Lookin’ Good for the Holidays: The Best Ways to Improve Your Listings

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In this installment of Newegg’s 2019 holiday blog series, we will discuss valuable improvements sellers can make to their product listings and seller store as well as some best practices for establishing your brand on marketplaces.  

The first impression that customers have with a seller’s product is their marketplace listing and seller store. This area is where small improvements can create big results. Below, we have amassed top improvements that seller should be making before the Q4 rush.

Listings Search:

As a marketplace seller, you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of your product pages like site speed or mobile optimization. There are, however, some simple improvements sellers should implement to take their product listings to that next level of greatness. This priming of your listings starts by asking yourself, “Are my products easy to search?”
Key things sellers should focus on for optimization are product titles, keyword placement,  high-resolution images, and informative & descriptive bullet points. Once these best practices are in place, you will have a clean slate for accurately tracking the impact for all your upcoming holiday marketing promotions.
In this excellent example of proper content, we see clear and concise product listings and tagging which allows your customers to easily find their products within the marketplace, your Seller Store, and on search engines.

Listings Search Improvement Best Practices

Seller Store:

We have touched on this in past blogs, but because it’s such an important part of your business on Newegg.com and other marketplaces, it’s worth going into detail on how to optimize your seller store.
Because you worked so hard to perfect your products’ searchability with the tips above, it only makes sense to apply that same attention to detail in creating a store that properly showcases these products and your brand. By creating this destination for your customers, you are building brand loyalty and improving the odds that customers will increase their AOV with your products. The addition of professional look and feel content to your seller store such as eye-catching banners, videos, customer reviews, policies, and logos further aid buyers’ purchasing confidence and satisfaction.
Reach out to your account manager and learn how you (or us) can add these professional elements and enhance your seller store in time for the holiday rush.

Listings Homepage Improvement Best PracticesA+ Content:

So, now that you have ensured that customers can easily find your products through search and your seller store, are they going to be wowed with what they find? Having engaging content is a powerful marketing tool that can do a lot of heavy-lifting for sales. For sellers without their own design or web teams, Newegg offers A+ content services that include the creation of high-res imagery, informative videos and reviews, and tailored SEO optimization. All products can benefit from A+ content during this busy time, but for sellers looking to test the waters, we suggest creating content for only your biggest movers this holiday season.
In the image here we see seller content that is tailored to make customers want to learn more about the products and to engage with the brand. It lends massive credibility for customers to see this A+ content and to have desirable information easily accessible.

Listings A+ Content Improvement Best Practices

Video Content:

Seen above as part of A+ content, product videos featured in listings and seller stores is a proven driver of sales. 69% of consumers believe that explainer videos, product demos, and customer testimonials on product pages support their purchasing decision. For customers, product videos act as infotainment and increase confidence in making a purchase. At the end of the day, you may have written the Moby Dick equivalent of a product description, but we all know that your customers are much more likely to watch a quick demo video than to read your essay.

What’s Next??

Now that you have built this foundation of pristine product listings and a captivating seller store loaded with interesting content to house them, what’s next? If you have followed our holiday blog advice up to this point, then we feel that you are on track for improved holiday success on marketplaces. But the next installment will address an area that is notorious for being unpredictable and eating away at profit margins: Shipping + Returns. We’ll cover interesting industry stats as well as ways sellers can hedge their fulfillment expenses — all while growing customer satisfaction. In the meantime, reach out to our account team and get your listings and stores lookin’ good!