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Shipping label created but not shipped for 5 days9/14/2018 2:27:35 PM

Pros: Printer battery works as advertised, but must be assembled into battery accessory case. Two cases provided, one for another product model to be discarded if not needed. Neither case was marked but one was half the size needed for my ip100 so it was a no brainer. Took about 4 hrs to charge completely, but makes the printer truly portable. They did provide a storage clip for the access panel that must be removed from the printer to allow the battery pins to mate to the printer body.

Cons: BidDeal used USPS for shipping. It sat for 5 days before tracking info showed USPS pick up. I was concerned it would not be shipped. Then, 2 days before it arrived (9/11), I got several notices it was in transit and finally an expected delivery date. Total days between order (9/5) and delivery (9/13) took 7 days, which was Standard shipping. Thankfully it was Free Shipping, so I guess I should not complain, but it would have been nice to know it was on its way at least by the second day.

Overall Review: When plugged in, one red LED blinked to indicate charging. Red is a poor choice... thought it was a problem alert until I checked the instructions. Instructions appeared to indicate multiple LED indicators. Took over 4 hrs to completely charge, then went silent. I disconnected the printer power cord and turned on the printer and only then got a battery green LED to indicate it was charged. Still only one LED (green). This is not clear in the instructions. The battery instruction booklet had about 6 pages of English set up instructions and over 100 foreign language instructions.... what a waste of paper.

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Refurb like new, but no case9/9/2018 6:40:37 PM

Pros: Delivered within 5 days (free shipping), boxed as if new product, along with charging cable, not a blemish anywhere. Setup was easy and installed with iOS 9. A good introduction into the iPad world for a small investment. I am 75 and haven't had an Apple product since the IIGS I bought about 20 or more years ago. Easy to use since I have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone... a lot of similarities in functions, but no cell phone. Guess I can set up a VoIP phone if I get desperate.

Cons: Like another reviewer, case shown on product page but not sent. I am a totally new iPad owner, so Setup was a little clumsy. No quick setup guide provided. Fortunately, I own a Surface, so it was not too hard to figure out how to turn the iPad on. Spent the longest time trying to correct my error in establishing my AppleID. Have yet to figure out why emails do not download. Found out this product out of production for over 4 years, and MANY for sale online for competitive pricing. No more versions of iOS supported beyond IOS 9. Can be a little slow responding to input at times. Impatience is rewarded with no response.

Overall Review: Only two ports, one a 30 pin charging port, the other a 3.5mm headphone jack. Charging cable terminates with USB connector, so you can disconnect the charger and plug into USB (2.0) port of PC or other device. Wi-Fi only means no cellular (found out this option had to be specified from factory) but still has Bluetooth. Many options for iPads referenced in info files do not apply to this iPad version... IOW can be a steep learning curve.

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Wrong PC shipped8/4/2018 9:14:48 AM

Pros: Got the tower product, opened it up and installed Windows 10 Pro easily. Room for expansion... tool-less HDD spare cradle provided, 3.5 in front loadable HDD slots, 3 fans (PSU, CPU, case) - good airflow. 4 SATA ports - 1 SATA 2, 1 e-SATA, and 2 SATA3. Looks like an added external port, but too busy to check it out.

Cons: EPC substituted a SFF instead of the tower model I ordered. I contacted EPC immediately and they issued an RMA label which I was able to put on the box that just arrived and dropped it off at a UPS store the same day. I sent them the tracking number as proof of return, and they shipped me the tower I wanted. It arrived 2 days later, but I had paid for expedited shipping as I was concerned the package would not arrive before I had to leave my remote site. However, I got it in time.

Overall Review: Wish EPC would manage order shipments better. New Dell KB, used Dell mouse, both USB. WD Blue 500Gb HDD. 8GB RAM. Core i5-3470@3.2GHz. Windows 10 Pro updated to ver 1803. HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH82N optical drive (CD/ROM). S/W had numerous bloatware games that I uninstalled, but did appreciate LibreOffice 5.4. Overall, I like this product. I also have a Lenovo M82 that I have used for a year and a half. It locks up randomly but seldom. Bought it new with warranty... Lenovo support just sent me a new HDD to resolve my complaint, but that requires new installation. Too much hassle, little effort to really help.

