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2/3 Newegg Now: TROPRO Gaming Mouse, FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter, and More

Welcome to Newegg Now dear Eggheads, we’re back showing you the best products for the best prices! This week Kenan starts us off with the WAVLINK Outdoor WiFi Extender, a mighty range extender that’s mighty durable. Then he introduces you to the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter that allows you to work standing or sitting without pushing you away from your equipment. Next, James tells you all about the TROPRO Gaming Mouse and its cool automatic polling rate system. After that he’ll show you the MK1 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard, that’s customizable and super responsive. Finally, we’re going to show you how the Campeon RGB Gaming Mousepad can improve your experience and style, whether you’re gaming or hard at work.

Product Timestamps

0:00 WAVLINK Outdoor WiFi Extender
The WAVLINK Outdoor WiFi Extender is built with functionality in mind. Easy to install, this bad boy can extend your WiFi signal for hundreds of yards and is super durable, making it perfect for all your outdoor wireless needs. Tested to withstand continuous moisture, as well as temperatures ranging from -22°F all the way up to 158°F, this handy device operates on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously and can support multiple devices at once. It has four modes: AP, Router, Repeater, and WISP so it can provide exactly the wireless connectivity you’re looking for. It also uses LNA (low noise amplifier) technology to provide strong steady signal, with minimal noise.

5:59 FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter
Studies have shown that the longer you spend sitting, the more you open yourself up to certain health risks. The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter is an easy, effective way to help you go from sitting to standing without missing a beat. Its large two-tier design features a unique quick release keyboard tray, so it can be easily removed and reinstalled according to your needs. Its U-shape design lets you stand or sit as close to your monitor and keyboard as you want, and because the 4.7"-19.7" height adjustment actuates directly up and down, it doesn’t push you away from your workstation when you go from sitting to standing.

10:41 TROPRO Gaming Mouse
The TROPRO Gaming Mouse is an easy to use six-button mouse that’s perfect for gamers and professionals. It has four DPI settings (800, 1000, 1600, 2400), each with its own color lighting effect (red, blue, green, and purple), so you can adjust the sensitivity of your mouse according to the task at hand. It has four polling rates ranging from 125 Hz up to 1000 Hz, and the mouse is smart enough to switch between them automatically based on how you’re using the mouse at the time. Its ergonomic design works well for right-handers, and the ribbed, rubber-coated scroll wheel moves smoothly while preventing your finger from slipping.

13:15 MK1 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard
If you like a tactile keyboard, then the MK1 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard is one to consider. This plug-and-play keyboard is made of durable aluminum and ABS, has angle adjusting feet, and large keycaps for satisfying typing action and easy replacement. This allows for greater key customization, which is great for gamers, as well as video editors, audio engineers, and more. It features 87-key full N-key rollover anti-ghosting so you don’t drop inputs during times of intense use, and the keys are built with ultra-responsive Jixian mechanical blue tactile switches. This provides a great heavy tactile typing experience with satisfying sound, while also being more responsive than typical typing switches, giving you that added gaming edge. All this and an RGB system with a ton of lighting options.

18:05 Campeon RGB Gaming Mousepad
If you’re a gamer or a digital art professional, you know that swift, accurate mouse movement is crucial to your performance. You also know that a good mousepad can make all the difference. The Campeon RGB Gaming Mousepad helps you achieve speed and accuracy, while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your rig. It features fourteen different lighting modes including solid colors and as well as dynamic effects. The brightness is also adjustable and the mousepad is smart enough to remember your preferred settings when the PC is powered down, so you don’t have to readjust them every time you sit down at your rig. It’s large enough for your keyboard with plenty of room to move your mouse, and the surface is made of soft micro fiber for mouse action that is smooth, quick, and highly accurate. The underside of the pad sports an anti-slip coating so there’s no unexpected movement in moments of extreme use.


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