Meet today's storage needs and prepare for the growing demands of tomorrow with the Intel® SSD 660p Series built on Intel® QLC 3D NAND technology.

The Intel® SSD 660p is the first QLC-based client PCIe* SSD in the industry, continuing Intel's leadership in flash cell technology and quality manufacturing.


Notebooks, Desktops,
Everyday Computing, Multitasking

The Intel® SSD 660p Series packs up to 2x more data capacity in identical footprints, while achieving faster read performance and lower power consumption.2

QLC technology makes this SSD the perfect fit for everyday computing. This is the future of storage empowered by Intel's innovation.
1 Intel® SSD 660p 512GB vs Intel® SSD 545s 512GB ($109.99). Source:
2 2x more capacity in identical footprints based on specification comparisons between the Intel® SSD 660p (up to 2TB) and Intel® SSD 600 (up to 1TB).

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