Good Question! Unbox This is Newegg's dedicated Unboxing show, bringing you the latest tech, free from the shackles of packaging. Let host Devyn Howard guide you through the newest products, introduce you to the latest features, and cut some boxes down to size along the way.


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Who Is Devyn

Devyn Howard is the host of Unbox This!, Newegg’s latest YouTube series, bringing a humorous and informative perspective to the process of unboxing. In Unbox This!, Devyn deep dives into the latest products in tech, gaming, and lifestyle and tackles the age-old question, “what’s in the box?!”.

With more than 10 years in media, Devyn has worked as a host and producer for both live and digital audiences, covering a suite of subjects, from sports to entertainment, even trivia. You might recognize her from the CoolerMaster series, Just The Tips, and the digital game show Swagbucks Live. Devyn plans to bring some lighthearted humor and positivity to the world of tech and gaming. Her great-granduncles are the Three Stooges, so *attempting* to make people laugh is practically a genetic trait.

When she’s not tearing into cardboard boxes and peeling off plastic covers, Devyn loves traveling, cooking, and trying new restaurants. She’s a big animal-lover, a huge fan of guacamole, and can’t say no to a night of live music. Subscribe to Newegg on YouTube for more of Devyn on Unbox This!.

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