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Nvidia DLSS provides smooth gory glory in Outriders

By April 21, 2021No Comments

Outriders, the new Triple-A shooter from Square Enix, promises hours of checkpoint-to-checkpoint action and all the ducking, blasting, and pummeling that you can handle. It is a blood bath, and it looks awesome but if you want to play this game at Ultra Settings you’re going to need the big guns.

We tried it on an RTX 3080 Founders Edition running with an Intel Core i9 10900K pushing pixels onto a 1440-p monitor. Obviously, at ultra, you will notice there is more detail in the graphical presentation. The ground textures are more rugged. Leaves and blades of grass more defined. You see more atmospheric elements like fog, smoke, blowing embers. Reflections on pools of water, and finer detailing in the shadowing.

Where the big graphics cards truly deliver in a game like Outriders are in frame rates. That’s where the RTX 3080 put up some gaudy figures—especially when you take advantage of DLSS 2.0.

DLSS is an AI-powered mechanism that NVIDIA graphics cards use for scaling up game resolution. Your PC renders images at a lower resolution initially with DLSS increasing the resolution to match native dimension of your screen. In our case, to play on a 1440p resolution monitor, the PC was lifting a 1080p workload. That translates into more frames per second onto your screen, and for you, that means a smoother and more responsive look, especially if you are gaming on a 144 MHz monitor.

When we tweaked the DLSS into “Performance,” we saw frame rates approach and exceed 200 FPS with the graphics settings dialed back to medium We’d need get a monitor with a 240 MHz refresh rate in the studio to truly realize this level of performance. But if you fancy yourself to be a professional e-sports caliber player then, you’re loving the buttery smoothness the DLSS offers and the advantages in aiming and timing that come with it.

This video was produced in cooperation with Nvidia

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