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2/17 Newegg Now: WAVLINK AC3200 Wireless Router, Vetroo SY-120 Case Fan Kit, and More

Friends, Eggheads, Scholars, welcome back to another edition of Newegg Now, where we show you the best products for the best prices. We’ve got a super strong line-up for you today, and to start us off, Kenan shows us the GTRACING Gaming Chair with its ergonomic design and durable materials. Next, James introduces the WAVLINK AC3200 Wireless Router that features an award-winning design, followed by the Vetroo SY-120 ARGB Case Fan 3-pack which delivers steady airflow and lots of customization options. After that he’ll show you what’s different about the LEDs in the highly effective Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler. Wrapping things up, the EASYTONE Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard is a convenient device that’s highly compatible.

Product Timestamps

0:00 GTRACING Gaming Chair
If you’re a fan of racing games or just bucket seat racing style gaming chairs, then the GTRACING Gaming Chair is one you’ll want to take a look at. This stylish, durable chair is capable of supporting up to 330 lbs and comes in red, blue, purple, gray, or black. It’s ergonomically designed and features removable head and lumbar cushions for comfortable support even through extended gaming sessions. Its artificial leather is comfortable to the touch and easy to clean, while its five-point base offers smooth stable rolling. It boasts a height-adjustable seat and armrests, as well as a reclining back that goes from 90° all the way back to 170° for comfort while meditating or napping.

3:00 WAVLINK AC3200 Wireless Router
If you’re in the market for a wireless router with excellent performance that can blend in to almost any décor or style, then the WAVLINK AC3200 Wireless Router was made for you. It boasts an IF Design Award, and it’s well earned. It looks and feels upscale, and it performs that way too, with a broadcom bcm4709co dual core 1.4 GHz chipset, with 1G flash to handle complex communications. It carries 2.4 and 5GHz signals conducted by two broadcom bmc 4355 chipset co-processors for better performance and flawless gaming or 4K streaming without buffering. It’s easy to setup, has an LCD screen to clearly communicate Wi-Fi status, and it even has an integrated heat sink for prolonged life.

6:43 Vetroo SY-120 ARGB Case Fan
The Vetroo SY-120 ARGB Case Fan is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to cool their rig and its appearance. The 5V 3-Pin fans feature a broad spectrum of colors, with a wide variety of effects, each with customizable brightness and speed. The seven-blade fans deliver stable airflow of up to 35.2 cfm, and their anti-vibration padded corners keep them to a quiet 25 dBA even at 1500 rpm.

11:36 Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler​
As far as CPU coolers go, the Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler looks great and performs just as well. Its clean white design stands out and adds to the RGB glow. Speaking of which, unlike many ARGB CPU coolers, this one has the LEDs built into the fan, not an external ring. This makes the variety of colors and effects just feel different from other RGB devices. It comes with brackets for AMD and Intel, as well as an Intel backplate. Its PWM function matches fan speed to CPU temperature and automatically adjusts between 800 and 1700 rpm. At max power, it’s cranking out an impressive 52 cfm airflow, and noise levels that only hit 30.8 dBa.

15:40 EASYTONE Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard​
The EASYTONE Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard is a wildly convenient device that easily connects to a huge variety of devices including smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Android and Google TV boxes, tablets, laptops, PCs, and more. It is plug and play and has wireless 360° connectivity with a range of 33 ft. Its 92-key keyboard features built-in media buttons, as well as hotkeys for search, home screen, email, and browser. It has three different backlight colors (red, green, and blue), as well as three DPI settings for easy browsing.


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