Newegg’s 2019 Holiday Promotion Calendar

This snapshot of Newegg’s 2019 holiday promotion calendar is designed to give sellers a quick peek into the campaigns and available advertising that we’ll be running this holiday season. Newegg sellers will find ample opportunity to promote their products within these campaigns tailored for their unique categories and customer base. Make it official and lock down your promotions today!

October Promotion Calendar:

“Gametober” is the place to be for all things gaming & more! Don’t miss the chance to showcase your brand and products to our growing community of gamers and deal-loving techies. Newegg will highlight specific brands on select days with their best-featured items. During this time, sellers have the opportunity to showcase their latest products, exclusives, and best deals front and center on the Newegg homepage!

Newegg October Holiday Promotion Calendar: Gametober

November Promotion Calendar:

Black November is a Newegg exclusive event that focuses on category-specific presales to capitalize upon the excitement leading up to Black Friday. This month-long campaign will deliver the best Black Friday-like deals for Newegg customers.

Newegg November Holiday Promotion Calendar: Black November

November Highlights: Black Friday e-Flyer

The Black Friday e-Flyer will be released to Newegg affiliate partners and the media by Friday 11/15,  featuring approximately 150+ deals, these items will be available and priced for the 2019 Black Friday week (Mon, 11/25 @12: 00 am – Sat 11/30). Newegg Account Managers are looking for the best deals for this eFlyer to engage the affiliate community and encourage deal hunters to shop at Newegg. Spots within this e-Flyer are always in high demand, so please make sure you’re a part of it!

Newegg November Holiday Promotion Calendar: Black November - Black Friday e-Flyer

December Promotion Calendar:

December starts off with a Cyber Monday event on Sunday 12/1, leading into Newegg’s Cyber Deals All-Week-Long campaign through the second week of the month. Mon, 12/9 will begin a 24 hour Green Monday Sale that will lead right into “Tech-the-Halls” promo, an all-inclusive gift-giving campaign. During this time Newegg will push expedited shipping promotions such as “Order Today & Get it by Christmas”. 2019 will wrap up with a “Happy  Holideals” promo, followed by a Year-End Clearance event.

Newegg December Holiday Promotion Calendar: Tech-the Halls

December Highlights: Green Monday

Green Monday is one of the top 5 online shopping events of the year. The event capitalizes on the psychology that shoppers may have missed great deals on Black  Friday or Cyber Monday and Green Monday acts as their last chance to get the ultimate bargain on an awesome holiday gift. The Green Monday Sponsorship opportunity is the perfect way for sellers to get incremental exposure during a top 5 online event. Don’t miss the last big online sale of the year so reserve early because spots go fast!

December Highlights: Holiday Gift Guide

This year’s holiday campaign will be one of the best tech gift guides ever! Newegg’s holiday theme for  2019 will be “Tech-the-Halls,” and we are looking for the most popular and most informative gift-giving items to feature. We are partnering with our state-of-the-art Newegg Studio to feature custom content and providing customers with the latest insights on the most popular items of the 2019 Holiday season! This guide is set to launch mid-November and runs all the way through December.

Featuring top items from PCs, Components, Connected Devices, Home & Office and Lifestyle, Newegg customers eagerly await our annual holiday gift guide to help guide them level-up their shopping experience. Whether they are buying for themselves or for others, narrowing down items by what’s trending and what’s hot is an invaluable tool for premier gift-givers.

Newegg Studio writers will build custom content for holiday gift guide products, providing consumers with in-depth details via articles or videos that highlight their holiday wish list items. Shoppers will also be able to shop our wide array of items from our “Shop All Deals”  store, located at the bottom of our Gift Guide.

Newegg December Holiday Promotion Calendar: Tech-the-Halls - Holiday Gift Guide

What’s Next??

Now that you have seen the concept of our Q4 promotions calendar, it’s time to get in on the action! Contact your account manager today and learn where your products can thrive.

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