Wolf King Warrior1/17/2007 8:46:08 AM

Pros: Looks good. It makes it easier to get to most keys.

Cons: It has a red LED in the top right to show that it's on. It's WAY too bright and the only way to make it go off is to unplug it. There should be an on/off button. Almost ALL of the keys are portioned poorly. The keys aren't sensitive enough. It's missing the "Enter" key.

Overall Review: This isn't a bad game pad, but it's nothing special. It would take me a long time to get used to the key placement and I'm already quite efficient with normal keyboards. It is a little bigger than it seems in the pictures but I wouldn't care how big it is if it improved my game play.

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Good imitation, but not the real thing.1/17/2007 8:35:40 AM

Pros: The cooling system works great, I thought it would be cheap and ineffective, but it works great. It fits my hand fairly well. The joysticks feel solid and aren't too sensitive which is a big deal for me. Price is reasonable.

Cons: Not that this has anything to do with my rating because I don't know who to blame, but the front of it has a bunch of scratches! It's too small and light for me. I like big, solid controllers.

Overall Review: There wasn't really anything wrong with this product(aside from the scratches), it just doesn't fit my taste the way I had hoped. It is smaller than it looks in the picture.

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Video Card for first computer build1/15/2007 8:23:05 PM

Pros: It's not a bad card, pretty fast for being a 7 series card. It was a decent price. It came with plenty of software including a game I haven't tried yet.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: I think it over heated yesterday, but I was running it pretty hard for a almost a few hours straight. I think getting a new heatsink and fan for any video card would be a good idea, but I can't verify yet that it was this card that was overheating. It may have been the RAM or CPU. Also, it seemed a bit big, but this is my first time buying and building a computer, so I don't know how big these things usually are.

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RAM for first computer build1/15/2007 8:17:12 PM

Pros: Decent price. Works fine. Has nice LEDs on the top that shows how hard it's working.

Cons: none

Overall Review: There's not really anything wrong with the stick I have, but 512MB just isn't enough these days to play any good games. I'm upgrading to 1GB, but I'm sticking with Corsair XMS because they seem to be the best.

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CD Burner for first computer build1/15/2007 8:11:02 PM

Pros: It looks good being black, sitting in my Cooler Master Mystique. Decent price.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: It's still too early to tell whether or not this is a great product because it could fail me in the future. It seems to be fine, but if it acts up any time soon, I will repost my rating.

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X-Raider Pro1/15/2007 8:07:59 PM

Pros: Looks amazing! I love anything blue pretty much, so I bet the other colors look good also. It's not too bright and it has a nice dimming control on the wire about 6 inches from the pad. The wire is a good length.

Cons: Not very comfortable. Not much surface area.

Overall Review: I would recommend this pad to anybody if they want a great looking and reliable pad, but not a gamer that likes to play for several hours straight. It gets very uncomfortable after a while and starts to scrape the wrist. That's what you're gonna get for using an illuminating pad, but I'm a big gamer so I would rather use something more comfortable. I would have given it 5 stars if I didn't use it much or if they made it a little more comfortable where the wrist sits.

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DVDROM for first computer build1/15/2007 7:58:11 PM

Pros: It came with some good software for watching DVDs. It was a decent price. It looks good sitting in my Cooler Master Mystique, I'm so glad they make them in black.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: It's still pretty early to tell whether or not it's a great product. It hasn't failed me yet, but if it starts acting up anytime soon, you'll see another post from me.

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Great deal1/15/2007 7:53:47 PM

Pros: Low price for a large amount of hard disk space. I easily could have went smaller because I don't think I will ever come close to filling 250GB, but it was such a great price!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'm thankful it didn't arrive dead. It was tightly wrapped in bubble wrap. I'm convinced that Western Digital is a good brand and will most likely make a purchase from them again through New Egg of course!

