Its Ok2/23/2010 12:49:46 PM

Pros: Plays a lot of formats! Using this device is easier than burning everything to DVD. Really slick looking box, looks nice on top of tv or in entertainment center. It comes with a HDMI cable! I guess you could say that the remote is of "normal" size compared to other media players like WDTV. Its no too small and fits good in your hand. Reads NTFS

Cons: The interface is kinda clunky. Some MKVs would stutter or lose color for a minute or two.

Overall Review: I purchased this for my dad, so he could watch all the bluray rips that I have, but later we both decided it would be best just to return this item. I would recommend this if you want all your media at the click of a remote, but don't want to spend the money on a HTPC, but by far HTPCs are far more superior in style and performance.

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pretty cool11/5/2009 5:22:45 PM

Pros: The remote is pretty small, but some may find this as a con. It fits in my hand well and the layout is okay. I worked right out the box for Windows 7 Media Center. Navigating around was easily done as the remote is pretty responsive. Item comes with a USB extension cable which is pretty nice but it is short.

Cons: the navigation buttons could be a little bigger. wish the usb cable was longer maybe like 6ft.

Overall Review: overall good product. you'll enjoy it.

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works ok for me10/17/2009 3:33:47 AM

Pros: Did cut back on some noise. I used this for a Cooler Master Centurion 534 and 1 pack had enough material to fully cover the inside. Makes the inside look nice.

Cons: kinda wish it was a little thicker maybe.

Overall Review: be sure to leave a 1 inch space at the very back of your side panel to be able to fit it back on the case :-) Installation and trimming do take awhile so be patient people. put some music on.

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slick10/17/2009 3:27:59 AM

Pros: Mouse has a simple nice look. no crazy designs here. Fits my hand great and buttons seem durable. Has a thin cord of a good enough length. The scroll wheel button isn't too sensitive, so no more accidental clicks when i scroll down or up in web pages.

Cons: Kinda wish the Back and Forward buttons where the other way around. I tend to hit forward when trying to go back..

Overall Review: bought this to replace a mouse with a dying right click. Happy i did. Wired over wireless any day.

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1 good 1 bad?9/30/2009 7:36:46 AM

Pros: I purchased 2 of these to replace 2 stock case fans in my Coolermaster Centurion 534. They are louder at 100% compared to the stock fans, except these fans actually move air. My CPU (E8400) temps dropped 9*C and my GPU (EVGA 9800GT) dropped about 4*C but it still can fry an egg. The design of the fans is awesome semi-transparent and no dorky lights. True Beauty.

Cons: Out of the 2 I purchased 1 seems to be having trouble. If i should decrease the fan speed to anything lower than 100% I end up with a sort of pulsing winding sound. So if i set the fan to 99% it sounds like its dying...

Overall Review: Stop with the blue LED fans... buy these :-)

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very cool7/20/2009 11:38:52 PM

Pros: Very unique design! I planned on building my sister a pc as a surprise gift for her birthday and this case really caught my eye. It's not the same design you see at your local retailer. very different especially with the vertical position of the optical drive. The case is light weight and smaller than your average mid tower, but for me there was enough room to work in because of the location of the optical drive. It comes with studs already installed for you, so i guess that saves you 5 secs on your build :-). lots of screws are included even some more studs just in case. Mounted micro ATX board with ease.

Cons: Due to the position of the the DVDrw drive it has trouble closing the tray all the way. The face of the tray binds on the faceplate. I'm thinking about taking off the faceplate since all you really see is mostly the tray itself. not too bad of a con.

Overall Review: The buttons seem kinds of "toyish" but its not that bad. kind of goes with the design of the case I'm guessing.

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its cool7/15/2009 9:03:21 PM

Pros: the game is fun especially with the added "WW2 German Soldier" Zombies maps. nice selection of guns. the rifles are probably the best out of all. tanks are great fun in multiplayer if not abused. lots of servers to play in. the Dogs i feel are better than COD4's helicopter attacks. no more running in building to be safe. they hop over walls and sniff you out haha.

Cons: nothing really new since COD4. same perks pretty much. graphics seem to be kind of the same i cant really tell, but its not that bad i guess.

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niiice7/15/2009 3:36:50 PM

Pros: I bought this card to replace an EVGA 8600GTS and the price of this card really helped with my purchase. paid $80 less for this than i did for the 8600GTS. My score in 3dMark06 went from the 5600s to the 11,600s. The temps while idle are about the same as my 8600GTS that i replaced, but that might be due air flow in case. Sort of ghetto rigged a 80mm fan in the front of case and temps dropped alittle.. will add 120mm later to see how much that helps (gotta find one laying around haha) The design of the card is great too! very basic, professional looking. I don't really like the "young girl in a bikini fighting a dragon with a gun the size of a truck" graphics that you see on most cards today. Sleek black that's all i need. comes with free game. already had it buy ehh ill give it to a friend. card can transfer audio. see other thoughts.

Cons: huh what? nothing.

Overall Review: New egg doesn't state it, but this card actually comes with an SPDIF connection to transfer audio through the DVI ports. its the 2pin white port next to the sli connector. You can get the SPDIF cable along with the DVItoHDMI adapter directly from EVGA. Also, new egg says you need atleast 26Amps on +12v, but the box says you only need 18Amps. I'm thinking of buying another for SLI.

