Smart Home Lighting

Smart lighting solutions provide one of the simplest and most dramatic home upgrades available, and place unprecedented lighting flexibility and customization options at your fingertips. Whether a single Bluetooth-based bulb or a full home lighting overhaul, smart lighting brings the look of tomorrow into your home today.

Smart Lighting
September 1, 2022

Now you can sync your room lighting to the RGB in your PC build

Bias lighting provides immersive visual experiences while extending your monitor’s backlight life, reducing energy consumption, and even alleviating eye strain. Such lighting arrangements are popular additions to any gaming PC…
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March 15, 2022

5 Smart Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Garden & Patio

Smart outdoor lighting is becoming a top choice for homeowners and renters who want to perfect their patio and garden, and for good reasons. First, smart lighting makes it easy…
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July 7, 2021

How to Make a Smart Home: 5 Budget-Friendly Projects for Beginners

Technology is changing the way we live. It's never been easier to optimize your home for comfort, convenience, and security. But smart home technology offers much more than controlling switches…
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June 10, 2019

Smart plug buying guide: The best smart plugs for your Smart Home in 2019

Building the Smart Home of tomorrow can take you down a rabbit hole of connected devices, ranging from smart lighting and smart thermostats that adapt to your schedule to save…
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June 6, 2019

The Litmor Capsule may be the first smart floodlight camera with AI that gets it right

Smart Home security devices have exploded in popularity in the last few years, from smart cameras to Wi-Fi doorbells and locks, and now smart floodlights. With the high velocity the…
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January 16, 2019

CES 2019: Smart Home security takes center stage with automated locks, cameras and outdoor lighting

Only a couple years ago, the budding Smart Home industry was viewed by many with a sense of distrust and fear: fear of hacking, spying and a loss of security.…