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OSD awkward5/10/2015 4:14:02 PM

Pros: Small budget, good performance, bright. Has 100mm spacing wall mount in addition to x-style stand. Power Pin has right angle connection allowing cable adjustment to down position. Both VGA and DVI cables included. No dead pixels. Edge to edge display with no distortion. Factory 3 yr limited warranty. Included CD has both Quick and Full Manual plus link to registration/ website.

Cons: OSD is under bottom of screen. Need a mirror to see which button is for what function. Confusing to work it by braille. Manual little help. Fortunately I have Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. Powered by brick to 5vDC plug. Brick requires proprietary 120vAC cord. Display cable ports are all straight out, not down. May be an issue for wall mounts.

Overall Review: Default setting for brilliance is washout bright. I set mine to eco mode and auto dim. This G6 series 24 inch model not shown on Acer website, so don't discard the CD. Note s/n on back before hookup or find it on shipping box. Also displays when OSD info option selected. Use a magnifying lens and make sure there is plenty of ink in your pen, its a long number and its NOT the SNID.

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DOA5/8/2015 5:16:56 PM

Pros: Handheld OBDII scanner, good for vehicles 1996 and later (if it works).

Cons: mine DOA. Don't waste your money on this obsolete product. The Autel website has no reference to it at all. Buy one that is supported if you want assistance.

Overall Review: Once plugged in, it is powered by the vehicle's battery. Unfortunately mine just glowed with a blank screen. Waited too late to try to use it and the ability to return it was gone. Glad I didn't pay much for it.

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Not reliable beyond warranty3/26/2015 2:25:04 PM

Pros: Nice view... until it quits

Cons: Expect ASUS monitors to barely outlast the warranty period.

Overall Review: I bought 3 ASUS monitors over the last 5 years. One failed 3 months after its 3 year warranty expired and another failed approx. 1 year beyond the warranty. The third I bought used to replace the first one after sending in my dead unit to ASUS for repair. ASUS wanted as much to repair it as a new one would cost, so I picked up a used one on (net auction) for about $40. I have CRTs that have lasted for over 20 years.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Burned by ASUS, In behalf of ASUS, I want to thank you for your effort posting this review. I understand that you have problems encountered with the warranty period. I want to apologize as well for the inconvenience this issue have caused you. I know that your disappointed with the unit. It's unfortunate if you think the "Product" is a huge disappointment. On the contrary, there are lots of very satisfied customers that are having positive experience using the product. I just want to tell you that all ASUS products undergo intensive quality control testing and inspections, these are isolated cases. ASUS provides warranty for the laptop in order to fix or repair any isolated factory escape defect. I want to help you with this issue, kindly email it at and put case # N150390777 in the subject line for your reference. ASUS Customer Loyalty is dedicated in helping you and all other ASUS customers. Thank you for choosing ASUS. Regards, Ana ASUS Customer Loyalty
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Perfect for small office3/30/2013 3:24:32 PM

Pros: Good looks, good quality, good sound, loaded with features. With a few button pushes, you can find the IP address, retrieve call history, etc.

Cons: LED screen a little hard to read at some angles. Not all icons on buttons completely intuitive. Takes getting used to. Wish POE adapter came with unit... didn't order one at the time phone purchased. This means having to place the phone close to a 120VAC power plug.

Overall Review: Configuration utility easy to work with.

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Quality VoIP device3/30/2013 3:12:44 PM

Pros: Config utility has ability to save file and restore. Great if you need to roll back. (Just don't forget your password if you change it like I did :) ) With built-in router, you can set up LAN IP inside gateway router to easily reach config page.

Cons: Firmware most likely will need upgrade on delivery. Must be done in steps to get latest... ck Cisco readme faq. Cisco site is a bear to navigate! Look for this device under Small Business Comm. I recommend upgrade to latest fw before provisioning. (Most ITSPs will not do this... u gotta do it.)

Overall Review: l had a little difficulty getting my ITSP to provision this phone since it was a 3rd party purchase. Finally got a tech to spoof the s/n for one of their stocked units so that provisioning could be auto'd. I put this device on my LAN and can now use analog fax with analog phone, in additon to my IP phone. Uses same Dial Plan on both digital subscriber lines.