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Its works for me5/16/2009 4:03:17 AM

Pros: Windows vista does look nice. A lot of prople would Agree. For me it was easy to make the jump from XP to vista. Wasnt that hard. I havnt got any bluescreens or anything. In fact i havnt gotten a blue screen in years with any version of windows. Anyways, 64bit just flys on my comp. Boots fast with my older hardware and boots faster with my newer hardware. I did disable a few features to inscrease speeds. things like media center services and such. If you dont use it disable it people.

Cons: I guueesss it does use a lot of ram. while idle i use about 1.2GBs so if you have 2gigs and all you do it browse the web you should be fine... If you want to play games or run resource intensive apps then why not just get 4 gigs. most people have 4gigs of memory for their XP machines anyways.... You don't put regular unleaded in your fancy sports car do you? The network setup has changed a bit, not to hard to re-learn, but it seems as if Vista shared folders are invisible to Macs. A friend of mine has a MacBook Pro and is unable to see my shared folders. meh oh well. :-)

Overall Review: As far as programs go, about 99.9% of the software i use still works on Vista x64. I did have a driver issue with my video card, but 1 update later and I havnt had a problem since. not Vistas fault, but nvidias. I even play Roller Coaster Tycoon (yes the first one) and it works fine no problems what so ever. Even Codecs for x86 windows work in Vista x64. I really don't know why people are crying so much.... Older setup: XFX 680i LT Intel Pentium D 3.0GHz 2GB DDR2 800 EVGA 8600GTS 80GB Hitachi IDE Newer Setup XFX 680i LT Intel Cor2Duo 3.0GHz E8400 6GB DDR2 800 EVGA 8600GTS 500GB Hitachi SATAII

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Sweeeet5/7/2009 1:59:16 AM

Pros: Used this to replace a 3.0ghz Pentium D(which i used to fry bacon on in the morning) and the performance jump was amazing.. Booting up and application load times have decreased to a point where i like to open apps just for the heck of it :-). Runs about 30C to 44C while idle and it stays around 46 to 52C when maxed and that's with stock cooler.

Cons: none really.

Overall Review: Some people may find the stock cooler to be annoying with its push pins, but hey it gets the job done... I was testing out my system fans to see where a noise was coming from after testing the cpu cooler i forgot to plug it back in. I've been using my pc for 2 days till i noticed the fan wasnt spinning... was curious to what the temp was for the cpu and it was 55C while idle... cool huh? BUY IT ALREADY.

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nice4/2/2009 12:06:29 PM

Pros: The price for this 15ft cable is unbeatable. You wont find that steal are you're local retailer. Cable is pretty thick and doesn't feel cheap. plenty of length to connect my PC to my HDTV

Cons: none it does its job.

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Nice12/10/2008 2:48:18 PM

Pros: This case is very clean and low profile. Looks awesome on my TV stand. Matches well with TV and speakers. Beautiful brushed finish on front. The door is easy to open and feels solid. I like how the door covers the drive bays and front ports. That's the main reason i purchased this case.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Fast shipping! high five for newegg!

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Vroooom9/17/2008 2:29:45 PM

Pros: awesome graphics! gameplay is fast and vehicle movement is close to the real thing. lots of cars and liveries to optain and nice track design based off real world tracks. be sure to listen to your co-driver haha or you may find your self missing a wheel or two on the side of the road.

Cons: kinda need a really good system to run it. i would have liked to seen more tracks because when it championship mode you seem to race mostly the same tracks as you level up in piers. would of been awesome if there was open terrain for the buggys and trophy trucks :-) Alot of things such as tire and vehicle parts tend to get in the way if driven into. instead of going over them your vehicle would either push it or get hung up on it and slow you down. i dont see why a truck can run over a tire..... haha but thats just a small con.

Overall Review: vehicles teleport when rolled over or go to far off the track. i found that to kinda cheapen the experience of the game, but i guess it better than crashing and starting the entire track over right?

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nice case8/14/2008 3:00:01 AM

Pros: The looks of this case are pretty good. Not to loud for the eyes. I guess you can sum it up as basic with a little flare. The front vent lights look great and are true blue in color. I've seen my share of "blue" lights before that appear purple, but not with this one. I feel as the amount of drive bays fits my need and the amount of space to work inside is adequate.

Cons: When I took this case out of the box i noticed the reset button was missing. Yeah i was pretty unhappy with that but i ended up finding in side the plastic bag the case was packaged in. With a little push and a twist of my index finger it was back in business. Not really a con, but it kind of bugged me due to the fact that I didn't want to ship it back just for such a small thing and I didn't want to keep it because it wasn't 99.999% complete. :-)

Overall Review: The vents tend to get dirty, but you know that's gonna happen. Not hard to clean at all.

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love it, buuuuuut.....1/31/2008 3:44:48 PM

Pros: The enclosure is beautiful. nice matte black finish. The blue light tells you the drive is on and it doubles as a red light so you know when the HDD is doing its thing. You'll see both light lit at once, so when writing it looks like a disco party in your enclosure. The stand seems very stable its actually attached to the bottom of the enclosure by 4 scews, unlike some drives I've seen. Assembly was a breeze. All screws are included with this item.

Cons: The sata ports on the enclosure seem to be a bit loose. While connected to my pc the drive would disappear randomly only to reappear after wiggling the sata cable. A pain when you're trying to format. I finally was able to on my 5th try. :-). After that things were working fine till it lost connection while copying data. Had a feeling something was gonna happen when the blue light was off and it was solid red. I'll double check inside connections before considering a return.

Overall Review: They could of included an eSata pci bracket, had to go buy one :(. Sata cable seems just fine for length, but may be a contributer to the problem stated above. I havnt used the USB interface yet, so I'll see how that works out. Would of loved to give it a 5...

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