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ATX case for first computer build1/15/2007 7:41:11 PM

Pros: Looks awesome. Built solid. Has a cool blue LED 120mm fan in front. Has a good cooling system. Reversible front door is neat. Good price. Front ports are in an appropriate place.

Cons: It COULD use another fan like on top maybe, but the cooling is still alright. The locks on the drive bays are cheap and poor quality.

Overall Review: This is my second post for this product, but I figured I would post now that I'm actually using it. I wasn't using last time I posted.

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PSU for first computer build1/15/2007 12:34:18 PM

Pros: Has more than enough power for most gaming systems. Fair price. Looks pretty good. Really quiet. LOTS of connectors. Mesh sleeves on cables help keep them neat and protected.

Cons: The cables are all too long and are a little tough to manipulate into position.

Overall Review: Having a full tower would be better for this PSU because of the length and size of the cables, but this is an all around GREAT buy for just about any system!

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Natural 4000 Keyboard9/16/2006 10:59:30 AM

Pros: The Microsoft Natural 4000 is an excellent keyboard. The row of special keys on the top are very convenient and make the keyboard look even better. It came with a software disc which was very helpful of course. The "My Favorites" keys are pretty nifty. All the keys are pretty quiet, don't make much clicking noise which is nice. The new "Zoom" button is pretty neat and could potentially be useful for a lot of different things. The design looks very nice and sleak and goes well along with my Sceptre widescreen LCD and my Microsoft Laser 6000 Mouse and my Cooler Master Mystique and my Logitech Z-2300 speakers. It has a very comfortable palm rest.

Cons: I don't know if every Microsoft Natural 4000 has the same problem, but mine is a little off balance. Something isn't level on the bottom so it rocks which is very annoying because I paid a pretty penny for this thing. I'm giving this product the benefit of the doubt though and I'm still rating it excellent because if it wasn't for that small(and fixable) problem, it would be pretty much perfect! All I have to do is put something under one of the feet and it's level. Also, the keys are harder to push down than they should be. I could press pretty softly to press a key on my old keyboard.

Overall Review: This is my first ergonomics keyboard(owned, I've used several) and it's taking me a while to get used to where the letter keys are and how hard I have to push the keys compared to other keyboards I've used. This keyboard also comes with some piece of plastic that you can attach to the bottom of the keyboard to raise it higher. I have found no use for this, but I suppose somebody could which makes me think Microsoft is getting pretty thoughtful.

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laser mouse 60009/16/2006 10:40:19 AM

Pros: The Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 is an excellent mouse for multiple reasons. First of all, it looks really sleak and symmetrical and kind of futuristic or whatever. It fits very comfortably in my hand even though it seems to be made for both left and right handed people. The laser technology in it makes it very smooth and accurate. The software that came with it is very helpful. This is my first time owning a mouse with more than 3 buttons(including wheel click).

Cons: The left side button is a little bit more of a reach than I would like for my thumb, but I can see how a left handed person would feel the same way about the right side button so I can't complain. I don't recommend this mouse for gamers with small hands or short thumbs.

Overall Review: If you're looking for an all around good mouse, this is it. If you're looking for a particular mouse to fit your hand, you might want to look at a mouse made for right or left handed people, depending on which one you are.

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nice case8/19/2006 2:56:22 PM

Pros: This case looks great and the front door is really neat. It has a good airflow system to keep it cool.

Cons: Reversing the swing of the door isn't as simple as it appears to be, it's kinda complicated and the instructions hardly help at all. I'll eventually figure it out...

Overall Review: This case doesn't have a window which I personally like, but if you're all about LED lights in your computer and cathodes, then you'll want the Mystique with the window.

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great speakers8/19/2006 2:23:07 PM

Pros: The quality of sound is great. Each satellite is 40W and the sub is 120W which is impressive. The wired remote control is very convenient. Also a great looking set.

Cons: With great power comes great size, and the sub is pretty big, but it's well worth it.

Overall Review: Good system whether you're listening to music or playing games, but I suggest that if you have the right setup, get a surround sound system.

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