Introducing the PS5

PS5 Gameplay

PS5 hardware technical specs.

CPU x86-64-AMD Ryzen™ Zen 2
8 cores/16 threads
Variable frequency, up to 3.5GHz
GPU AMD Radeon™ RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Ray tracing acceleration
Variable frequency, up to 2.23GHz (10.3 teraflops)
System memory GDDR6 16GB
448GB/s bandwidth
5.5GB/s read bandwidth (raw)
PS5 game disc Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc
Video out Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, 8K TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI version 2.1)
Audio Tempest 3D AudioTech

PlayStation 5 accessories.

Push the boundaries of play with the new generation of accessories.

DualSense wireless controller.

Discover a deeper, highly immersive gaming experience1 with the innovative new PS5 controller, featuring haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects.2 This controller also includes a built-in microphone and create button, integrated into an iconic, comfortable design.

Pulse 3D wireless headset.

Play in comfort with a headset fine-tuned for 3D audio on PS5 consoles.2 Featuring USB Type-C charging and dual noise-cancelling microphones, you can keep the party chat flowing with crystal-clear voice capture.3

HD camera.

Add yourself to your gameplay videos and broadcasts3 with smooth, sharp, full-HD capture.

Media remote.

Conveniently control movies, streaming services3 and more on your PS5 console with this intuitively designed media remote.

DualSense charging station.

Charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers simultaneously without having to connect them to your PlayStation 5 console.

Next-gen gaming.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Experience the rise of new hero Miles Morales as he masters incredible, explosive new powers to become his own Spider-Man.

Horizon Forbidden West.

Join Alloy as she braves a majestic but dangerous frontier that conceals mysterious new threats.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Blast your way through an interdimensional adventure with Ratchet and Clank.

Gran Turismo 7.

The latest Gran Turismo game builds on 22 years of experience to bring you the best features from the history of the franchise.


Break the cycle of chaos on an always changing alien planet in this third-person roguelike shooter.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Take Sackboy on an epic 3D platforming adventure with your friends.

Demon's Souls.

Entirely rebuilt from the ground up, this remake invites you to experience an unsettling story and ruthless combat.

Destruction AllStars.

Pile on the destruction from behind the wheel or on-foot in this global phenomenon.

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1Compared to DualShock 4 wireless controller.
2Available when feature is supported by game.
3Internet and account for PlayStation Network required. Third-party account required for streaming services.
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