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3rd update12/25/2012 9:57:16 AM

Pros: Good resolution.... actually great, considering the low cost. Good tech support... got to know tech on first-name basis! Am adding an egg due to recognition of operator error, but leaving one off for poor instructions in manual.

Cons: Until you have used this camera for a while, expect to call tech support a few times. This really is not so much a con as it is a reflection of the complexity of its features. It is loaded! You get a lot for your money. I have yet to be able to get it to communicate with my NAS. This is my challenge, not attributable to the camera, except a little more instructional help would be appreciated.

Overall Review: First, my previous report of the camera "locking up" was inaccurate. I did set it to email me alerts and got hundreds a day because I didn't realize an overhead paddle fan (out of view of the video) was triggering motion detection by the camera. (Smartbot is trumped by the PIR feature of the camera.) However, the reason I couldn't reset the camera was due to DHCP... the wireless address needed to be reserved in the router settings. Once lost, I had to be onsite to reset it. I use this camera in a remote location 1200 miles away. Expensive lesson. However, since I bought a second camera in anticipation of replacing a defective unit, I now have two good working cameras and considering a third.

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Update6/4/2012 10:33:10 AM

Pros: HD picture is sharp! (up to) 720p. Cost is incomparable to competitors, especially NewEgg's Memorial Day Sale. Loaded with features. The second biggest feature of course, is the "Smart" surveillance software, allowing the choice of People recognition, versus any object movement.

Cons: Most people will not use any where near all the features this camera has. I still will not give it more than 3 eggs until I find out if my previously installed (and locked up) camera is defective or my fault on incorrect settings.

Overall Review: I just got my replacement SmartBot, opened the box and had it running in about 10 minutes. (It helps to have gone through this once or twice before.) Also, finally found the manual to the camera! It is on the Asante website/support/either downloads or Manuals. Choose "Voyager I" NOT Voyager SmartBot and "User Manual". The manual for SmartBot is for the surveillance software only.... the manual for the camera is labeled "Voyager I"...User manual. Now that I have time to play around with the IR feature, I find that using "manual" rather than "Auto" (Day/Night), I can get all the IR LEDs to light up and extend night vision to over 5 meters. Since the camera defaults to "Auto" intially, you will not see the DAY - NIGHT boxes under the Alert box unless you change the SETTINGS to manual. When you select NIGHT, all the LEDs light up when you adjust the Brightness to 100%. As you view the scene, you go from black to night vision, just as you would expect.

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Retraction5/25/2012 8:53:14 PM

Pros: One (if not the only) few HD cameras in this price range. (720p they say). 1.3 Megapixels makes for good resolution. Excellent support... emails replied quickly, calls answered quickly. Even the VP of sales got involved in trying to help me with my issues. As one reviewer noted: Mastering IP camera setup and configuration is inherently difficult, even for a camera like this that is designed to be user friendly. LOTS of video tutorials on the surveillance (SmartBot) software. The flip side is that there is NO documentation for the camera s/w other than a few "Help" notes. It is thought that the default camera settings would work for most people.

Cons: See my issues previous. Documentation of Voyager camera features not available in consumer packaging. However, it is available (sheet by sheet) from support. They are good about responding if you ask for it. If you don't ask, you will not be able to figure out what the settings mean.

Overall Review: It has been brought to my attention that the SmartBot s/w that is provided from VitaminD sells for $49 (2 cams) or $199 (unlimited cams) separately. The fact that this s/w is integrated and bundled makes this a good value. Also, the motion detection in SmartBot options allow for PEOPLE discernment. That way, you can sort through a lot of video quickly if you want to just look at stored images involving PEOPLE. Saves a lot of time. Please note that the camera motion detection is PIR, and the settings for it are not the same as the SmartBot s/w. You can run either or both (according to Asante). Bottom line: I just bought another to see if my issues are due to a defective camera. After swapping mine out with the new one, I will make another review. I am assured Asante will stand by their warranty.

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I give up5/18/2012 10:37:52 AM

Pros: Good resolution IP camera, low price.

