Ink & Toner Finder

The Ink & Toner Finder on makes the complex task of finding the right cartridge for your home or office printer much easier. Don’t spend time searching through manuals for hidden information. Just get your printer’s make and model!

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How do I use this tool?

The ink and toner finder can help you locate compatible cartridges with only three criteria:

  1. Manufacturer/brand.
  2. Product line.
  3. Printer model.

All of these can be easily found either in your owner’s manual or by looking at the make and model labels on the printer.

What is the shelf life of a printer cartridge?

Generally, most ink cartridges have a shelf life of two years.

What color options are available?

The primary color cartridges are black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Each brand ( HP, Epson, Brother, and others) has its own array of color options offered.

Keep in mind that all color options vary based on your printer’s model and function.

What is the difference between genuine and aftermarket ink or toner?

Genuine (aka OEM or original equipment manufacturer) cartridges are designed by the printer’s manufacturer and made specifically for the printer. Aftermarket cartridges are not created by the manufacturer and can be made to fit multiple printer models.

What cartridge does my printer use?

This depends on the make, model, and age of your printer. Using our Ink and Toner Finder helps you get a list of all available options.

What is printer toner vs ink?

Printer ink is a dye-colored liquid within ink cartridges and is used by inkjet printers whereas printer toner is a powdery material within toner cartridges and used by laser printers to print documents.

How do I change my printer cartridge?

To answer this question, we recommend that you consult your owner’s manual.

How can I check the ink or toner levels on my printer?

The best way to know your printer’s ink or toner levels are to use the manufacturer’s software on your computer. This program will report the level of your ink or toner. Also, these programs typically notify you when your ink or toner is getting low.