How A+ Content Wins Sales, Lowers Returns, and Maximizes SEO

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Think back to the last time you purchased online. It could have been days ago, but most likely it was mere hours. Chances are that you chose an item that featured useful product details, comparison charts, and eye-catching graphics. Why? Because products that feature A+ Content have an overwhelming advantage over non-A+ listings and they are proven to moves the needle for consumer buying behaviors.

This article will detail just what A+ content is, why it is so important for e-commerce sales and SEO, and the best practices for increased marketplace conversions.

What is A+ Content?

A+ Content is a rich product overview page that is full of detailed product specifications, engaging photography, FAQs, videos, product comparisons, and even animated product tours. Successful A+ Content will act as the answer to almost any question your customers could have about your products. Sellers can anticipate the questions that might hold a consumer back from a purchase and proactively answer them, as well as explaining clearly any benefits the product has. This customization allows sellers and manufacturers the ability to tell their product and brand story to a very particular audience – your customers. 

What's the benefit for marketplace sellers?

Higher conversion rates

On Newegg Marketplace, products that feature A+ Content see:

  • 757% more page views
  • 176% more cart additions 
  • 128% more revenue generated

Reduced returns

Returns are a costly and time-consuming part of a successful e-commerce business. And while no one — buyer or seller — wants to deal with them, utilizing A+ Content that answers potential questions can eliminate many common returns and can strengthen the bond between you and your customers, thus creating repeat business and loyalists. You can read more about ways to improve your returns process here.

Did you know? 

  • Electronics make up 25% of the most commonly returned items?

Better & more plentiful reviews

The more informed a consumer is, the better their purchase decisions will be, which leads to a happier customer experience which encourages leaving positive reviews.

Elevated SEO

With A+ Content, sellers are able to drastically increase the SEO value of their listings. This is because the content on a product page is what Google looks at to decide if the link should be on the first page. The type of content, and how high-quality it is, will decide if the link is positioned at the “top of the fold” (positions 1-3). Product-related search terms are how the user came to see your products on Google and is therefore extremely important to the search engines’ algorithm. This is why it is important to include as much relevant information/content about the product onto the page to help Google understand which is the better result. For more on SEO best practices, check out our blog: Five Key Principles of SEO to Rank Higher and Drive Customer Engagement.

Improved outcomes for PPC campaigns

Newegg Marketplace’s unique algorithm places significant value on quality A+ Content. Many e-commerce sites will just take the same bullet points or product descriptions from each other and not change anything. However, Newegg’s goal is to increase the SEO value and rank higher than competitors, and we do this by promoting high-quality content to the product page. If you are looking to promote your products through Newegg’s Sponsored Product Ads PPC campaigns, ensuring that you have A+ content will have a multiplying effect on the outcome of the campaign.

What happens next?

By now, you should be able to see how any product listing can benefit from the increase in marketplace and Google rankings, the decline in return rates, the increase in customer satisfaction and reviews, and finally, the boost in conversion rates that A+ content offers.  If you are looking to apply A+ Content to your listings, simply visit Seller Portal and view the easy step-by-step guide. If you have any questions, reach out to your Account Manager or contact us here at