Cons: Using HD setting makes camera work so hard that if other task features are added it will lock up and you won't be able to access it from the web. This requires a manual re-boot, so remote site must be within driving range or airline tickets will break your bank.

Overall Review: Asante took an off-the-shelf motion detection software (VitaminD) and slapped in onto their camera package which has it's own motion detection in firmware. The two fight each other like kids in a school yard. Putting the camera on a router allows direct connection to the web, and installing the SmartBot s/w means you have to go through your PC to get to the camera. This takes extra bandwidth and higher video memory to process. Of course, you can attach the camera to the PC, but I think you will need to have a really fast broadband connection, a fast video card, and lots of video RAM. Even if you only use the camera firmware settings and not use the SmartBot s/w, you will have trouble at HD with motion. My suggestion.... don't use the Asante motion detection, use the SmartBot motion detection. As a matter of fact, use very little of the Asante firmware settings unless you set the camera at VGA.

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more info4/24/2012 9:58:53 PM

Pros: HD camera at nominal price ($110 NewEgg) beats most other competitors (not many with HD specs!) A number of video tutorials.

Cons: User instructions not the easiest to understand. (Foreign manufacturer.) Leaves a lot out.... e.g. Smartbot is the recording software.... the actual camera software is Voyager Advanced settings or whatever.

Overall Review: Another reviewer mentioned the Smartbot software is actually Vitamind.... indeed, if you go to their website you will find the exact same software for free, and available on quite a few cameras. They even have a list of work-arounds for the cameras that do not have preset settings. The value of this camera is therefore not in the Smartbot software, but the HD camera itself.

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updated comments4/24/2012 9:17:43 PM

Pros: Direct image from camera is HD... nice!

Cons: Software explanation jumps to technical details and omits some useful broad concepts. It would have been very helpful to explain that Asante Smartbot is their security software which you can access from your desktop. The name of the camera is Voyager I and the camera software is accessed through a browser (default name Megapixel IR IPCAM), which they call the camera web page. You can have both running simultaneously. The IPCAM s/w allows you to manage the camera settings, and the SMartbot s/w allows you to customize motion triggers, areas, email, ftp, etc. There is some redundancy of these settings in the IPCAM s/w.... why they did this is nothing but confusing, and yet you can't make changes to the camera settings directly from Smartbot.

Overall Review: I finally got my camera to work wirelessly. After noticing it dropped frequently, decided to upgrade firmware (wired conx) to latest 2.11 and that seemed to do the trick. Next, I tried to customize the camera features, only to find that it won't work with IE9/64bit.... have to use 32bit browser. Found out I couldn't make changes on some settings features by direct access to remote LAN address, therefore must log into remote PC, then go to LAN camera address. If you don't have remote access software, you're outa luck. Remote connection directly to camera URL over net (external streaming), picture is HD.... really nice. But using Asante Smartbot, the picture is lousy. Also, with Smartbot, even though I selected specific areas on the display to monitor motion, an overhead ceiling fan out of view triggers the motion alert, making the remote alert feature useless. Able to get software to email me on alerts, but unable to get FTP to work, and haven't tried to access on my sma

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Fair camera, good software4/3/2012 9:04:21 AM

Pros: Works well out of the box.

Cons: Does not work with 64bit browser

Overall Review: Bought this several months ago to install at a remote site. Didn't realize my cable modem at the remote site had only one ethernet port, so had to delay install until next visit and installed wireless router at that time. (Not Asante fault). Must configure camera with ethernet cable before using W/L. Must use cable to upgrade firmware. Struggled with IP connection until discovered doesn't work with IE9 64-bit. Ran out of time to figure out how to get it to work with FTP. Despite all the marketing hoopla, this is not as easy as it says. Must be fairly savvy with configuring port forwarding in your router, setting up FTP. Not for beginners.

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Works to add zip drive to SATA only Mobo10/10/2010 6:45:24 PM

Pros: Cheap. Good product design: compact for internal use. Handy to conserve 250Mb Zip drive in a SATA-only environment. Nice to be able to read many stored backup zip diskettes inexpensively. Install it and forget it.

