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Newegg’s Triple Crown Royale hands out $10,000 in prizes in Las Vegas

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June 22, 2019, at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas, Newegg brought together pro and amateur gamers alike for the Triple Crown Royale. The action-packed evening saw players competing across Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG for a chance to win a share of the night’s $10,000 prize pool.

The event featured several professional gamers from Counter Logic Gaming, including Marksman and psalm from the squad’s Fortnite team and Emy and GooseBreeder from the (recent champion) CLG Red CS:GO team.

These pros rotated in and out throughout the event to form a three-player team that took on amateur squads and players who had traveled to the event from across the country, as well as some seasoned Vegas locals who are regulars at the HyperX Esports Arena.

Though many expected the pro gamers to come out on top, in reality the entire competition was an evenly matched and exciting affair. The fact that the CLG players were from two different teams that specialize in two different games likely played a role in leveling the playing field. In the end it was a pair of amatuer squads – Team Blank Record and Singularity – along with the Twitch stream squad Game Attack who won the night, through a combination of consistent plays and PUBG prowess (friendly fire accidents notwithstanding).

You can watch the whole event below, but specifically make sure to check out the incredible 1 vs. 3 PUBG showdown that helped make Blank Record one of the night’s winners.

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