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The Gamer Lounge: We Play. You Could Win.

By August 10, 2022August 23rd, 2023No Comments

Welcome to the Gamer Lounge!
The show where we put gamers through a variety of challenges and YOU could win the prizes!

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Meet the Players


Aramis is a 90's gamer, you know the type... Time Crisis, Sonic, quarters on the arcade cabinet to claim next. Basically, he's older than he looks, with the skills to match.
Tears of the Kingdom


Ben's been gaming since consoles were measured by the bit and he's parlayed those skills into Gamer Lounge victories! Now this loose cannon gamer is on the hunt for glory! And this time it's personal!
Pokémon Snap
Sea of Thieves
Mario Kart 8
Gang Beasts
Let's Go, Pikachu!
Star Wars: Squadrons
Portal 2


Brooklin has been playing games since she was 7, but now is only good when… extra fun is being had that night. Any story or horror based games… watch out! That’s her specialty.


Caleb is an expert Valorant player with skills across all genres of gaming. Colors aren't his strong point #ColorBlindGang
It Takes Two


Chelsea is a master at trying her best in video games. Versatile in many different games. She is ready to take some W’s on The Gamer Lounge.


Chris is a gamer who thinks he’s good, but his record says otherwise. He plays damn nearly everything from his favorite game, PaRappa the Rapper 2, to NBA 2K. Some say he plays a variety of games just so he can be mediocre in every genre...
Forza Horizon 5
F1 2021
Mario Kart 8
Overcooked 2
Nintendo Switch Sports
Smash Bros: Ultimate
Kill It With Fire
Super Mario Maker 2
Smash Bros: Melee
Madden '23


Damien is a voice actor, Twitch streamer, and a long time member of Smosh and Smosh Games. He is currently attempting to raise an army of crows.
Elden Ring


Danny’s been a gaymer since he was wetting the bed (which may or may not have been last weekend). He enjoys a good FPS or any story-driven action adventure. May settle for second best but secretly is raging internally.
The Stanley Parable


Devyn is a stealthy gamer. She might seem like a Noob on the outside but watch out--you never know when she's going to strike. If you recognize Devyn Howard, it may be from her hit show Unbox This, or yesterday when she dropped that thing right behind you. Yeah, that was her.
Rocket League


Elly is a gamer sleeper agent. She may act like she has no idea what she's doing, but be warned... she has absolutely no idea what she's doing! Come inevitably join her in the loser lounge where her wit and fun loving energy will shine. And don't worry, she brought snacks!


Ethan is an adept gamer who’s been playing games since he was 3. Turn-Based Strategy, FPS, MMO – you name it, he’s played it. He craves the taste of victory and will settle for nothing less.
Apex Legends
Beat Saber
Hitman III


Eurice is an avid gamer who has played games since elementary school... but that doesn't mean she's got at them.... She plays all types of games from Valorant to Animal Crossing to Outlast.
Ghostwire: Tokyo
Super Mario Odyssey
Portal 2


Frank the Tank, an avid casual gamer of all types, so that basically means he sucks at everything he plays but says he's “having fun” so it’s cool, I guess.


She may have lost almost every game at The Gamer Lounge, but she has the spirit of a puppy! She’s here for a good time, not a long time. Don’t doubt her though, her redemption story is coming... you’re in for a surprise.
Marvel's The Avengers
FNAF: Security Breach
Dead by Daylight


J.R. has been playing since the original Sega Genesis. Starting with the OG Sonic the Hedgehog & Mortal Kombat battling enemies, graduating to dominating the world of sports in Madden and NBA 2K. He's so competitive he'd knock over his own grandma to win.


Jason is a self-proclaimed Pokémon Master and savior of the digital world. Here to crop dust the competition he can adapt to any challenge and cheese his way to the top.


The craziest Uber driver in Warzone, but when she hops out, watch out. When it's time to lock it in, her skill will catch you by surprise. If you see her name in the gulag, do yourself a favor and leave to preserve your KD.
CoD: Modern Warfare II


Jeremy is an experienced Call of Duty player, who is now answering a different call: the chance to become a winner in The Gamer Lounge. If his FPS skills weren’t already an advantage, he’s also significantly taller than his competitors.
Game Pass Tournament #1
Gang Beasts
CoD: Modern Warfare II


As a self-proclaimed half elf, and half gamer, Juliette thrives in fantasy realms of all kinds. Most at ease watering crops in Stardew Valley or captaining a ship in Sea of Thieves, her real life badassery skills will still come out to play wherever the gauntlet is thrown her way.


Katy started her gaming career after voicing Steph Gingrich in the Life Is Strange franchise. Now a variety Twitch streamer and continued actor/voice actor, Katy enjoys streaming narrative games, multiplayer games, IRL, cooking, and makeup streams!


Kendelle plays every game from fps to couch co-ops, but is she any good at them? She certainly gives it her all! The goal of this gamer is to have a good time.
Mario Kart 8


Max is a professional hip-hop gaming creator who is on a mission to prove that gaming and music create the ultimate gaming experience.


Michelle has been playing games ever since she's had thumbs. She works well under pressure but will mostly cry about it later. She can break ankles at DDR, and scares the ghosts in Phasmophobia.


