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Product Spotlight: TrekStor DataStation External SSD

By August 4, 2016 7 Comments


I’m often on the look-out for small backup drives, so it made sense that I would want to test out the TrekStor DataStation picco external SSD 3.0. Small enough to fit in my tiniest of purses, this product made it simple for me to copy over movies and photos in practically no time at all. Even transferring over a 1 GB movie only took about 40 seconds (Editor’s Note: This is longer than it should have taken, so we’ll be re-testing shortly to ensure accurate numbers).

About the size of a business card, and made with the power to serve a video editor with a demanding workload, its 512GB storage is built for people who need to backup their work quickly, and who expect to be able to access their files quickly.

The latest and greatest in external SSDs


Do not be fooled into thinking that this just another SSD. As the new competition on the market brings the prices down, that doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing on quality or functionality. Aside from being a compact, convenient, external SSD, this has a controller chip that can make it truly handy for those who don’t have time to waste.

Not only is it practical in the sense of daily use, but it’s also practical should you misuse it. We’re not saying that a herd of elephants could stomp on it in the rain and it would be fine, but it’s built to withstand your standard bumps and bangs. Plus, it’s quiet. When plugged in and doing its thing, it makes for absolutely no distractions.

Just about the only thing about the TrekStor DataStation I didn’t like was the locking position on the side, which was a bit tricky to use. It’s meant to function as a failsafe so you can’t delete or overwrite anything. It seems like it works for the most part, but I wouldn’t count on it to save me completely from my late-night button mashing that always seems to end in disaster.

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When you’re a photographer and you’re excited to show a potential new client an album you’re sure will convince them to hire you, you need tools that will make you look like the expert you are. Whether you’re at a scheduled appointment or unexpectedly selling your services at a party, this drive can help you have samples that are at the ready. Personally, this would be why I’d want to use it the most. Plus, I just love the way it feels. It’s not like another piece of boring hardware. Yes, it’s black and been understandably compared to a stack of credit cards, but it also has a textured back to ensure it doesn’t slip around when on a desk, and an overall design that makes it comfortable to hold, handle, attach and detach.

On a whole, the TrekStor DataStation is an attractive device available in sizes ranging from 128 to 512 GB, and it’s perfect for backing up your work and saving space on your computer for the newer stuff.

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  • George Allen says:

    USB 3 is good but I want one that is compatible with a Mac. I realize this would work but I still want one with a Thunderbolt connector so I am going to wait.

  • Robert Oliver says:

    The price is not given but I think it must be significantly more expensive that a portable hdd. I do not need the increased ssd speed, so would not be welling to spend more for it.

  • Joseph Kamal says:

    40 seconds to transfer 1GB cant be right, that would very poor USB 2.0 performance. The stated specs are 280MB weite, 450 MB read. Assuming a write, 1GB should have been about 4 seconds.

  • Tony Manero says:

    Not well written blog. How does it fit given existing usb3 flash drives @ 128-256GB and platter disk drives @ 1TB drive. What does SSD advantage over flash drives as flash drives double in size over 18-24 months? Could have asked my 15 year daughter instead of reading this blog.

  • William de Jong says:

    1 GB in 40 seconds is pretty slow. With a write speed of 280 MB/s it should be able to do over 10 GB in 40 seconds. Any idea what’s going on here?

  • Mac says:

    Samsung 840 EVO Series 500GB mSATA3 Solid State Drive
    and a Sabrent USB 3.0 mSATA II or III/6G SSD Enclosure Adapter
    they work great. I did it myself, and am an IT guy.

  • James says:

    This is absolutely a surprising device for backup! it is slim & fast! Furthermore, it is not so expensive comparing with the other products.
    I would buy a 256GB for my laptop data backup absolutely.
    it is come from Germany! So I trust the quality!

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