Montaque Hou


Montaque Hou

Mr. Montaque Hou joined Newegg in 2007 and in 2016 was promoted to the Chief Technical Officer. In this role, he is responsible for all technical aspects of the Newegg shopping experience, including the website, mobile app and other touchpoints. Mr. Hou’s global technology team, of more than 500 Engineers, designs, develops and deploys the technology that underpins site design, customer service, Newegg’s marketplace, resource planning, logistics and inventory management of more than 100M unique SKUs.

The technical development under Mr. Hou’s direction infuses the latest data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the shopping experience with search personalization and product recommendations, as well as safeguards that deter fraudulent activity and eliminate counterfeit product listings on Newegg’s marketplace.

Under Mr. Hou’s stewardship, Newegg built and maintains its reputation of pioneering new e-commerce user experiences through customer-driven innovations, personalizing the shopping experience to deliver an intuitive, rewarding shopping experience. Newegg recently became the first major e-commerce Company to offer a native Dark Mode, further cementing the Company’s position as a leading e-commerce innovator.

Prior to Mr. Hou’s tenure as CTO, he held various technical positions at Newegg, including Chief Architecture Engineer, Director of Technology Strategy and Solution Architect.

Mr. Hou holds a Master of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry from Tongji University in Shanghai.