Morgan has been gaming since she was 2 years old, so you already know competition flows through her veins. FPS games are her specialty, but don't underestimate her in any gaming category, because she comes to win! She's got a spicy personality & always brings the HEAT.
Mario Kart 8
Dying Light 2


Niko has always been an avid Gamer. From exploring Azeroth on World of Warcraft to managing his farm in Stardew Valley, he has prepared his mindset, readied his trigger finger and is ready for any challenge thrown his way.
Dirt 5
Super Mario Maker 2
Mario Golf: Super Rush


A.k.a. the Sunni Bunni, do not be thrown off by all of her adorability. This gamer came to win, and if not, will probably be spotted helping her other competitors as they struggle. As long as she’s involved in the win!
Mortal Kombat 11
Assassin's Creed Odyssey


This 5’2” menace may look sweet, but will absolutely clap you.... If you’re bronze in Valorant. Growing up playing video games with her dad, it’s shocking how scuffed this gamer is. A lover of all FPS & Wii games, Rae thrives on competition, and is ready to take the crown on The Gamer Lounge.
Far Cry 6
Call of Duty: Warzone
Rainbow Six: Extraction
Halo Infinite


R-I-C-K-Y, The YouTube Tech Guy has traveled through the worlds of consoles and gaming PCs, from 16-bit to next gen. Once thought to no longer have enough time to game, he has been pulled back in for a few more rounds.


Here’s something you didn’t know before you were in your 30s: Sid has joined the cast of The Gamer Lounge. Here’s a life hack for you: be very afraid.


Skyler switches between chaotic good and chaotic casual depending on the game! Voicing the inner most thoughts of their PC's is a key part of his strat! TCG's, TTRPG's, and video games like Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts, and Overwatch 2 make up this gamer's world.
WINS: Super Mario 3D World


Tom's been playing video games since he was in the womb. Seriously, this kid hasn’t touched grass in years. He mainly plays FPS and horror games, but he’s been known to absolutely kill at DDR.
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Forza Horizon 5
Smash Bros: Ultimate
LEGO: Star Wars
Mario Kart: Double Dash


Tori is a freakin’ baller. A pro Sims player, killer Animal Crossing villager, and a menace in GTA V, she has a competitive edge and a delusional hope that she’ll come out a winner.
Halo 5
Mario Party: Superstars
Call of Duty: Warzone
Goat Simulator
The Sims 4
Like a Dragon: Ishin


Vartuhi is 100% the best gamer there ever was or ever is. When she’s not gaming, she spends her time gaming, and gaming... She also might not have played half of the games in this series before, so she’s a bit of a wild card.


Veronica is an adrenaline chaser with a background in theatrical stunts and an affinity for horror games. However, she is a creative at heart with a soft spot for aesthetics. She can often be found watering her cemetery garden in her gothic and cryptid themed Animal Crossing Island, or spending way too long coming up with punny names for her Pokémon.


Will spent his childhood in the World of Warcraft and his college years in the Rift in League of Legends. He's back to reclaim his gamer soul and prove himself once again in the virtual realm.
Stardew Valley


Will is an intense gamer and hardened veteran in the console wars. He is the toxic gamer you have nightmares about.
Fall Guys
Grand Theft Auto V
GRID: Legends
Super Mario Party
Pummel Party
Barbie: Jet, Set, & Style

The Challenges

August 2023

We're celebrating Intel Gamer Days by giving away a coveted Assassin's Creed Mirage themed custom gaming PC to ONE lucky winner! Powered by Intel's legendary i9-13900KF processor and a MSI RTX 4080 graphics card. Fans are clawing after this system, enter below to win!

May 2023

Our latest giveaway features this incredible custom Gamer Lounge themed PC from our friends at Intel! This build features a 13900K processor, a 4080 GPU, and some incredible original artwork so that you too can feel like you're playing in a round of The Gamer Lounge!
Contest Winner: Curtis C

February 2023

In our latest XBOX Game Pass Tournament, our gamers will be playing through some of the most unique games available on Game Pass! Chris is seeking to take the lead in Gamer Lounge wins once and for all, while two newcomers try to make a name for themselves among some Gamer Lounge veterans. And YOU could win an XBOX Series S console, as we are giving away THREE for some lucky viewers who correctly predict our finale winner on 3/8.
Contest Winners: Doug H., Matthew Q. Miguel S.

November 2022

Our gamers are once again playing through an XBOX game pass tournament! Each round the winner will head straight to the finals, while the last place finisher faces a punishment or elimination.
Contest Winner: Samuel H.

July 2022

8 gamers will be competing across 5 episodes in our first Gamer Lounge tournament! Episodes 1 & 2 will be a preliminary round each featuring 4 gamers. Winners advance to the finals, losers must sit out round 3. In episode 3, the winner will advance to the finals while the loser gets eliminated. Episode 4 will see our four remaining gamers each fighting for the last spot in the finals, and episode 5 will feature winners from each of the previous four episodes. Guessing who won the final episode, entered you to win a Thrustmaster Prize pack.
Contest Winner: Damon S.

June 2022

Our latest challenge is a round of Gamer Lounge Hot Potato. Our four gamers will be playing through a round of Marvel’s The Avengers, and Far Cry 6. They’ll each get 3 minutes to play, and must pass the controller each time their time is up, or if they die or fail the task. Viewers who guessed the Far Cry 6 winner correctly were entered to win.
Contest Winner: Rory G, Torres Y, and Dalton F

October 2021

Our gamers took on a round of Capture the Flag in Halo 5, a gold hoarder quest in Sea of Thieves, and a Full Inventory Speed-Run in Minecraft. While Tori and Ben snagged wins in our first three games, the winner of our grand prize was chosen based on that week’s finale. In the race in all three previous titles, it was Jeremy who took the win. The prize winner took home an XBOX Series S with 12 months of Game Pass, while 4 other winners also received a prize of 12 months of Game Pass.
Contest Winner: Erick F, Julian R, Dustin H, Brandon C, Shinn-Te C

July 2021

Our gamers took on two challenges, the Minecraft Maze, and a matching game in Pokémon Snap. Niko scored an early win in Minecraft, though it was Ben who was able to collect all of his Pokémon securing a win for one lucky fan who predicted he would win. The prize winner took home a $100 Newegg Gift Card.
Contest Winner: Chris H.



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