Let Newegg buy your old electronics

By May 11, 2011Newegg Newsroom

For consumers, technology is among the most frustrating markets to make purchases in. Products are constantly being updated or released, making those fancy devices you just bought obsolete. It’s a frustrating predicament to be in, but Newegg offers a program that can get you out of this rut.

Recycle your old gear

If you are contemplating buying whichever new device recently hit the market, trade in your old electronics and Newegg will send back a gift card for a future purchase. The process is simple: fill out a few questions to receive an online estimate and then ship the device. Free shipping and packaging are available for qualified boxes.

Newegg not only sends you a gift card for your older electronics, but it also tries to sell them to other customers or recycles the items. If the transaction is unsatisfactory in any way, Newegg will ship the item back to you free of charge. On average, customers who participate in the buy back program earn $100 toward a new purchase.

Stop letting your old devices sit around collecting dust and start earning money for that new HD-TV, smartphone or tablet was just released.  You can learn more about our Earth Day and recycling outreach in our previous post.