epic12/13/2012 12:36:35 PM

Pros: This case is awesome, there's plenty of room for extra fans. It looks pretty nice also not a big fan of the black drive bay covers, doesn't thrash the appearance tho. good amount of room for cable management, if you've got a small power supply or a modular one. I would say that if you don't care about 200 mm fans then this case is just about as good as the haf 912.

Cons: hardrive cages aren't removable, and you cant spin them ether. So if you've got a raid array than things might get a bit cramped for your gpu.

Overall Review: Great little case, perfect for atx, and mini atx builds. Looks better than it does in the pictures. put a window in the side the interior is beautiful. Do it! now!

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impressed11/29/2012 6:50:54 AM

Pros: High contrast right out of the box. Thin bezel. Fairly decent viewing angles. The blue led power light on the front isn't that bright so it wont blind you all day, yet still visible not that it matters.

Cons: The up and down viewing angles are kinda iffy but from left and right are awesome.

Overall Review: The first thing I noticed when I got her hooked up next to my other monitors was that it's got a much richer display. My other 2 monitors are asus vh232h's. The stand is wobbly but it's really no big deal, I just shoved a rubik's cube under one side and now it stays really steady.

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number 210/23/2012 2:45:55 PM

Pros: best 23 inch monitor at this price point.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Just bought the second monitor to my eyefinity setup so now I have 2 of these and I couldn't be happier with the color and contrast matching up perfectly they both look identical.

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Exquisite10/20/2012 1:29:32 PM

Pros: SSD's are fast we all know that, I wasnt expecting this thing to be as fast as it is even. My loading screens in bf3 are 8-10 times faster, windows starts in 12 seconds and from there I can use any application asif my computer has been turned on and waiting for 2 minutes already. it literally gives you several minutes of spare time every time you load a game or heavy application. It weighs litteraly nothing compared to any other part in a pc.

Cons: It's not the most attractive ssd and removing the sticker voids the warranty, as would any.

Overall Review: I would buy it again if I needed another but for now I'm good.

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Let us delve in8/1/2012 9:46:20 PM

Pros: First off I want to say the texture of this mouse is awesome! There's no rubber grips! I've been using it for a week strait and haven't had to clean any part of it at all I could use my old mouse for an hour and i'd need to clean off the greasy gunk that likes to collect on glossy finishes, but because this mouse is all mat finish it stays clean and doesn't get sweaty.

Cons: The only cons I've found thus far are the side buttons shape they're not at all hard to distinguish use or reach for but they're just kind of a weird shape and it kinda bugs me. Most logitech mice have strangely shaped side buttons. I'd rather they be wider and flatter then skinny and tall.

Overall Review: I'ts a great mouse when i first got it out of the box i felt the sides and at first it almost felt like 100 grit sandpaper covered in plastic. I's a sort of grainy mat finish really like it. Sofar Iv'e mostly used it for leauge of legends and ive been trying to use it in BF3 but lately the servers have been going through some weird bug with punkbuster and they're too laggy for me to play properly.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
good fans8/1/2012 9:36:10 PM

Pros: Solid fans They push a lot of air they're not entirely noisy you cant get much quieter. Extremely cheep! Best bang for buck if you don't want your case to glow with leds and stuff.

Cons: They cant be taken apart (easily) that I know of sofar that's my only problem. I can hear them but they're actually fairly quiet for 4 more fans in my rig. making a total of 10 fans in all. And my rig just has a nice hummmmm to it.

Overall Review: Works as advertised. Slapped one on the other side of my hyper 212 evo and my cpu temps never go over 38C even with the cpu oc'd to 3.6

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Not a beast at OC7/17/2012 2:14:18 PM

Pros: Black PCB ,great board layout ,amazing features. Great if you're buying a 4 or 6 core bulldozer but the 8 core wont be tremendously overclock worthy - see cons.

