Optimized Hard Drives for NAS Applications

IronWolf Health Management (IHM) is designed to operate on enabled NAS systems, populated with supported IronWolf or IronWolf Pro hard drives. IHM helps to improve the overall system reliability by showing prevention, intervention, and recovery options.

  • Prevention: IHM monitors the user environment and recommends preventative actions to enable superior NAS experience.
  • Intervention: Analyzes hundreds of parameters and recommends backup ahead of any potential catastrophic data loss events
  • Recovery: Access to Seagate® Data Recovery Services (included with IronWolf Pro for two years), helps to ensure a secure environment for data recovery in the event of failure.
IronWolf + the Power of AgileArray
  • NAS-optimized hard drive for the best-possible user experience
  • IronWolf Health Management in Synology NAS1 continuously helps to safeguard the health of your data
  • Drive balance with Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors manage multi-bay vibration for long-term consistent performance and reliability
  • Raid performance optimization that maximizes responsiveness and uptime with NAS-aware Error Recovery Control
  • Advanced power management saves energy and delivers the right power at the right time

1. IronWolf Health Management Beta is only available in capacities of 4TB and up.

Do More with Multi-User Optimization

Do more with your NAS with multi-user optimization. Enabling user workloads of up to 180TB/year on IronWolf and 300TB/year with IronWolf Pro, multiple users can confidently upload and download data to a NAS server. Whether you're a creative pro or a small business, IronWolf is on your side.

Features IronWolf IronWolf Pro
Ideal For 1-8 bay NAS systems for home, small office and small to medium businesses 1-24 bay NAS systems for creative pros and small to medium enterprise businesses.
Ironwolf Health Management 4TB to 14TB 4TB to 14TB
Capacity Up to 14TB Up to 14TB
Firmware AgileArray AgileArray
Data Recovery and
Rescue Service*
Optional 2 years Included
Multi-Bay Support Up to 8 Bays UP to 16 Bays
Dual-Plane Balancing Yes Yes
Rotational Vibration (RV)
Sensors and RAID Support
Yes Yes
User Workload Rate
with Charting
180TB/year 300TB/year
Reliability, Mean Time
Between Failures (MTBF, Hrs)
1M hours 1.2M hours
Limited Warranty 3 years 5 years

*Seagate Recovery Services are not available in all countries. Registration is required to activate Rescue plan.

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