Make-or-Break Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2019

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

There are few things more important to e-commerce sellers than ensuring their products arrive on time during the holiday season. This quick blog outlines some of the most important U.S. holiday shipping deadlines for sellers using Newegg fulfillment services as well as sellers utilizing USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Read up and memorize these dates by heart, because they may be the most critical 2019 dates to your business! 

Newegg Fulfillment Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Online commerce and fulfillment industries have grown hand-in-hand through the years and their reliance on dependable service and quality products has never been more significant. That’s why whether you’re utilizing Shipped by Newegg (SBN) or Shipping Label Service, Newegg recognizes how important adhering to holiday shipping deadlines can be.

2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Shipped by Seller Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Thanks to our partner Shipstation, we have this great snapshot of important December shipping deadlines. For a more detailed view, we suggest checking out USPS, FedEx, and UPS dates for specific cutoff periods that might impact your promotion dates. If you’re a Canadian seller, Shipstation also has you covered.

2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Tips on Meeting Your Holiday Shipping Deadlines

52% of customers say they want 2-day shipping, even if it costs more.

  • Expect surges of expedited orders two days prior to a major deadline.

76% of customers will pay extra for faster shipping when buying gifts, but only 41% when it’s for themselves.

  • This means December events (gift-giving holidays) will demand quicker shipping then November events (deal hunter holidays).

88% of consumers say they’re less likely to purchase from a brand after a bad shipping experience.

  • If you’re looking to grow your business (and who isn’t??) then it’s incredibly important to make your shipping policies transparent to customers and to work with solid and dependable shipping carriers.

What’s Next??

Keep checking back in to learn more insights and tips + tricks to help e-commerce and marketplace sellers maximize this holiday season. If you have any questions, or topics that you would like to see us write about, please reach out at the link below!