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GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Extended ATX Intel Motherboard

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  • Supports Intel 8th & 9th Gen Core i9/i7/i5/i3, Celeron, and Pentium Processors
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs
  • Intel Optane Memory Ready
  • 16 Phase IR Digital VRM Solution with PowIRstage
  • Cutting-edge AORUS All-In-One Monoblock for both CPU and PCH area
  • Onboard Intel CNVI 802.11 ac 2x2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi with All new AORUS Antenna
  • 127 dB SNR AMP-UP Audio with High-End ESS SABRE 9018K2M DAC
  • AQUANTIA 10GbE BASE-T LAN and Intel Gigabit LAN with cFosSpeed
  • Intel Thunderbolt 3 onboard
  • Exclusive RGB FAN COMMANDER and OC Touch
  • USB TurboCharger for mobile device fast charge support
  • RGB FUSION with Multi-Zone Addressable LED Light Show Design
  • Smart Fan 5 features Multiple Temperature Sensors
  • Hybrid Fan Headers with FAN STOP
  • Front USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C Header
  • Triple Ultra-Fast M.2 with with Triple Thermal Guards
GIGABYTE z390 motherboard with its case

GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming Motherboard

Intel Z390 Chipset, 16-Phase IR Digital VRM, AORUS All-in-One Monoblock, RGB Fusion, 802.11ac Wireless, Intel Thunderbolt 3, ESS SABRE 9018K2M DAC, AQUANTIA® 10GbE LAN, RGB FAN COMMANDER & OC Touch

  • Supports 9th and 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors
  • Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4, 4 DIMMs
  • Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready
  • 16-Phase IR Digital VRM Solution with PowIRstage
  • Cutting-Edge AORUS All-in-One Monoblock for Both CPU and PCH Area
  • Onboard Intel CNVI 802.11ac 2x2 Wave 2 Wi-Fi with All-New AORUS Antenna
  • 127dB SNR AMP-UP Audio with High-End ESS SABRE 9018K2M DAC, LME 49720, OPA1622 OP-AMP and WIMA Audio Capacitors
  • AQUANTIA® 10GbE BASE-T LAN and Intel® Gigabit LAN with cFosSpeed
  • Onboard Intel® Thunderbolt™ 3
  • Exclusive RGB FAN COMMANDER and OC Touch for Professional Case Modders and Overclockers
  • USB TurboCharger for Mobile-Device Fast-Charge Support
  • RGB FUSION with a Multi-Zone Addressable-LED Light-Show Design, Supports Addressable LED and RGB LED Strips
  • Smart Fan 5 features Multiple Temperature Sensors and Hybrid Fan Headers with FAN STOP
  • Front USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C™ Header
  • Triple Ultra-Fast M.2 with PCIe Gen3 x4 interface with Triple Thermal Guards
Design concept banner showing a drawing of the case with prifles of a hawk behind it

Innovative design, cutting-edge functionality, state-of-the-art aesthetics, sophisticated thermal design, next-generation network connectivity ,Hi-Fi level audio system—all these features make the Z390 AORUS XTREME the new definition of a flagship motherboard.

z390 motherboard closeup with numbers one through fifteen and arrow graphics pointing out parts of the motherboard
  1. 16-Phase IR Digital VRM Solution with PowIRstage
    • 8-Layer PCB
    • 2x Copper PCB
  2. Intel® CNVi 802.11ac 2x2 Wave 2 WIFI & BT 5
  3. Intel® i219v GbE LAN
    • cFosSpeed Internet Accelerator
  4. Intel® Thunderbolt 3
  5. AQUANTIA® 10GbE Base-T LAN
  6. Watercooling Thermal Design
    • AORUS All-in-One Monoblock
    • 5W/mK Thermal Conductivity Pad
    • NanoCarbon Baseplate
  7. Triple M.2 Connectors
    • PCIe 3.0 x4
    • Triple Thermal Guards
  8. AMP-UP Audio
    • ALC 1220-VB Audio Codec
    • ESS 9018K2M SABRE DAC
    • TI Burr-Brown OPA
    • Auto Impedance Sensing
    • Audiophile-Grade Capacitors
    • Anti-Pop Relay
    • Gold-Plated Audio Jacks
  1. OC Touch Connector
  2. DualBIOS with Socketed BIOS
  3. Ultra Durable PCIe Armor
  4. Front USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C
  5. USB TurboCharger
  6. Solid-Pin Power Connectors
    • 24-Pin ATX power Connector
    • 8+8 Pin CPU-Power Connector
    • 6-Pin PCIe Power Connector
  7. Supports 9th Gen and 8th Gen Intel® Core Processors
    • Dual-Channel DDR4, 4 DIMMs with Ultra-Durable Memory Armor
    • XMP Support
    • 2x Addressable LED Headers
    • 2x RGB LED Headers
z390 motherboard front-facing at an angle with RGB lights on
Designed for all cores 5GHz+, a closeup image of the motherboard's CPU socket area
Extreme Power Design