Cons: Fits a little loose. Does not fit all old IDE HDDs, CDROMs, but most. Somewhat tedious to use internally as you have to open the case, etc. An external adapter is more handy for quick hookup of old IDE devices.

Overall Review: Not good for external use. Other products abound for external use.

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I've been pawned!10/8/2010 8:24:38 PM

Pros: NewEgg delivers quick... Got my package in 2 days. Nice print quality for small printer. BT adapter (either mini or full size) can be installed in two different locations, one of which is "hidden" and protected.

Cons: Very expensive portable printer with NO BATTERY... must buy extra from Canon for additional $99!! And it mounts on the back... appears to be ungainly. No USB cable, but MUST have to install drivers. software support on enclosed CD does not work. Must go directly to Canon web site to register or get current downloads because the auto installed icons don't link. Obviously an old CD is provided that has not been updated. No carrying case for printer or wire wrap for power brick... at the price they charge for this little sucker, they could have provided a better accessory package, AND A BATTERY! That's what portable means... mobility requires no cords! It's a good thing CANON doesn't make cell phones. Can you imagine trailing a phone cord every where you went?

Overall Review: The advertisements suggests this printer is "Portable" and great for "Mobile" use. It needs a very long extension cord.... And no where in the reviews does anyone report that this "portable" printer does not come with a battery. As a matter of fact, one reviewer reported it did. (Does NOT!) I had a Canon BJ portable about 15 years ago that came with a battery, so I didn't catch on until I tried to find a non-existant battery charge status indication. It is not made clear that a battery is an extra option until you visit the support site and view available accessories. I don't think assuming a battery would be included in a portable printer is unreasonable. I have several Canon printers and have liked them up until this fiasco. I may have to place Canon on my black list, along with HP. Stand by for an offer from NewEgg for an open-box return.

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Heavy Metal6/19/2010 7:50:45 AM

Pros: Ordered this monster Monday evening, arrived Thursday morning. I live about 450 miles from Memphis (KC metro area)... not bad! Hard to beat NewEgg for shipping efficiency. Not only did NewEgg have about the lowest price I could find for this beauty, but $1.99 for shipping brought the total cost to the lowest AND NO REBATES TO MESS AROUND WITH. I like that!

Cons: Weighs a ton! Twice as heavy as my MFC-8660DN... struggled to get it upstairs to my office. I am 240 lbs and getting old.... You may be younger and stronger. Getting it out of the box was harder than getting it up the stairs. Two people would really be helpful.

Overall Review: Took about 15 minutes just to remove all the shipping tape and inserts. Another 5 minutes to install the cartridges, add paper, and printed out a color copy of a brochure for test. Looks great! Other comments to follow once I use it a bit.

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Somewhat of an issue3/8/2010 4:13:53 PM

Pros: Excellent quality, nice feature (signal LED)

Cons: Screw connectors are female. Most serial port connectors are female, and forcing female to female connection results in inadequate pin connection and stability. Had to open digital equipment box (warranty expired anyway) having serial port and found no room to insert screws from inside to form male screw conx. Wouldn't have done any good, anyway, since IOGear molded connector female screws do not turn, and I certainly would not want to open the box every time I wanted to disconnect. Settled for removing the box's screws and left IOGEAR RS232 plug hanging. It is tight now, but don't know how long this will last.

Overall Review: Unless you buy RS232 connectors a lot, you probably would not think to check if the screws were male/female and whether they turned. It is enough to know that the DB9 needed is male. Whoever thought one would find a male connector with female screws?

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Stealth floppy7/6/2009 3:31:49 PM

Pros: Works out of the box.

Cons: USB cable is only about 18 inches, too short to place it on top of my tower. So small it is a little difficult to insert floppies unless I pick it up and hold it while pushing in the diskette. Smallness will be a "Pro" if I use it with a laptop that has no floppy. Ejects OK.

Overall Review: No identification on the unit to report manufacturer. Boxed in plain wrapper. User's guide would have you believe it is a TEAC. 2.5 installation diskette has setups for Mitsumi and TEAC and for Windows 95 on. They are of little use, but the "Read Me" files have some interesting info. Did not use installation diskette as it is not needed. WinXP sees it as a Sony floppy and assigns it drive A:.... this "Nippon Labs" unit is made in China, so no telling who the manufacturer really is.