Cons: If you're running a 8120 or 8150 overclocking wont get you very far. You can achieve stable clocks up to 3.6-3.8 but no further due to the VRM's overheating and actually shutting down and underclocking the cpu to 1.4 ghz, for a short time. When this happens you'll experience huge lag spikes in most modern games, or applications.

Overall Review: The reason it throttles when overclocked is becasue it has a 4-1 power phase and it cant supply enough power to the cpu without overheating Look for a motherboard with a 8-1 power phase like the Extreme 4 or fatality. the fatality actually has a 16-1 power phase... so it supports 4 times the power of this board, with a lower TDP. If you don't wanna overclock much or at all this is the board for you. I'm currently at 3.7 ghz and it seems to work great there so I'm just going to leave it

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1 and a half years still going great!4/18/2012 2:17:46 AM

Pros: I'ts actually a pretty great mouse it's nice and small but still big enough to be comfortable even with hands my size. The laser wont work on most shiny surfaces such as ,polished wood, laminated materials ,counter tops and glass. Mouse pad *ding* *ding* *ding* ,paper also works in a pinch. This mouse is wireless GREAT for laptops and people who keep their computer away from their desk, I might add that the mouse works from what I've been able to test, nearly 12-20 ft away. The first batteries that they give you in here will last for what seems to be eternity, it can run on one battery but I always use 2 for more weight and extended life.

Cons: I'm a gamer, and a person who needs more buttons at my disposal, but I knew exactly what this mouse had before I bout it so I cant count this as a con it's more of a regret ;) It's kinda skinny and a bit short, because it's somewhat meant to be a full sized laptop mouse.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a nice big mouse, that wont let any of your fingers rub on your mouse pad, this probably isn't the mouse for you. If you're planning to use it for office work/web browsing it's amazing for those types of tasks, but not so much for gaming, I mean it's not terrible ,but it's no designed for gaming. Buy it if you like 5 button, Comfortable, high performance, and a compact form factor mice.

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Impressed!4/15/2012 6:22:02 PM

Pros: Legit 7.1 surround sound, Awesome. Leather ear cups witch are great for keeping out noise and keep the headset quiet to others, also it dramatically improves bass and sound quality. The deign is amazing, they look weird in the pics but when they're in your hands they look amazing. Sound quality is great for music and Breathtaking in games they don't lie on the box whatsoever. I was hosting a few cod servers and everyone who joined left because they thought I was hacking. The cable is sleeved with a High quality cable sleaving this is one heavy USB connection you wont break , trust me.

Cons: I bought these for $140 at a local electronics store with a yellow sign you know the one. Go newegg! The reason i got these is because my Tritton AX 720's broke in a week and i traded them in for these at best buy.

Overall Review: Why haven't you bought it yet. If you're looking for a gaming headset look no further.

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While it works it's great.4/14/2012 2:03:13 PM

Pros: The sound was awesome, I had it plugged into my computer using the PS3 configuration mostly. no need for the optical audio adapter tho. Great bass ,Fantastic microphone, loud It hurt my ears to max out my music ,and Comfortable it's like wearing a pillow on your head.

Cons: Like I said in the title, the microphone cable in the main cord must have broken somewhere. It wasn't sending any signal to my PC whatsoever. It worked fine on the Xbox 360 due to the fact that the mic plugs into the xbox controller and doesn't go through the long main wire. However I wouldn't trust the wire at all it feels extremely week and the wires seemed thin because the cord would bend like rubber. For this I'm taking off 3 eggs, this was my only problem with this headset. I am not one to mistreat my electronic devices to me they're gold.

Overall Review: Great headset, but it's only surround sound with fake 5.1 digital sillyness, i thought it was 5.1 acoustic when I bought it. if you want surround sound ether go for a nice Logitech speaker set, I'd also recommend their G35 headset (just picked it up today and the cord is nice and stiff :D) Time will tell.

