The Newegg Premier Seller program is a membership program developed to give sellers premium access to our most loyal and active customer base. Additionally, you can take advantage of numerous value-add operational services with little cost allowing you to scale your business quickly. For those who qualify, the Premier Seller Program offers a variety of benefits designed to maximize sales, and leverage our infrastructure.


Increase exposure on your products with exclusive Premier eligible marketing opportunities such as e-blasts and homepage promotions.
Improve your overall operation’s performance, product exposure, seller rating, and customer satisfaction.
Enhance your qualifying product listing with the distinctive “Premier” badge, indicating you are a trusted seller.
Capitalize on Premier members whose average order value and number of items per order is at least 50% higher compared to non-Premier members.
Leverage our robust logistics programs at a discounted rate, saving you time and money.


Maintain high customer satisfaction with 4 egg ratings or higher.
Secure and keep up 100% in-stock inventory.
Ship 90% of orders within 24 hours.
Ship 100% of orders within 48 hours.
Possess high quality content for product listings.
Product restrictions may apply. **

Product weight must be less than or equal to 25lbs. Product volume must be less than or equal to 4840in3. Length and girth must be less than or equal to 130in. Non-eligible for Premier are hazardous products (HAZMAT) and products requiring only ground shipping as the shipping method. Newegg Marketplace reserves the right to revoke a seller’s Premier program eligibility and/or charge the seller for any additional costs incurred due to a product shipment whereby inaccurate product information was provided.

Program Details

Shipping Order Amount Shipping Co-Op Fee
First Package1 Additional Package(s)
Newegg Premier 3 Day Less than or equal to $300.00 $2.00 Standard Newegg Shipping Charge2
Greater than $300.00 $0.00
Newegg Premier 2 Day All 50% of Standard Newegg Shipping Charge
Newegg Premier Next Day
  1. The First Package is the package with the lowest shipping cost, visible when shipping label is created. Seller Portal will reflect the actual shipping charge of $2.00 within the Payment Report.
  2. The Standard Newegg Shipping Charge is based on the contracted rate between Newegg and carriers.