To unleash the full potential of the new Intel 8-core CPU, the motherboard requires the best CPU-power design. With the best components along with GIGABYTE's R&D design, the Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is a true beast among motherboards.

16-Phase Digital Power Design

  • 60A IR PowIRstage for Each vCore Phase
  • High-Current Capacity MOSFET
  • Lower Temperature
  • Server-Level Reliability
Design For All Cores 5GHz+

The Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard uses an all-IR digital CPU-power design which includes a digital PWM Controller with PowlRstage MOSFET and is capable of providing at least 60A of power from each phase, for a total of 960A. This 100% digital controller and additional 8+8 solid-pin CPU-power connectors offer incredible precision in delivering power to the motherboard's most power-hungry and energy-sensitive components, allowing enthusiasts to get the absolute maximum performance from the new 8-core 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.

z390 diagram showing solid pin CPU power connectors, IR digital PWM controller, IR PowlRstage and 16-phase digital power design graphic showing the z390's IR digital pwm controller stages of doubling phase to the CPU

Optimized CPU Power-Delivery Plane with 2X Copper PCB

diagram showing the z390's power large power delivery plane compared to traditional CPU power delivery planes

GIGABYTE's exclusive 2X Copper-PCB design provides sufficient power-trace paths between components to handle greater than normal power loads while removing heat from the critical CPU power delivery area. This is essential to ensure the motherboard is able to handle the increased power loading that is necessary when overclocking.

Graphic diagram showing the layers of @X Copper PCB as well as a benefits chart that shows lower temperature, better overclocking, better power efficiency and lower impedance
the z390 laying down with its RGB lighting on
EXTREME Thermal Design

The Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboards use an unprecedented and innovative thermal design to ensure stability and low temperatures through full-load applications and gaming.

  • All-in-One Monoblock Covers Both the CPU and PCH Area
  • High-Density Copper Fins Provide Extreme Heat Dissipation
  • Leak Detection Circuit Around the Whole Monoblock
  • Highly Compatible Universal G1/4" Threads
  • Automatic Emergency Shut Down When Leaking
  • Addressable (Rainbow) LED Light Effect
  • High Thermal-Conductivity Pad
  • Solid Backplate Prevents Motherboard Distortion
z390 specs chart
z390 motherboard with text that points and reads to leak detection circuit, CPU+PCH Monoblock and RGB lighting effect
z390 waterflow simulation and diagram of where it occurs on the motherboard
back side of the z390 standing up with a graphic showing the tightly bonded matter property of the PCB material
  • Aluminum Base Plate Ensures 3X More Thermal Conductivity Than Traditional Iron
  • Thin Layer of NanoCarbon Coated on the Base Plate Through Electrostatic Adhesion Enhances Thermal Radiation
  • NanoCarbon Base Plate Passively Dissipates Heat by Combining the Back-Side Thermal Pad and Back-Side PCB to Transfer Heat to the Main Base Plate
  • Effectively Lowers Back-Side PWM-Component Temperatures by 10%

NanoCarbon Coating
This specialized nanostructure of carbon molecules has extraordinary thermal conductivity.

