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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster - Xbox One

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  • Updated and reconstructed visuals to be far more realistic and richly textured vs the original game
  • Upgraded models for each character, graphical updates for a more immersive environment, Xbox One Exclusive Achievements
  • Estimated Gameplay Hours: 40-50 per title
  • Sound - Players will be able to choose between original sound and the new, re-arranged sound
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster
Final Fantasy X
In ages past, the world of Spira experienced a golden age of perfection, brought about by an advanced civilization through the use of wondrous machinery called machina.

Houwever, around one thousand years before the present day, a colossal menace known only as "Sin" appeared and sundered all before it. Though a line of summoners have since brought Sin low many times, it inevitably returns in an unending cycle of destruction. In the face of this ever-pervasive threat, the people of Spira flocked to the teachings of Yevon, which tell that Sin is a punishment to those who relied overly on machina.

Tidus is a young Blitzball star that mysteriously finds himself in Spira after his home city of Zanarkand is destroyed by Sin one thousand years in the past. Believing Sin to be the key to returning home, Tidus joins a young summoner named Yuna on her pilgrimage to destroy Sin and bring about the Calm.

Final Fantasy X-2
Two years have passed since Sin was destroyed. Since her victory and becoming a high summoner, Yuna has lived on her childhood home of Besaid Island. Then one day, Rikku comes to Besaid and shows Yuna a sphere. The recording is of him. Or is it?

Yuna can't tell whether it's him or just someone who looks like him. If it is him, Yuna might be able to see him one more time. No matter what the truth may be, the answers she finds may change things forever.


An island in the southern seas famed for its beautiful weaving and temples, as well as for being home to the Besaid Aurochs, the weakest Blitzball team in all of Spira. The island has a visually gorgeous landscape, with the majority of its landmass taken up by mountainous regions. An abundance of exotic tropical trees and flowers grow from the cliff faces, while the peaks are threaded through by a myriad of waterfalls both large and small. Besaid Village looks out over the endless cobalt blue ocean from the highest point on the island, and its inhabitants live out a simple, rustic existence centred on the villageís temple.

Some villagers fish in the local waters from small boats, while more than a few others leave the island for long periods of the year to fish on faraway seas. There is a long-standing local tradition that those setting out on a voyage from the island, will go to the ruins by the mountain pass to pray for a safe journey.

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