The Newegg Hydrator - Drink and Beverage Dispenser Work and Gaming PC

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  • Over 1200ml fluid capacity
  • More than 100 pre-programmed mixed beverages
  • Includes 12 BevroDrink™ Liquidient canisters
  • 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPU
  • Wood-E Droid 2.0 Raspberry Pi-powered mixologist
  • Light-metal, Heavy-water
  • Overclock mode for warm beverages
  • RTXologist Certified
  • Mostly non-toxic
  • Windows 10 Taproom
  • As seen in nature

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In stock. Limit 3 per customer. Ships from United States.
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Modern Innovation for the Tomorrow of Today!

As the line between our online lives and our meat-space time blurs more and more, it’s crucial that your PC become more than just a tool for work or play. It must adapt and bridge the narrowing gap between smart appliance and home computer.

We realize that there are two major biological needs that take you away from your PC, and while we haven’t mastered our strategy for one of them yet, we have conquered the need to get up and grab a drink.

To that end, we here at Newegg are proud to introduce the first in a new line of products we call “PC-PLIANCES.” Meet the Newegg Hydrator, powered by Intel, built by ENIAC.

Introducing… The Newegg Hydrator

What’s in It?

The recipe is simple: mix one part home computer, one part media center, and one part beverage dispenser, with five refillable reservoirs, and a dash of PC components. Shake well1 and pour over an Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPU in a top-of-the-line PC case.

Garnish with custom lighting effects and you’ve got the Hydrator: The world’s first Home Computer and Intelligent Beverage Dispenser.

Opening a Tab Is Easy

The machine is a blend of top-of-the-line PC components and the latest in cutting edge field of Bevfreshment technology. The refillable reservoir containment cylinders come preloaded² with five carefully formulated nonperishablicious BevroDrink™ Liquidients™!

  1. 1. RAMberry Juice
  2. 2. Kool-RAID
  3. 3. N0-J
  4. 4. VODsKAu
  5. 5. Giga Sec

Who’s Hiding in the Hydrator?

It also features the world’s most advanced soft drink software AI mixologist, the Wood-E Droid Bevtender™ powered by Raspberry Pi, running a CH33 R/s protocol. It knows which Liquidients™³ are loaded in the dispenser reservoirs and will recommend delicious cocktails that can be made with the combinations available. With classic recipes like:

  • RAM & Coke
  • Intel Core Marti9i
  • CMOS-politan
  • 11th Gen Rocket Fuel

Hot New Cooling Technology

The case is specially designed to keep your components and mixing ingredients cool, but what if it’s a chilly winter night and you also need a little extra PC performance. Well, you can just switch the machine into “Overclock/Hot BevroDrink™ Mode⁴” and let the extra energy consumption and heat generation make you a nice Hot Holiday Cider-aid™.

Not Your Average Beverage!

Best of all, every Wood-E Droid Bevtender™ recipe and all BevroDrink™ Liquidients™ are completely soy, dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol, and hydrogen free!


ModelThe Hydrator
Form FactorYup
ProcessorIntel Core i9-11900K
Processor Main Features64 bit 8-core 16-thread processor
Cache Per Processor20MB L3
MemoryShort-term & highly limited
Storage2TB SSD
GraphicsASUS Rog-Strix-RTX3090
Power SupplyCorsair HX Platinum 850W 80+ Full Modular
CaseVeeeeeeery Custom
Cooling SystemEeeeeeeeven MORE Custom
Operating SystemWindows 10 Taproom Edition
ChipsetSpicier Nacho
CPU TypeIntel Core i9 11th Gen
CPU Speed88MPH @ 1.21GW
L3 Cache Per CPU20MB
CPU Main FeaturesWe already said this. Pay attention.
GPU/VGA TypeASUS Rog-Strix-RTX3090
Video MemoryKilling the Radio Star
Virtual Reality ReadySure
Hydrated Reality Ready24/7
Memory CapacityNot what it used to be
Memory SpeedDepends how full the tanks are
Optical DriveDesignated
LAN Speed1220 km/h
WLAN511.09 km/h
USBA Number
UR BeverageMcGuffin #5112 Universal Wall Tap
PS/21x PS/2 keyboard/mouse port
Video Ports1 x HDMI 2.1
3 x Display Port 1.4a
Rear USB4 x USB 3.2 Gen 1
2 x USB 2.1/1.1
RJ45Port Sherry
Rear Audio PortsAny in a storm
HardwareRaspberry Pi powered tablet
OSWood-E Droid AI Bevtender™
SoftwareCH33 R/s
Liquidient™ capacity2x 190ml reservoir
3x 300ml reservoir
Total: 1280ml
Included Liquidients™RAMberry Juice
Lemnone Juice
Giga Sec
PCI Slots (Available/Total) Available for a price
Mouse TypeNorthern Grasshopper
Keyboard TypeCasio Maestro Pro XL
Dimensions (H x W x D)36” x 24” x 36”
Date First Available04/31/21

All replacements were dumped in the Suez Canal.

Customer Reviews of the Newegg Hydrator

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1/ 1
Powerful PC Performs Perfectly and Produces Potent Potables.

Pros: I’ve had sleven drinksh so far amd I fe3l fiwefv al;sdv ioasdflk

Cons: S’loud

Other Thoughts: If tuna is the chicken of the sea, what is chicken the land of?

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Verified Owner
1/ 1
Best roommate I’ve ever had!

Pros: Doesn’t complain about mess, smell, rent, or bills.Pours delicious drinks

Cons: Not a great listener

Other Thoughts: *Belch*

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Verified Owner
1/ 1
It does a lot really well, but it’s only an ok toaster.

Pros: Great for playing games and dispensing drinks. Compliments my Cooler Master Chicken console well.

Cons: Doesn’t toast bread very well.

Other Thoughts: . . . I think I’ve made a tremendous mistake

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