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NaturalPoint TRACK IR Ultra Optical Head Tracking Package

  • NaturalPoint
  • TRACK IR Ultra
Get your head in the game -- Your WHOLE head! NaturalPoint's TrackIR 4:PRO lets you look around your game world the way you do in real life: by moving your head! Using state-of-the-art infrared imaging, TrackIR 4:PRO lets you add input to your gaming without affecting the mouse, keyboard/pad or joystick you already use. You'll think you're actually looking out through your cockpit or helmet onto a scene in front of you, then move your head slightly in any direction to see what’s "over there".
In TrackIR enhanced games, you can look out over your wingtip in a flight simulation, check your side mirror, or peek around a corner to find an opponent before he sees you! TrackIR 4:PRO works with a great many titles, and more are on the way! A full "6 Degrees of Freedom" let you move around in the 3D virtual space you can now exploit.
Immerse yourself in your game world more easily than ever before, and let TrackIR 4:PRO show you around!
  • neweggMove Your Head to Change Your Game ViewEmploying advanced infrared imaging and motion capture technologies, the TrackIR 4:PRO detects your head movements and changes your game view correspondingly. Lean and rotate your head to adjust your character view just like what you do in real life – turn your head to check what happened around you, or to peek over walls to spot an enemy.
  • newegg6 Degrees of FreedomFull support for 6DOF (6 Degrees of Freedom) sets the TrackIR 4:PRO apart from other input devices. 6DOF refers to six types of movements in 3D space including lean left/right, move up/down, zoom in/out, turn left/right, look up/down and tilt left/right. With 6DOF, enjoy unparalleled freedom in realistic simulation gaming such as car racing, flight and combat game titles.
  • neweggAccurate and Wide-field CaptureThe TrackIR 4:PRO features an ultra-fast 120fps sample rate and up to 46-degree field of view for accurate view control and broad moving space – all aspects of your motion are amplified and adjusted without the need for looking away from the monitor.
  • neweggIndependent View ControllerThe innovative TrackIR 4:PRO head-tracking view controller provides a completely independent form of input without affecting your mouse, keyboard or joysticks.
  • neweggTrackClip PRO BundledThe lightweight, stylish TrackClip PRO features three active LEDs for precise movement tracking. Clip the TrackClip PRO to Creative Lab’s or any other over-the-ear headset for an improved gaming experience!

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