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C2Quad9550 w/ fan7/2/2009 9:28:49 AM

Pros: Runs fast! Good price! Installs easy*!

Cons: CPU installs easy, but supplied Intel fan is a little difficult to attach. You have to be carefull to push down on the attachment pins symetrically or it will not set level. Once you push too far, you have to twist the pin to raise it and twist again to reset it and then attempt another install. Do all this without flexing the mobo, or you will crack some traces. Not mentioned, is the fact that thermal paste is pre-installed on the fan side where it contacts the CPU, so be careful you don't put your finger in the wrong places! And once you remove the fan to reset it, there will be some paste left on the top of the CPU.

Overall Review: Auto temp sensing fan started right up on high speed and then quit when first applying power to the mobo. I thought I toasted it until I found that it ran OK after turning on the power switch. I guess this is normal for this setup because every time I completely power down, and then apply standby power, the same thing happens. When running at idle, the fan runs Fast/Idle/Fast/Idle, etc. and on ad infinitum. Kinda like a biker at a stoplight, who constantly revs the throttle between fast and idle while waiting for the green light. Once the CPU has a demand placed on it, it runs steadily at fast (but not for long... this is a really fast CPU) I have a very good cooling case, so this constant revving of the fan is annoying.

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Corsair XMS Twin pack (C5)7/2/2009 9:11:00 AM

Pros: This 4Gb RAM set works fine in my Intel DQ45CB. Did not see it listed in the tested product list, so wanted to report that it runs great.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: This is a great package price for 4 Gb RAM. It only runs up to 800 Mz, but if you want higher you will pay for speed. For a working desktop, this is all I need. The CPU in my system board is the Intel C2Quad9550.

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Plextor PX-850 SATA DVD burner7/2/2009 8:59:20 AM

Pros: Installs and runs out of the box without any problems.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: This is a quick review after installation. I have not attempted any burns yet, but so far, this neat little device installs and runs great. SATA is a dream for system builders... so simple! BIOS recognized drive, and installation of OS went easy. After installing WinXP, installed Plextor utilities. Also provided is a free install of short version of CD Creator. Good enough for my needs.

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WinXP sp37/2/2009 8:52:05 AM

Pros: Installed fairly easily.

Cons: Took longer to update than to install. Glitch during install when auto setting video parameters. Ran repair, but did not have to re-install.

Overall Review: After install, must activate before allowed to update. I did not install RAID yet, so will have to go thru the usual hassle when I do later on, I suppose. On update site, needed 34 critical updates, and then 12 to update those 34, then 7 to update the 12, then another 7. This took about 4 hours. I spent more time updating WinXP than it took to build the system and install the OS. I am wondering if I should have just chosen Vista.

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Intel DQ45CB7/2/2009 8:39:05 AM

Pros: Quality board. Minimum features, but it is designed for work, not play, which is what I want. BIOS setup is a snap... up and running in minimum time. SATA is the way to go! No IDE headaches, but you will need a USB floppy to use the provided floppy disk for RAID driver.

Cons: No installation guidelines. RAID driver on floppy disk, not on CD. With no IDE support, you will need a USB floppy to install RAID drivers. This is unintelligent.

Overall Review: This is not a board for novices. I have built several systems in the past and knew what to do, but the quick reference guide only has pictures, no text to speak of. If you don't know how to figure out Intel USB header, you will be lost. Also, my case has 3pin header for power LED. Almost missed the alternate 3pin header provided, thinking the 2pins on the front panel header was all to be had. Huge layout quick reference has a lot of wasted paper... no graphic of all headers, no explanation of RED FLASHING LED that gets your attention quick. Discovered it is for AMT and not a problem. Red is a poor color choice for this LED. Surprise on first power on: CPU cooling fan came on at high speed, then shut down. I thought the board and/or CPU was toasted. Found out this was normal. Once power switch turned on, system runs OK. Thermal sensing CPU fan runs On/Off/On/Off/On/Off constantly at idle until CPU requires above idle processing. This is very annoying...

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