What is the Best Online Marketplaces for Technology?

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Online marketplaces have become the most prevalent way to shop. They provide a convenient way to shop for all your products without ever having to step foot in their brick-and-mortar stores. These online marketplaces offer a multitude of items right at your fingertips with the capability of price comparisons from other online stores saving you money. You can also read customer reviews on products to ensure that it is the right fit and a reliable choice.

What Makes a Top eCommerce Marketplace Successful?

When you are looking to post your tech products on an online marketplace for sale, you want to browse all technology marketplaces to see which company offers you and your future clients the right level of service. You want and need an online marketplace that is reliable, constantly growing, and most importantly trustworthy. As a seller, you want to ensure that you’re choosing the right online marketplace to sell your products and be able to make a profit; however, you also need to ensure that your clients are satisfied as well. The happier the client is with customer service, easy navigation of the online inventory and the overall experience on their purchase, the more likely they will return to make future purchases. This, in return, benefits you as a seller.

The top technology marketplaces should always work for both the sellers and the potential clients. For the clients, they can do this by offering different deals, price matches, fast shipments, easy return policies and warranties on their products. As for the sellers, you want an online marketplace that offers most if not all of the following:

  • A multi-vendor marketplace with a variety of products that attract your target market
  • An easy checkout process for clients
  • A clear commission structure for their sellers
  • Assistance with inventory, purchases and shipments
  • Blogs and other information that keeps you up to date on the latest business news

The most successful online marketplaces will go above and beyond to guarantee a good relationship with all parties.

Newegg: An Online Marketplace for Tech

Newegg is a third-party seller and one of the top online marketplaces. They offer an excellent online inventory for tech lovers with a wide variety of brands to choose from and other products like automotive gear, apparel and more. Each brand they carry have different items available for all different needs of their clients. You can easily start selling your products with Newegg's Online Marketplace by simply visiting their Newegg sellers page and applying. During the application, you will talk about your company, what you do and the products you will be selling. You can then start listing, selling and promoting your products online with the option to ship your items yourself or have Newegg process your shipments for you. As your products start selling, you will receive weekly payments from Newegg.

Choose your Membership

Newegg offers competitive pricing and different membership bundles depending on the needs of its sellers. They usually have three different packages available: The Elite, Professional and Enterprise. You can view all available packages and get detailed information about each one by visiting their sellers page. You can also view all commission rates for each product category and get other helpful information to help you make your decision.

Seller Perks

Newegg's eCommerce Marketplaces for Tech offer great rewards and perks for all their online sellers. Once you choose a membership level and become a seller, your products can reach more than 40 million potential customers. Additional perks as a seller often include the following:

  • Global Expansion - Allows your products to be sold to customers in 20 different counties.
  • Post Purchase Emails - Emails will be sent out to your previous customers with different offers or newly listed products.
  • Logistics and Customer Service - Newegg handles all customer inquires which save you time and money.
  • Discounted Fulfillment Service - Newegg will handle all your inventory, packaging and shipments. 
  • Customized Marketing - Your products will be represented by your brand's voice and customized to your satisfaction. 
  • Enhanced Seller Stores - This perk is offered to Newegg's Premium Seller Store. They will customize your landing page with your top products, create banners and videos to promote your items.

As one of the top online tech shopping sites, they truly do take care of both their clients and sellers.

For any and all tech needs, Newegg is definitely a great eCommerce marketplace for all your tech supplies. Browse their website to view a list of products they sell and the large assortment of brands they carry, such as DELL, SAMSUNG, Logitech, Western Digital, SkyTech and Acer America, just to name a few.

You can visit the Newegg sellers' website to view more details about programs that fit your business model and selling needs.