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Quiet perfect brightness.3/31/2012 1:20:14 PM

Pros: The lights are beautiful! It's so quiet , and if you push on the center fan mount it feels kinda springy I guess its to reduce potential vibration. 1250 rpm at 100% currently the fastest fan in my case. Comes with a 120 mm fan guard! And that's awesome because I just put a plexi window in my case and I wanna put a fan hole on it now.

Cons: Fan blades are kinda pinkish when it's turned off.

Overall Review: I'd buy it again, but I only bought it because the cooler master sickle flow red led fans were 2 times what they usually were. I am not unhappy with it at all, great fan great price.

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First, well second Boot.3/28/2012 12:45:52 AM

Pros: QUIET! even at 100% it's asloud as my stock cooler at 25% COOL! I'm currently 10*C less at idle and at load. BIG! I wanted to add some girth to my computer and this was perfect.

Cons: One thing I have noticed, on the top of the cooler there is a gap between the top fin and the fan's plastic frame. I noticed there was a LOT of air escaping through there so I sealed it off with some tape. and my temps dropped nearly 1.5*C (Load) I will be building a plexyglass shroud to put on top this beast to help seal off that gap. I wonder if this gap also exists on the bottom :/

Overall Review: Running a FX-8120 at 3.4 ghz With the stock fan at idle my temps were around 43C and at load they were 63C and up, I had to close prime95 in fear of for my CPUs life Now I'm getting (with the same clock speed) 34C idle 57C load max I've seen is 58* Installation takes some time but I found it enjoyable and not hard at all only used the instructions as a reference a couple of times... just to make sure I was doing it right. :P TIME TO OVERCLOCK! :D

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It was free3/16/2012 12:24:35 AM

Pros: It was free and it's dirt 3. got this with my video card actually somehow I got 2 and I gave one to my friend.

Cons: Well it's only a racing game made for mostly bench marking.

Overall Review: Well since i got 100$ in game for free I'm happy :D But i cant give it 5 stars cause the game hasn't "Grasped" my attention yet.

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Got it free with G-skill ram.3/16/2012 12:19:39 AM

Pros: It's a micro sd card, And it's class 4 witch means it's the fastest type of micro sd card you can get. For 5 bucks. that's only $1.20 a gig. The adapter is amazing, it's much better than the other ones I've got it only took me a second to notice how much more solid it felt as I put it in my reader. now to test it. (yes I am writing this as I un-box/first use it.)

Cons: The packaging isn't blue, oh wait I like red anyway.

Overall Review: Either this card or my card reader wont work in a usb 3.0 slot. I'm inclined to think it's the reader. I got 4 MBPS upload while transferring a 2 gig file to the card, seemed to average out at 2.7MBPS Transferring off the card I get 21-22 MBPS :D

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Great Overclocking2/14/2012 8:39:56 PM

Pros: I've now started overclocking this card and it overclocks really well. I've overclocked the gpu core to 1000 mhz (900 mhz base clock) and it's stable at 2.000 volts. other graphics cards need close to 3 volts to get that. The memory clock is also overclocked to 1145. it can go higher I just haven't yet. Plays crysis 2 on ultra no prob, skyrim on high sometimes gets a bit choppy when you look at towns, minecraft runs great, league of legends is amazingly smooth. This beast runs anything on a single display. iId CF if you're going for an eyefinity or just get a single 7950.

Cons: Runs kinda hot when overclocked but you'll never have to worry about he temps if you're not overclocking. I haven't passed 80C yet. But I've ramped the fan speed up to almost 65% witch gets kinda loud.

Overall Review: I'm sure I can overclock past 1000 mhz but I want to get more cooling in my case first. I'm only giving it 4 eggs cause this is my second review and I don't want it to affect the base rating. When overclocking don't use msi afterburner Use sapphire triXX ,for some reason afterburner doesn't increase voltage and it will crash the card if you go over 975 mhz.

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Not a night light.2/14/2012 12:26:39 AM

Pros: The back lighting is great for dim to no light gaming, you'll never rage at missing a key again. Key's are very responsive and type every click. They're also not that tall and don't have a ton of concave.

