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Qnplum QMG138 Thermal Pad 13.8 W/mK Non Conductive Heat Resistance High Temperature Resistance Silicone Thermal Pads for Laptop Heatsink/GPU/CPU/LED Cooler High Performance Gap Filler 120x120x0.5mm

  • Thermal Conductivity 13.8 W/mK
  • Can be DIY cut according to needs
  • 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0mm Thickness optional
  • Cost-effective, low thermal resistance
  • High conformability, soft and flexible
  • One Pad , multi-purpose, durable,insulated, non-conductive
  • lnsulation does not conduct electricity and is safe for use
  • Natural viscosity, easy to assemble and reusable

Efficient Thermal Conductivity The silicone based material of the Thermal Pads outperforms generic pads by far by providing an efficient thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices. Filling the Gaps Due to its great elasticity and compressing features, the thermal pad works as the perfect gap filler and bridges uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures without any problems.

Why use thermal silicone Pad ?

The main purpose of the choice of Thermal Pad is to reduce the heat source surface and the heat dissipation device contact surface between the contact thermal resistance. Thermal conductivity of silicone Pad can be good filling the gap between the contact surface;

Because the air is hot bad conductor, will seriously hinder the heat transfer between the contact surface, And in the heat source and the radiator between the installation of thermal silica Pad can be out of the air contact surface;


With thermal silicone Pad supplement, you can make the heat source and the heat sink between the contact surface better full contact, Truly face to face contact in the temperature of the reaction can be achieved as small as possible temperature difference.


  • Color:Gray
  • Thermal Conductivity:13.8W/M-K
  • Density:3.3+-0.1
  • Hardness:40-80(Sc)
  • Breakdown Voltage:>6KV/Mm
  • Temperature Range:-40Celsius~200Celsius
  • Executive Standard:Q/ZHDZ004-2016

Package:Qnplum QMG138 120*120*0.5 MM Thickness Thermal Pad 

Qnplum QMG138 Thermal Pad High-performance

The thermal pads applied high-performance thermal conductive materials to eliminate air gaps, thereby improving the overall thermal conversion capability and enabling the device to work at a lower temperature, We are committed to providing high-quality thermal pads, easy to install.

Main Features

Thermal pad has 13.8 W/mK Thermal Conductivity, Used to fill the gap between the heating element and the Heatsink, Achieve the best cooling effect. At the same time, the thermal pad also has Insulation, Non-conductive, wear-resistant, fire-retardant, compression, buffering, no damage to metal materials, etc effect.

Scissors cutting

0.5mm Thickness Thermal Pad you can freely cut the thermal pads according to your needs, perfectly fill the contact surface gap, is a good helper for beginners and professionals who use Qnplum QMG138 thermal pad.


Easy installation

Unlike other thermal adhesives, the Qnplum QMG138 13.8 W/mK cooling pad is super easy to use. Just remove the plastic film, paste it on the surface, gently press, remove the film from the other side and install the system. 

Thermal Conductivity: 13.8W/M-K
Hardness: 40-80(Sc)
Breakdown Voltage: >6KV/Mm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Color: Gray
operating temperature: -40Celsius to +200Celsius

One Pad , multi-purpose, durable,insulated, non-conductive.

Silicone-Based Paste Is Common in Thermal Pads
Silicone-based thermal compound is common in cooling kits and thermal pads, which are easier to apply than regular compound. It is best to choose a non-adhesive silicone paste, so you will be able to remove or replace your heatsink easily if needed.

Wide Range of Applications

electronic products, motherboard, motor, external pad and foot pad, electronic, appliances, high power LED lighting, Car machine, power devices, automotive electronic modules (engine scrubber) Power modules, high power power supplies, computer host (CPU, GPU, USICS, RDRAMTM, CD-ROM, IGPT module, hard drives) ,laptop and any electronic equipment needing to be filled with heat dissipation.

Wide operating temperature range: Qnplum QMG138 13.8 W/mK thermal adhesive pad has an operating temperature of -40Celsius to +200Celsius, making it compatible with a wide range of applications such as chipsets, laptops, GPU cards, and microcontroller units.


step 1

  • Wipe the surface of the cpu
  • Remove rust,dust and oil
  • Keep the contact surface with the thermal pad clean

step 2

  • Tear off the film on the back of the thermal pad
  • Place it flat on the chip

step 3

  • Gently peel off the film
  • Don't touch the surface

step 4

  • Install the radiator
  • Give the radiator a certain downward pressure
  • Avoid air bubbles, which will affect the thermal conductivity of the product
Size: 40*40*0.5mm 120*20*0.5mm 30*30*0.5mm 90x60x0.5mm 120x120x0.5mm 145×145×0.5mm
Thermal Conductivity: 13.8W/M-K 13.8W/M-K 13.8W/M-K 13.8W/M-K 3.0W/M-K 6.0W/M-K
Density: 3.3±0.1 3.3±0.1 3.3±0.1 3.3±0.1 3.5(g/cm³) 3.2 g/cm³
Hardness: 40-80(Sc) 40-80(Sc) 40-80(Sc) 40-80(Sc) 18-40(Sc) 25(Sc)

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