Microsoft & Intel

NEXT SHOW - Thurs. December 13 10AM PT
It's the last Newegg Now of 2018, and we're ending the year in a big way with both Microsoft and Intel in the Studio! Hosts Trisha and JC will be talking to our guests about the Surface line of products, tech security and more, plus they'll be sharing great deals all episode long.

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Newegg Now
December 13, 2018

Microsoft & Intel

Episode 54 In the final episode of Newegg Now for 2018, JC and Trisha sat down with Microsoft to talk about their newest line of Surface products and discussed all...
Newegg Now
December 6, 2018

The Gear of the Year

Episode 53 Near the end of 2018, JC looked back at some of the best hardware and games of the year. There was plenty of discussion about what could be...
Newegg Now
November 29, 2018

Home & Office Hardware

Episode 52 This week on Newegg Now, Trisha and JC took a look at some great tech for upgrading your home office, including a special offer from Xerox. We also...