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2/24 Newegg Now: Homall T-shaped Frame Gaming Desk, MeeTion Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo, and More

Good to see you again Eggheads! Newegg Now here, back again to show you the best products for the best prices! In this week’s video, Kenan starts us off with the super affordable and user friendly Homall 55” Gaming Desk. Next, the Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair is ergonomic, affordable, and looks just as good in an office environment as it does at your gaming rig. Then he’ll show you how the AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Bike delivers top end functionality at a much more approachable price tag. Then Josh introduces the comfortable but powerful Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset with its omnidirectional mic. Then he’ll show you the ID-COOLING Case Fan Kit which is a great option for keeping your rig looking and running cool. Finally, the MeeTion Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo delivers great style and functionality for gamers and office workers alike at a very affordable price.

Product Timestamps

0:00 Homall 55” Gaming Desk

The Homall 55” Gaming Desk was made with the gamer in mind. Its entire spacious 55” x 26” surface is made of premium fiberboard covered by a giant water-resistant mousepad. It’s built on solid-steel frame T-shaped legs for great durability, and the four adjustable footpads keep your gaming surface nice and level with no annoying wobbles. Further smart and space-saving features include a gaming handle rack, a cup holder, and cable management grommets to keep your gaming or work space neat and organized.

2:42 Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

This ergonomically designed, sturdy chair looks great at your gaming desk, but its elegant design and upscale materials make it look right at home in an office or study as well. Built on a frame of strong 1.8mm thick steel with wire cross rows, it’s able to support up to 300 lbs, and features a class-3 gas lift with a safety verification from SGS. The polyurethane leather looks upscale and sleek with its carbon fiber finish that’s also water resistant. This affordable chair rolls smoothly on five rubber casters designed to survive 1000 miles of rolling (seriously, they tested it).

7:01 AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Bike

The AOSTIRMOTOR S07-B Electric Bike is an affordable e-bike that comes ninety percent assembled in the box and is loaded in ways you might only expect to see in much more expensive options. Its sturdy aluminum alloy frame is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs while its dimensions make it perfect for riders between 5’4” and 6’5”. A 750W high speed brushless motor, along with a removable 48V 14Ah lithium battery delivers strong driving force and great range. Capable of up to 25 mph, and up to 43-mile distance in full e-bike mode on a single charge. The fat tires are perfect for terrain ranging from concrete, to sand, to ice, and the adjustable shock absorbers will keep you riding comfortably through all of them.

12:58 Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset

A good pair of headphones is a gamer’s best friend, and some gamers are willing to pay top dollar for a set they can rely on. But the Anivia AH28 Gaming Headset delivers great sound, quality voice capture, and a comfortable snug fit at a very affordable price. They’re made with a 50mm large drive unit for powerful stereo sound, and the built-in omnidirectional mic will deliver your voice capture clearly and reliably. They don’t require any drivers and are compatible with just about anything with a headphone jack.

16:08 ID-COOLING Case Fan Kit

Every serious PC owner needs to consider temperature management, and most of those PC owners are going to want solutions that match their rig’s aesthetic as well. For discerning builders, we submit the ID-COOLING Case Fan Kit. These three 120mm ARGB fans are capable of moving up to 62 cfm, while only reaching a maximum operating volume of 26.4 dBA. This low decibel performance is thanks to rubber pads on the corners of the fan mounts but also due to a hydraulic bearing design which aids in quiet performance but also adds durability to the fan.

19:15 MeeTion Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

The MeeTion Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo is a great option for gamers or professionals who want an effective keyboard and mouse solution that looks great and won’t break the bank. This durable combo is ergonomically designed, water-resistant, and features futuristic backlighting that looks great on a desk. The keyboard features anti-ghosting and multiple options for the lighting effects. Meanwhile the mouse’s lighting colors are tied to its adjustable DPI, each color corresponding to a particular DPI rate. Red is 800 DPI, while pink is 1200, and blue is 1600.

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