Thermal image showing how the nanocarbon base plate keep the board cooler than boards that don't have one
Smart Fan 5 Logo

Smart Fan 5

With Smart Fan 5, users can ensure that their gaming PC can maintain its performance while staying cool. Smart Fan 5 allows users to interchange their fan headers to reflect different thermal sensors at different locations on the motherboard. Additionally, Smart Fan 5 introduces more hybrid fan headers that support both PWM- and voltage-mode fans to make the motherboard more liquid-cooling friendly.
z390 on its side with icons pointing out fan-pin headers, FAN/Water Pump-pin headers, internal temperature sensors and external temperature sensors
Temperature Sensors Logo and Hybrid Fan Headers Logo along with an image of the temperature-sensor cable
  • 8x Fan/Water-Pump Connectors
  • 8x Temperature Sensors
  • 2x External-Temperature Sensors
  • All Hybrid Fan Headers
  • Supports GPU Temperature as a Source
  • Interoperable Fans and Sensors
  • Supports High-Current Fans Up to 24W(2A x 12V) with Over-Current Protection
  • Intuitive UI for Fan Control
The bundled RGB FAN COMMANDER provides an additional eight hybrid fan headers.

Select models have a different number of fan pin headers and temperature sensors. Smart Fan 5 function may also vary by model.
Intelligent Fan Control Design banner showing temperature graphics for when the fan is off or on

Achieve fan silence. With Fan Stop, map any fan to stop completely when temperatures drop below a specified threshold. Which fan stops, based on readings from which sensor, and at what temperature—all of it can be customized to your liking.

Hybrid Fan-Pin Headers

Assume complete control over your liquid-cooling setup! Smart Fan 5 receives up-to-the-second information on flow-rate and water-temperature through the hybrid fan pin headers or external thermistor sensors—giving you absolute mastery over your PC.

All hybrid fan headers can automatically detect the type of cooling device—even it's a fan or pump with a differing PWM or voltage mode.

Hybrid Fan Pin Header and Temperature Sensor Pin Header banner showing the compatible products of closed-loop watercooling, CPU fan, system fan, watercooling pump, water-flow sensor and water-temp sensor

New Smart Fan 5 Software

Choose from different modes, Quiet to Full Speed, to match your system-usage preferences.

AORUS System Information View Graphical UI Tabs
Closeup of the z390 motherboard edge with purple lighting
Unparalleled Performance

Hungry for better performance? Z390 AORUS XTREME motherboards bundle exclusive OC Touch Panel and support both high-frequency XMP memory and full SSD thermal guard to make sure you get the maximum system performance.

OC Super Overclock Logo

OC Touch Panel

Overclocking Made Easy

GIGABYTE OC Touch provides an array of physical buttons and switches to bring access to overclocking features to your fingertips—making on-the-fly overclocking extremely fast and easy.
GIGABYTE GC-OC Touch controller
RGB Memory Installed on the Motherboard

Support for DDR4 to 4400MHz and Beyond

AORUS is offering a tested and proven platform that ensures proper compatibility to 4400MHz and beyond.

Graph Showing XMP Profile OC MHz Level Support

A Broad Range of DDR4 Compatibility with a Support List of 1,000+ Manufacturers!

AORUS partners very closely with memory vendors from around the world to ensure that modules offered by popular memory brands are compatible with AORUS motherboards. AORUS has verified over 1,000+ different modules to ensure performance in an AORUS-built system.

A variety of memory sticks from many brands as well as Logos for AORUS, Apacer, Avexir, Corsair, XPG by ADATA, Crucial, Geil, G.Skill, HyperX, KLEVV, Patriot and T-Force
Graph showing speed difference between M.2 and SATA 3

Triple PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2

AORUS gaming motherboards are focused on delivering M.2 technology to enthusiasts who want to maximize their system's potential.

Closeup of the bottom of the motherboard with text in boxes that read PCIE Gen 3 x4
Graphic that reads M.2 + M.2 + M.2

Triple NVMe M.2 PCIe SSDs in RAID 0 Support

f Extreme Performance with Gen3 x4 NVMe PCIe SSDs
Z390 AORUS motherboards offer the industry's best compatibility in terms of NVMe storage for users who demand high capacity and seek the best performance. AORUS' unique design can be configured in RAID for record speeds up to 3,551MBps (sequential read), making AORUS the obvious choice for the ultimate PC.

