your selections. Please adjust your selections to try again.

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