Nice laptop9/22/2015 9:09:32 AM

Pros: Nice texture, quick hardware, good image quality on the screen, running Ubuntu well. Light weight, don't know about battery life yet. Keyboard backlight will be good at night, works well enough to allow typing in total darkness. We have an older Acer Aspire which is at least 4 or 5 years old, has travelled quite a bit, still in very good shape, running photo editing tools, Internet connectivity, etc. Expect this machine to do as well.

Cons: Had to experiment with UEFI / Bios settings to get Ubuntu installed. Linux needs to be installed after you go into the boot settings and turn UEFI off if you aren't going to dual boot some flavor of windows. I'm not planning to run any windows, so I didn't try any other install settings. Wireless driver not installed out of the box, using ethernet cable for now, hoping that won't be an issue.

Overall Review: No surprises on the Ubuntu install or the wireless driver lack, pretty normal for laptops. Acer seems to be high quality build, good keyboard feel, backlight under keyboard allows operation in the dark.

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