Closeup of the motherboard's thermal guard

AORUS M.2 Thermal Guard

GIGABYTE Ultra-Efficient M.2 Thermal Guard

With durability in mind, GIGABYTE provides a thermal solution for M.2 SSD devices. The M.2 Thermal Guard prevents throttling and bottlenecks from high-speed M.2 SSDs as it helps to dissipate heat before it ever becomes an issue.

Thermal Throttling as Temperature Rises

Graph showing the difference between performance and time with and without the thermal guard.
Next-Generation Connectivity

A flagship product needs to be future-proof so your system stays up-to-date with the latest technology. The Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE provides next-generation network, storage and WiFi connectivity to keep you up to speed.

Closeup of the ports on the back of the motherboard, lit up in RGB
Closeup of the AQUANTIA BASE-T Networking chip on the motherboard

AQUANTIA® 10GbE BASE-T Networking

Next-Generation Multi-Gig Gaming
The AQUANTIA® AQC107 is backward compatible with 10GBASE-T, 5GBASE-T, 2.5GBASE-T, 1000BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet controllers that provide up to 10GbE network connectivity. With 10X faster transfer speeds compared to general 1GbE networking this feature has been perfectly designed for media centers, workstations and gamers.

Graphic showing the motherboard connecting to various server cases and a graph that shows how fast 10GbE is compare to 1GbE

Multi-Gigabit Support

  • Ultimate Online Gaming Experiences with Faster Connection Speeds
  • Backward Compatible with 5/2.5/1Gbps Networking
  • No Re-Wiring Needed
An image of a compatible Multi-Gig Ethernet Switch

Next-Generation 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3

Dual Thunderbolt 3—The Fastest 40Gbps Single-Wire Connection
Powered by Intel's own Thunderbolt controller the new Thunderbolt™ 3 protocol, which is available over two USB Type-C™ connectors on the back I/O of the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE. Together this brings an unprecedented single-wire bandwidth of up to 40 Gbps—twice than that of the previous generation of Thunderbolt! This incredible increase in bandwidth is also accompanied with support for different protocols such as DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.1, which is backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, opening up a world of new possibilities.

Graph showing the speed difference between Thunderbolt 3 and 2

Daisy-Chain Multiple Devices
Support for DisplayPort 1.2 makes Thunderbolt™ 3 a must-have for any enthusiast. The Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboard is able to support two displays in 4K resolution at 60FPS or one display in 5K resolution. In addition, Thunderbolt™ 3 over USB Type-C™ has revolutionary industry-first features such as Power Delivery 2.0, and the ability to daisy-chain up to 12 devices thanks to the Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE's dual USB Type-C™ ports.

Up to 12 Thunderbolt Devices can be connected
Compatibility may vary according to system configuration and device specifications.

Smashes the GbE Barrier!

Integrated Intel® 802.11ac Wave2 CNVi WiFi + Bluetooth 5

The Intel next-gen wireless solution supports the 802.11ac Wave 2 function, enables Gigabit-wireless performance, smooth video streaming, better gaming experiences, few dropped connections and speeds up to 1.73Gbps. Simply put, this is double the speed compared to the previous generation. Moreover, Bluetooth 5 provides 4x range over BT4.2 with faster transmissions.
Wave 2 Antennas Connected to Their Ports on the Motherboard Chart showing how 802.11ac Wave 2 is faster than the previous generation 802.11 ac and 802.11 bgn
  • All-New Antenna Supports 802.11ac 2.4GHz & 5GHz + 4dBi signal gain
  • 2X More Signal Strength Than the Traditional Antenna Design
  • Two Antennas with Smart-Antenna Function for the Best WiFi-Signal Transmitting
  • Multiple-Angle Tilt and Magnetic Base for the Best Signal Strength Direction and Location
The Wave 2 Antennas next to a graph that shows its circular coverage
USB Turbo Charger Logo and Graphical UI

USB TurboCharger

GIGABYTE's patent-pending USB TurboCharger technology allows users to recharge their mobile devices with stunning speed, up to 50% in less than 30 minutes.* By connecting a front USB 3.0 Type-A cable from the motherboard header to the chassis' port, USB TurboCharger can recharge both Android devices with QC 3.0 and Apple devices with the Apple Fast-Charge function.

