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4/7 Newegg Now: Furgle Gaming Chair, MUSETEX 903-D6 Computer Case, and More

Good morrow dear Eggheads. Stay awhile and listen to Newegg Now, where we bring you the best products for the best prices. Starting us off this week, James shows off the stylish and ultra-durable Furgle Gaming Chair, with its class-4 gas lift. Then Kenan shows you why he loves the sturdy and durable Vitesse 55” Computer Gaming Desk that’s great for gamers, professionals, and artists alike. Then he’ll tell you why it’s so important to have a full HD webcam like the TROPRO 1080P Webcam, with its 110° viewing angle and noise-cancelling mic. Next, he introduces the TROPRO A867 RGB Gaming Mouse that has an incredible DPI range and a very approachable price tag. Finally, the MUSETEX 903-D6 Mid Tower Gaming Case offers incredible value and flexibility, as well as six preinstalled RGB fans.

Product Timestamps

0:00 Furgle Gaming Chair

The Furgle Gaming Chair is beautifully designed both in style and ergonomics. Based on the seats found in premium sports cars, with a high winged back, wide seat, and adjustable pillows for your head and lumbar, this S-curve chair can keep you comfortable through long periods of work or play. The armrests are adjustable and the back can recline up to 180 degrees, so it’s perfect for working, watching movies, or taking a quick nap. It’s durable, made from top quality materials like inter-tech approved PU leather, ample foam padding, a chrome base, TUV certified casters, and a class-4 SGS approved gas lift.

1:39 Vitesse 55” Computer Gaming Desk

The unsung hero of any good gaming rig or workstation is the workspace itself, and the Vitesse 55” Computer Gaming Desk is a smart, sturdy option for any serious gamer or professional. The 55” x 23.6” tabletop offers lots of space, and every inch of it is a mousepad, so there’s no wrong way to setup. With a steel tube frame capable of supporting up to 260 lbs, and four leveling feet, this sleek gaming desk won’t shake or wobble when you’re lining up that headshot or making delicate adjustments to a project.

7:24 TROPRO 1080P Webcam

Webcams have become more important than ever in today’s world, so it might surprise you to know that most built-in laptop webcams top out at 720P resolution. To make the best impression you need something better, like the TROPRO 1080P Webcam. This plug and play wonder doesn’t just capture beautifully clear full HD video, it also has built-in stereo, noise cancelling microphone with a 15’ range. Pair that with a 110° viewing angle and you have an affordable, portable, highly advanced webcam that’s perfect for conferencing and streaming alike.

11:55 TROPRO A867 RGB Gaming Mouse

The TROPRO A867 RGB Gaming Mouse is built like a top-of-the-line gaming mouse with a much more comfortable price tag. This plug and play mouse is great for gamers, with its seven-button design and six adjustable lighting modes, but it’s also great for professionals and artists as well, with its four-stage adjustable DPI setting which ranges from 1000 to a whopping 6400! It also benefits from a high-performance Sunplus SPC190 sensor which is capable of advanced motion detection all the way up to 32” per second and 12g acceleration. It’s designed to be ergonomic for right handers, while its 59” cord provides plenty of space for work or play.

15:35 MUSETEX 903-D6 Mid Tower Gaming Case​

If you’re looking for a gaming case that offers great value, adaptability, and aesthetics, look no further than the MUSETEX 903-D6 Mid Tower Gaming Case. It’s compatible with EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX motherboards, and offers terrific expansion potential with up to three HDDs and three SDDs. It comes preinstalled with six RBG 120mm fans, each with two custom light loops with up to seven colors and several lighting effects. It boasts excellent cable management to keep your rig looking clean, which is great as it also features two tempered glass panels to display all your components and that sweet sweet RGB.


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