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Plustek ePhoto Z300, Photo & Document Scanner, Automatic Continuous Scan in up to 600dpi. with Image Adjustment Tool

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  • Supports 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 in sizes photo scanning and also letter and A4 size paper
  • Optical Resolution is up to 600 dpi ( PS: two setting: 300dpi/ 600dpi)
  • Only 2 seconds for a 4x6 photo and 5 seconds for a 8x10 size photo@300dpi
  • Insert and eject. The cover no longer goes open and close
  • Powerful Image Enhancement functions included
  • Advanced editing functions
  • Support Mac and PC : Windows 7/8/10 , Mac OS X 10.12 - 11.x
  • User can download the latest version on Plustek website.
Plustek ePhoto Z300

Simple, Intuitive, No Buttons Operation

Say goodbye to the days with slow flatbed scanning! With Plustek ePhoto Z300, scanning photos and other memorabilia has never been easier.

Think about it – it usually takes 1 to 2 minutes to scan a single photo on a flatbed scanner, but now a 4x6 photo just needs 2 sec to be scanned and stored, which means you can scan 3,000 photos in just one afternoon.

ePhoto Z300 is a scanner specifically designed for scanning photos. Technically speaking, Z300 uses a special soft roller to protect old photos that have not been touched for too long. It also has installed a high-quality CCD sensor inside. The CCD sensor has the highest degree of reproduction for color images. Z300 also features an optical detection and does not require complex button operations. With Z300, scanning a 4x6 photo only takes up to 2 seconds. You only need to put the photos one by one into the paper clip, and the Z300 will automatically detect and scan.

Special soft roller

If your photos are not exactly in the perfect condition, the surface can be easily peeled off or stuck. In order to avoid photos jam, ePhoto adopts a single sheet feeding design and a button-free operation. Z300 uses a soft scanning roller with special materials to protect your invaluable photo collections without any scratches.

If you have thousands of photos taken with your family over decades and you're not comfortable sending them to a stranger to help you scan, Plustek ePhoto Z300 is you best choice. You can do everything at home and still have the best quality.

More efficient than a flatbed scanner

The automatic scan feature of ePhoto automatically scans photos as soon as they inserted in the scanner. After the photo is scanned, it is ejected and ePhoto is ready to scan another photo. This makes ePhoto much more efficient than a flatbed.

The quickest way to digitize your memories

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Preserve your priceless photos

Scanning photos into digital files allows you to permanently preserve your photos without causing any physical damages to them.

ePhoto can also restore faded photos. You can choose between automatically recover or manually adjust with the software.

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Amazingly versatile

Support versatile size photographs, documents and cards. With Z300, you can easy archive your photography, your travel postcards or even manage your entire cards collection.

Scan area varies from 1"x1" to 8"x11.5" size and can hold up to 0.76mm thick paper or card. All you need to do is to put your photos into the sensor and ePhoto will do all of the work for you.

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Simply Automated

Simply put the photos or cards to feeder, no presorting required. The application software can automatically detect paper size, crop blank area and rotate. Digitizing pictures and documents has never been easier with Plustek ePhoto!

Scan - Save - Share. Simple as that!

Plustek ePhoto Z300

ePhoto comes with customized software which can auto deskew and auto crop the photos so you don't need edit each photo yourself.

There are a lot of tools in the software for quick editing. You can adjust the sharpness, exposure or contrast of the photos. You can also use LOMO or Sence effects for your photos. The software is equipped with a comparison function to make it easy to compare the images before and after adjustment.

For saving, ePhoto can save scanned images under various file formats (Jpeg, PDF, TIFF, etc.) You can save the file on your computer, your cloud account or upload directly to FaceBook , Instagram, FLICKR, etc. Share your precious memories to your friends.

Share with family and friends

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Sharing your memories with your beloved people

How many photos do you store in shoe boxes, cabinets or stuck somewhere in the folders? Use Z300 to re-scan your valuable memories, sort them in a customized way, and use the software to edit the images so that your memories are no longer just laying in a cabinet or a box. Now you can share your invaluable memories with the ones you love.

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Creating your own painting collection

Do you still keep your precious graffiti from your childhood? The paper will fade as time goes by. However, with the Z300 and its high-quality CCD sensor, you can easily digitize these invaluable treasures, store them on your computers and share with your friends and family at anytime!

Plustek ePhoto Z300

Photos… and more

Not only photos but you can also scan your bills, receipts, application forms, etc. Basically you can scan any document up to A4 size. The OCR technology can help you save your scanned files as searchable PDF file format. Plustek ePhoto is not only a powerful scanner, it is also a decoration to your work place.

Plustek ePhoto Z300

A new way to share and preserve your card collection

A lot of people have huge card collections (baseball, basketball cards, etc.) and preserving their treasures is one of the most difficult tasks. Of course you don’t want to keep your collections secured in a box. They are made to be seen and admired by other collectors. Plustek ePhoto can easily digitize your collections and upload into an album so that you can share with your communities.

Plustek ePhoto Z300

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