Cons: If you turn it over there's not a cooking surface there. seriously this is my only gripe. Wouldn't it be great to grill burgers on your keyboard!

Overall Review: I love my keys very flat I got used to it on my laptop, that were just flat squares with a bit of a stair step off the sides ,and have been in love with them ever since. This is a great keyboard if you also don't like all that "erg-o-nomic" Crud.

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These things look amazing.2/14/2012 12:15:15 AM

Pros: Ok first off they look 100x better than the ictures do them justice they have by no means a plastic look as they are portrayed in these pictures. The heat spreaders are made of high quality aluminum and are a shiny Deeeep red color. They look wonderful on my asrock 990fx a black motherboard. Now that I have that off my chest. Booted on first start up recognized all 8 gigs easily overclockable, great timings. They look so nice why are you still reading this just buy them!

Cons: Umm... well they don't emit energy fields.

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Works Great fast transfer rates.2/14/2012 12:08:21 AM

Pros: Solid drive. Runs fast registered a 5.9 in WEI Im currently copying 60 gigs of games from one partition to another on this drive. it's going at about 25.5 mbps. This thing IS THIN! I was shocked to see how thin it was. At first i thought i thought newegg accidentally sent me a SSD ;). The thickness is great for having maximized airflow in your case cause it wont block nearly as much air as some other hard drives I'ave seen. It's almost as thin as my notebook hard drive.

Cons: The price for this and any hard drives at the moment are my only gripe. I remember last year there were 1.0-1.5 TB hard drives in this price range. :C I'm not docking an egg for this cause I know there's a reason (floods in Thialand)

Overall Review: It's probably the best deal at the time of purchase. I'd buy it again.

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Bulldozer is fast 0_02/10/2012 12:41:01 AM

Pros: This is actually much faster than I was expecting! I haven't overclocked yet, and at this point I don't even feel it necessary.

Cons: My tin was a bit scratched up. There was also a sort of stain or smudge on the cpu its self.

Overall Review: I'm playing crysis 2 maxed outalong with a single 6870 (on a 1280x1024 siplay :C). I don't even hear my computer rev while it's running it. The temps are moderately high. Bout 45c under light tasks. witch are listening to music and writing newegg reviews. Plays minecraft ,Crysis ,skyrim, also applications install sooo fast. I installed crysis 2 within 8 minutes tops. Go bulldozer you wont regret it.

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This case is only 50$ wait what?2/9/2012 10:23:43 AM

Pros: This case is amazing. It's extremely spacious for a mid 50$ tower. it's the best case on the market in the 50- 75$ range you cannot get better. The cable management is boss! I got a non modular 800 wat power supply, and i had no problem hiding every wire i didn't use. (there were a lot...)

Cons: Well to be honest the interior isn't painted but we already knew that. The dust filters suck just take the one in front of your hard drives out they restrict more air then they catch dust. the one good thing about them is they're so easy to take out and clean.

Overall Review: All in all This case is great. keeping my components really cool, ive got a bulldozer 8120 and a radeon 6870 in here they're all staying at relatively low temps. GPU hasn't gone over 64C yet. I haven't found out how to monitor the CPU without going in the bios yet. but when I saw that it was at 30c I highly recommend this case, you will not regret it.

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GREAT!2/9/2012 10:05:47 AM

Pros: Yuo'll have wires for anything you can possibly power with a 800 watt psu. The LED fan is wonderful looking and it's as silent as a dead mouse.

Cons: The only problem I have with it are the silly molex connectors. They take an amazing force to plug into any female molex connector. Idk maybe I'm doing something wrong. But when I was mic chatting with my friends while I was plugging them in my friends were asking what was going on, proly sounded like I was going into labor. They will go in it's just hard.

Overall Review: Over all I really like the quality this thing is extremely solid and Really really looks nice. If it weren't for the impossible molex connectors I would urge anyone to buy this. And who knows maybe it's just my case fans molex that were giving the trouble.

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