For the young and adventurous.
Extremely portable, easy to learn and exciting to ride.


10.5" Air Filled Tires

Ambient-Light Safety

10 mph
Top Speed

13.7 Miles Range

15% Hill Grade

Free Mobile App

Easy to Ride

Road Adaptive

Easy to Learn

It's never been faster and easier to learn a new skill than with the Ninebot S. With our innovative user friendly design, the Ninebot S is a comfortable and convenient ride you can enjoy in no time.

Forward Mobility

Incline Mobility

Diverse Terrain Mobility

Convenient Portability

The Ninebot S is lightweight and small in size. Weighing just 28lbs., it's designed for convenient mobility.

Mobile App

Learn and understand how to safely ride the Ninebot S, customize rear LED lights, read vehicle diagnostics, adjust the steering sensitivity, adjust speed controls, firmware updates, and more!

High Capacity Battery Pack

The Ninebot S is equipped with a high performance Lithium Ion battery pack and an advanced intelligent Battery Management System (BMS).

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