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A4Tech ZL5A Bloody Ultra Gaming Gear Wired 9-Button Gaming Mouse - Intelligent 4 Cores / Weapon Mode Indicator Light / 160K Built-in Memory / Adjustable 100 - 8200 CPI

  • 11 Buttons + 1 wheel Buttons
  • Wired
  • Laser

Bloody Ultra Gaming Gear – ZL5A
Avago A9800 High-Performance Laser Grade Engine / Omron Micro Switch / Five Weapon Modes / Six Innovative Sniper Modes / X-Glide Metal Feet Approved for 180km Durability / Activated Ultra Core3 Software / 11 Programmable Buttons

  • Main core: Intelligent 4 cores
  • Number of Buttons: 11 Buttons + 1 wheel
  • Working Mode: Laser Engine
  • Transmission: Wired
  • Connector: USB (2.0 / 3.0)
  • System supports: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Product Size: 4.6 x 3.0 x 1.5 inches (118 x 78 x 40mm)
  • Weight: 150G
  • Maximum Resolution: 8,200dpi | 5 level adjustable
  • Frame Capacity: 3.68M pixels/sec
  • Accelerating Speed: 1.0oz (30g)
  • Tracking speed: 150 inches / sec (ips)
  • Report Rate(USB): 125 - 1,000Hz/sec (3-level user selectable)
  • Key Response time: less than 1ms
  • Memory: 160K bits
ZL5A Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.7 x 6.3 x 2.6 inches (222 x 161 x 67mm)
Weight: 11.9oz (340g)
  • ZL5A Gaming Mouse
  • Download Software Instruction Card
  • Warranty Instruction Card
  • Two (2) Bloody Hand Logo Tattoo Stickers
  • Sniper Laser Gaming Mouse ZL5 adopts Avago A9800 high-performance laser engine to deliver pixel-precise 100 CPI to the lightning speed of 8,200 CPI resolution
  • Adopts Omron Micro Switch with 20 million clicks life-span for left/right buttons. Its ultra-resistant material is used to bilateral contacts and the abrasion resistance improves micro switch's life-span.
  • Gear-style weapon switch instantly shits between the 4 shooting modes to suppress enemy assault with superior firepower!
  • Sniper Laser Gaming Mouse ZL5 equipped with exclusive and innovative in-game sniping "precise key" design which offers 16 segments to fine-tune the target image, rapidly increases sniper scope for the accurate perspective, effectively suppression opponent's firepower, combining with the programmable macros to defeat the enemies effortlessly!
  • 11 Programmable Buttons – Adequate for playing FPS games with 4 shooting modes in the left button, or playing MMO/RPG online games for quick execution of macro commands.
  • Exclusive – Six (6) sniper modes (optional, require separate purchase to upgrade), instantly upgrade to the sniper expert. Capable of quickly interchanging the "machine gun" and "sniper" modes to lock and destroy the target.
  • Exclusive – Metal X'Glide Armor Boot is frictionless, durable and ear-resistant. The smooth surface enhancement glides 20% faster and lasts more than 300Km of traveled usage.
Specs./Brand Other Similarities
(Without R&D Force)
(Renowned Brand with 27 Years R&D Force)
Cores None Exclusive - Multiple 4 cores
Expansion None Activation code can be purchased after satisfactory trial with exclusive features including: Macro editor, Ultra Core3, Ultra Core4, 6 sniping modes and in-game sniping, saves tremendous gaming expenses.
Key Response Time Around 18ms 1ms response time, one step ahead
Prevents Over-Clicking None Exclusive - Prevents "Over-clicking"
Fine Calibration None Exclusive - 16-grade, fine calibration technology
Armor Boot None Exclusive - Metal X'Glide Armor Boot
Left Button Working Modes None Exclusive - Left button, 4 shooting modes
Innovative Sniper Key None Exclusive - 6 sniper modes are available for in-game sniping. (Offered after satisfactory trial in Ultra Core 3)
Multiple CPI Shifts None Innovative 2 CPI Shift Modes
Multiple Profile Shifts None Innovative 3 profile-shift modes
Firmware Update None Innovative life-time firmware update
L/R Switches None 20 million clicks, Omron switch
Report Rate Low Speed 125Hz Full speed 1000Hz, 4 level adjustable
Memory None/Limited Memory MCU 160K memory, no driver required
Positioning Engine Normal Laser Sensor Customized Avago A9800 Laser Engine
MCU Normal MCU Expandable High-speed MCU
Cable Normal Cable Braided cable, International standards certified
Innovative unique 4-core system offers 4 levels: "Low, High, Ultra, and Extreme," suitable for MMO, RPG, FPS, and all game genres.
Purchase to upgrade to UltraCore- 3 to access the feature of 5-way gun adjustments, 6 sniper modes for FPS games and quick 1-Key execution of macros in MMO games.
Consist of (Pre-game) 5-way trajectory and (in-game) adjustment, radically improves ballistics.


Offers (Pre-game) 5-mode and (In-game) firearms adjustments to perform headshots easily.