Graph showing how fast Turbo Charger is compared to USB 3.0

Charge time varies by each device's hardware design, battery size, front USB 3.0-cable quality of chassis and environmental factors—actual results will vary.

Drawn diagram of a smartphone charging as it's connected to a chassis
Closeup of the RGB-lit AORUS logo on the motherboard
Definitive Aesthetics

The GIGABYTE ID team has designed the Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE straight from the drawing board. After countless hours of conceptualizing ideas, fine-tuning details and engaging in discussion, GIGABYTE has produced a board that is equal parts beast and beauty.

Multi-Zone Light-Show Design

Now offering more LED customizations than ever, users can truly adapt their PC to represent their lifestyle. With full RGB support and a redesigned RGB Fusion application, the user has complete control over the LEDs that surround the motherboard.

RGB Fusion Logo with icons representing the different modes and a graphic showing light-strip support
An x-ray shot of the motherboard showing where the lighting zones are
With the all-new RGB Fusion software, users have access to different LED-lighting preset configurations with the ability to pick and choose colors on any supported products. You can even set the LEDs to synchronize with your favorite music or have them change colors to indicate the CPU temperature. For true lighting experts, there is a dedicated product setting that can be fully customized by individual area with its own effects.
Graphical UI interface showing a color wheel that can be used to customize product lighting
  • Exclusive Bundled Accessory for Professional Case Modders
  • 8x Hybrid Fan Headers
  • 8x RGB LED Headers
  • 8x Addressable LED Headers
  • 2x External Temperature Sensors
  • 2x USB 2.0 Header for Additional USB RGB Devices
  • Independent Speed and Lighting Patterns for All Hybrid Fan Headers and RGB/Addressable LED Headers
  • Easy to Install with its Compact Size and Magnetic Base
Closeup of the motherboard's RGB controller
Perfectly control the devices connected to the AORUS RGB FAN COMMANDER via RGB FUSION and Smart FAN software.
  • Manage 8x Fan Speeds Individually to Your Requirements
  • Ensure System Performance While Staying Cool
  • Synchronize Up to 16 Lighting Devices with RGB FUSION
Graphical UI for Smart Fan and RGB Fan Commander
Hi-Fi Audio System
Closeup of the motherboard showing audio signal components

Audio Signal Process

Digital Audio to Realtek Chip

True Hi-Fidelity Music

Users can get surround-sound audio and enables DSD music playback with these motherboard products.
Digital to Analog Convert from the ESS SABRE Chip

ESS SABRE Reference DAC (Digital-Analog Converter)

• Hyperstream Dynamic Range (DNR 127dB)
• High-Res Music (32-Bit, 384kHz PCM)
• World's Best THD+N (THD+N -120db)
Left and Right Channel Signal Processing from the LME chips

L/R Separation Analog-Signal Processing with an Internally Balanced Audio Design

This form of audio-signal processing provides maximum stereo sound quality and high-quality signal transmission.
Audio Signal Amplification to OPA1622

TI Burr-Brown Audio OP Amps

Users get low-stereo cross talk with high operational power output.
Closeup of the Nichicon fine gold capacitors

Audiophile-Grade Capacitors

The gold-plated audio capacitors deliver true acoustic sound.
Crystal Sound Output showing audio jacks on motherboard

Gold-Plated Audio Jacks

Gold-plated audio jacks have high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Audio Signal Process

Closeup of the UC2 Relay

Anti-Pop Circuit Design

Prevents popping noises when plugging in and removing the audio jack.

Auto-Impedance Sensing

This motherboard has a function that detects headphone coils from 6 to 600 O and automatically adjusts proper output power.
Closeup of the motherboard's TXC oscillator

Precise TXC Oscillator

Provides precise time triggers to digital-analog converters with high resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
Closeup of WIMA capacitors on the motherboard

Audiophile-Grade Capacitors

The infamous WIMA capacitors are used as feedback signal processing to deliver crystal-clear, balanced sound.

Clean Audio Power

Closeup of the LME chip
Independent Analog Power
Drives clean analog power for audio components to ensure minimal noise.
Closeup of the regulator chip
Famous WIMA-Capacitor's uPower Purifier
Supplies undisturbed power to the digital-analog converters.
Closeup of the motherboard's RGB lighting-point cover
Ultra Durable

GIGABYTE is reputable for its durability and high-quality manufacturing process. Needless to say, we use the best components we can find on the Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE and reinforce every slot to make each of them solid and durable.

Solid Pin Power Connectors

Z390 AORUS motherboards feature solid-plated ATX 24-pin & ATX 12V 8-pin + 8-pin power connectors to offer a stable power supply during CPU overloading.
Image showing the solid pin design versus the traditional design

Solid-Pin Power Connector Advantages

  • Larger Contact Area for Electricity
  • More Metal Quantity to Sustain Higher Power and Generated Heat
  • Ultra-Durable and Longer Lifespan
Closeup of the Solid Pin connector

Ultra-Durable PCIe Armor

Industry-Leading, Ultra-Durable PCIe Armor

The innovative one-piece, stainless-steel shielding design from GIGABYTE reinforces the PCIe connectors to provide the extra strength required to support heavy graphics cards.
Closeup of the extra anchor points on the motherboard
Closeup of the slots for memory on the motherboard

Ultra Durable Memory Armor

AORUS' exclusive one piece stainless steel shielding design prevents against PCB distortion/twisting and plate bending, in addition to preventing any possible ESD interference

CPU-Free USB BIOS Updates

AORUS Q-Flash Plus—Update to the Latest BIOS with a Thumb Drive without the CPU or Memory Installed

Updating your BIOS on your AORUS motherboard can be done in a flash—even without memory or CPU on board. Utilizing the EC controller, the BIOS on your AORUS motherboard can now be updated through Q-Flash Plus even if your system is unable to boot. A LED next to the EC controller will notify you once the procedure is complete and you're ready to boot your system normally.
BIOS Q-Flash Plus Logo and a diagram of a hand plugging in a thumb drive to the motherboard

Good software goes hand in hand with perfect hardware. The Z390 AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE motherboards come bundled with several useful and intuitive software applications to help users control every aspect of their motherboard.

AORUS App Center graphical UI


AORUS BIOS graphical UI

New User Interface

The all-new EASY MODE shows important hardware information in one page, including: CPU Clock, Memory, Storage and Fan.

My Favorites

Add constantly used items into the Favorites menu for quick access.

Storage Information

Show all kinds of storage information, including: SATA, PCIE and M.2 interface.


List all changes before saving and exiting BIOS. Quickly review overall settings modifications.

Optimized Memory-Installation Reminder

Displays a correct-installation reminder message when users install two memory modules but run them in single-channel mode.

Intuitive Load-Line Curve

Clearly show each load-line calibration setting in an intuitive curve graph.


The GIGABYTE App Center is a useful portal of all GIGABYTE-motherboard utilities and drivers. You can choose any utility you want to install from the App Center and keep it updated with the latest utility and driver version.
AORUS App Center UI Showing Multiple Icons


GIGABYTE's EasyTune™ is a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to fine-tune their system settings or adjust system + memory clocks and voltages in a Windows environment. With Smart Quick Boost, one click is all it takes to automatically overclock your system, giving an added performance boost when you need it the most.

AORUS EasyTune graphical UI

System Information Viewer

The GIGABYTE System Information Viewer is a central location that gives you access to your current system status. Monitor components such as the clocks and processor, set your preferred fan speed profile, create alerts when temperatures get too high or record your system's behavior. These are only some of the possibilities of the System Information Viewer.
AORUS System Information Viewer graphical UI

Warranty & Returns

Warranty, Returns, And Additional Information


  • Limited Warranty period (parts): 3 years
  • Limited Warranty period (labor): 3 years
  • Read full details

Return Policies