Innovative 6 sniper modes providing fast and accurate execution. Such as switching swiftly between "Rife" and "Sniper" modes.


With Oscar Macro Editor, you may create your own macros to execute gaming combos and stunts

Implement multi-key complicated commands and simplify into 1 key command in example; "A click of attack, cast spell, perform favorite actions or auto cycle the command."
Combines 'MMO/RPG' games for the roleplay, fighting, and other combos to one button to perform complex combos and stunts.


  • Resolution: 8200 CPI, 5-level adjustable
  • Image Processing: 10.8 Megapixels/sec
  • Frame Rate: 12,000fps
  • Acceleration: 1.0oz (30g)
  • Tracking Speed: 150 IPS
  • 16-grade Calibration Technology
Laser Gaming Mouse VS Optical gaming mouse
Laser Optical
Positioning Principle: Laser beam emits laterally and is received by the sensor behind the lens laterally Positioning Principle: LED light emits laterally and is received by the sensor behind the lens vertically.
Advantages: Higher resolution (up to 8200dpi), high refresh rate (12,000 frames/sec). Precise Position wide adaptability. Advantages: Low cost
Disadvantages: High Cost Disadvantages: Lower resolution, picky to the working surfaces.

Analysis & Comparison of 1ms Key Response Time

Exclusive "ahead" technology reduces key response time to 1ms. It is 18 times faster than others and always stays ahead of your enemies in gameplay! (Normal time for others is 18ms)

Press to Send
The Bloody Ahead Series apply innovative "Press to Send" technology, where the incoming signals are sent right upon the keys being pressed, thus reducing the response time to a minimum. See figure below - the analyzer shows the key response time is 0.872ms. Less than 1ms.


Press and Wait to Transmit
Other brands use "Press and Wait to Send" technology. The incoming signals are filtering till the correct inputs are detected, then sent out. It takes a longer waiting time and causes delay. See figure below - the analyzer shows the key response time is 18ms.

Exclusive "Ahead" technology also resolves "Over-clicking" generated by lifting the mouse up and down, it also avoids error input caused by switch-aging effects, greatly prolonging switch's life span.
Innovative "16-grade Calibration Technology," fine-tunes the focus between the laser-grade engine and its working textures, which makes the capture images clearer for better cursor position and wider working surface adaptability.
Durable, Sensitive, Frictionless
  • Glides 20% faster
  • Sustain lens working distance
  • Quality remains after 300km abrasion test

Exclusive Ultra Gun3 offers four shooting modes shifted by "1, N, 3, 4" keys to boost up firepower for the best firearms performance.

  • 1 – Single Shot
  • N – Multiple-shot (N value is programmable)
  • 3 – 3 x Shot
  • 4 – 4 x Shot
Adopts a gear-type durable micro switch, shifts swiftly between "1" and "N" shooting modes to enable mouse "left button" and "multiple shots" modes.
Automatically reduces display CPI for precise sniping accuracy and access to six sniping modes.
Depending on different firearms and telescopes, there are 16 steps to setup the target scope and aiming speed, in-game and driver free. It makes sniping jobs smoother in a high precision manner.
Instant upgraded sniping techniques by applying six (6) powerful sniping modes. Capable of shifting swiftly between "Machine Gun" and Sniper" modes to destroy the target effortlessly.
(Above features are offered by Ultra Core 3 and needs separate purchase).
Adopts Avago A9800 High-performance laser engine to deliver pixel-precision 100 CPI and up to lightning speeds of 8,200 CPI, 5-level resolutions.
Built-in 160K-bit memory allows users to save as many as 5,000 command lines and save to their memory for driver-free use on other computers.
During the game-play, it's important that your moments (data) are delivered to the computer in real-time to reflect your movements! With 1,000Hz report rate, you can be rest-assured the date are delivered as fast as you can create them! It's eight times faster than other general USB mice which usually have a report rate of only 125Hz.
Depending on each games settings, e.g., FPS games of BF, MMO games of LOL, it allows switching among three profiles by means of software, keyboard hotkeys, and mouse buttons. Also the Bloody logo will indicate active profile by different colors.

Cores: Intelligent 4 cores

Button No.: 11 buttons + Wheel

Working Mode: Laser Engine

Transmission: wired

Socket: USB (2.0/3.0)

System Requirement: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

Cable length: 6 feet (1.8m)

Product Size: 4.6 x 3.0 x 1.5 inches (118 x 78 x 40mm)

Weight: 5.2oz (150g)

Resolution: 8,200 CPI, 5 level adjustable

Image Processing: 10.8 Megapixels/sec

Frame rate: 12,000 FPS

Acceleration: 1.0oz (30g)

Tracking Speed: 150 inches/sec (IPS)

Report Rate: 125 - 1,000Hz/sec (4-level adjustable)

Key Response Time: Less than 1ms

Profile: 3 Sets

Memory Size: 160K

Button lifetime: Omron 20 million clicks (For left/right buttons)

Mouse Feet Life: 300Km & up

Box Size: 8.7 x 6.3 x 2.6 inches (222 x 161 x 67mm)

Box Weight: 11.9oz (340g) (Approx.)

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