Plenty of HP4/12/2013 8:30:06 PM

Pros: Plenty of room/Well laid out. Zero issues out of the box. More speed than I expected (and I was expecting a lot)

Cons: G.Skill ram was supplied with no sexy heat sinks like in the pic. I ordered 2 more sticks of ram with red sinks and now it just looks odd (not that anyone is looking in my case). LOUD - had read reviews that it is quiet - getting a whole lot of fan noise.

Overall Review: Not a gamer but needed something with plenty of power for photo editing. Last PC was a 6 processor AMD but this computer is night and day over the old. Some functions in Lightroom 4 and other image editing software would take an unreasonable amount of time (10 - 40 seconds) to process - this unit makes them instant. I added another 16gb or ram before first boot. Wish the SSD was a little larger but the Samsung unit supplied works well.

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6 months and working perfect!!4/26/2012 10:40:02 AM

Pros: Low cost and good performance. I was unsure how long these would last when I got them - certainly built to a price. But they are still shining bright at 5am.

Cons: Build quality is not high - but considering the price it is very decent. They will last a few years I imaging - considering what they do and where they are that is all I can ask!

Overall Review: I have had 2 sets for 6 months and I will be adding a few more sets. They are very easy to setup and work well. Surprised to see them bright at 5am. Certainly diminished performance on a cloudy day - only natural. These are great!!

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Update of older review12/20/2011 1:15:12 AM

Pros: 32 Gigs - low price (now it is older)

Cons: Update of review - 3/11/2008 6:02:53 PM Warranty was Lifetime - now 2 years. Has company lost faith in its own product? My first card failed on me after about a year. had 16gigs of pics on it and would not format to more than 16gigs. No haggle replacement came but since then I made other arrangements as I lost confidence in this product. It sits in unopened package.

Overall Review: When your only job is to safely store and you do not do your job - then your value is diminished.

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Phenomenal!!12/20/2011 1:07:56 AM

Pros: 64Gigs is a whole lot of pics. Great to be able to shoot all day without worrying about changing cards. I have used this to replace 4 x 16gb cards. So much easier to keep track of one card. Shoot RAW on 7D and takes some effort to hit the buffer. Great to have a card that will keep up and hold it all. Have not had any issues or concerns - 50 000 pics through it so far.

Cons: Could always be a lower price but I feel I got more than what I paid for.

Overall Review: Nothing more unprofessional than seeing a pro photographer stopping to change memory cards (or batteries) mid shoot. If your juggling multiple cards during a shoot then your doing your client a disservice.

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Very decent value for residential trimmer11/11/2011 1:28:35 PM

Pros: Condition was like new. No real evidence of past use/abuse. Quick connect was a real plus for me as it exact fits a pole saw I purchased from Poulan Pro (whos motor died). So I feel like I got a 2 for 1. Starts easy. Think I will need to tweak the carb as it needs choke longer than I would expect. But easy to start and operate.

Cons: Really cannot say I have encountered any.

Overall Review: I have many Husky products (even their biggest 65cc clearing saw). While this unit might not be of the same commercial caliber other units are. It cost $75 - I have paid more than that just to ship other units. I did have to ask just how they make a profit off this as the 6ft long box must have cost half the price just to ship.

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Another scratch and dent - DOA out of box8/2/2011 1:06:35 PM

Pros: None yet

Cons: This is my second of these units - first failed after a month so Frigidaire gave me a full refund - figured I best be fair and purchased another unit from Frigidaire since they took prompt care of me the first time. This time I ordered from Newegg. This unit has definately seen some tumble. All the fins (that could not contact anything in box) were flattened. Plugged in and fan is hitting on something and wont speed up. Called frigidaire and without knowing who I was (not like they thought I was having a second go at full refund) said to take it to a repair facility 45 minutes drive away. Guess this was a loser product for them and they are tired of dealing with it.

Overall Review: A little disgusted at what was delivered - hope Newegg did not know what they were shipping out. Box was in reasonable condition but unit was rough (not used - just rough).

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Phenomenal Phenom9/30/2010 9:36:30 PM

Pros: Well priced powerhouse which has been flawless out of the box. Very fast/powerful. Not sure many could appreciate the .2 or .4ghz speed between this and the current top of the line Phenoms. 8gb ram - more than most could use. Surprisingly little bloat ware.

Cons: HD is slow relative to the rest of the system. Easily upgraded to a 7200 or better drive. Thus far the supplied 5400 is still noticeably faster than my old system but sure that will change as it fills.

Overall Review: My first real exposure to Win 7 - seems reasonable. System packs some punch. I am not a gamer - I was wanting the power more for rendering etc. System is super quiet. Wish I could have purchased from the Egg - sorry guys. Other reviewer is mistaken - can take a MAX of 16gb ram - but who will go there with a budget powerhouse?

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Fantastic performance6/28/2010 8:35:35 AM

Pros: I have had the Philips for about 4 months now and had ZERO issues or concerns. Very easy to install (I used a HD Wall mount). Picture is very sharp with outstanding color and clarity. I use it as a TV, for DVD's, as well as a monitor. Sound is very strong for an LCD TV - not going to compare with a home theater - but what TV speakers do. For General viewing it sounds great. The supplied base is very solid and heavy - nice glass finish. 4 HDMI ports (some reviews give differing numbers)

Cons: Unit is heavy - real heavy. On the order of 100 pounds. I was able to hang it myself but would not want to hold it long. If wall mounting it be sure you go overkill on a mount. I opened my wall and reinforced where I was to be attaching also as it is a lot of weight when hanging out off a pivoting bracket. The high gloss finish shows marks, prints, and dust easy. (not a real issue)

Overall Review: When I purchased it I was told it was perhaps the best deal going for a 50"+ LCD and I have to say this is still the case. I was a little skeptical going with Philips but purchased an extended warranty (my last LCD died too early - and that was a brand I was more experienced with). This TV really has delivered all I could ask for and more. I am sure side by side there might be a difference in image between this and something costing 2 or 3 times the price - but once it is in your house you will be very very satisfied with how good the image and performance is.

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A great multi tasker5/28/2010 1:06:18 PM

Pros: Purchased last year before a 3 week vacation. I have a DSLR and bag of lenses but little room for them on this trip. Plus I wanted the option of video. I picked up a T1i and an SX20 to see which I preferred for the trip. The SX20 was hands down the winner. While not an SLR it is very flexible. The equivalent lens for 560mm zoom weighs 15 pounds. This camera is light, compact, and delivers very impressive results - in auto or any other setting (depending on knowledge). I did a portrait shoot while I was away and family LOVED the images. Video is very sharp and clear. There is some noise in the zoom that comes though on video. Not super loud but noticeable. But the handshake of zooming with a DSLR would be far worse. Sound is great on this too. I used a 430 flash unit with this when caving and the results were impressive. The flash is bigger (and more expensive) than the camera. I get around 1000 shots from a set of batteries.

Cons: Zoom control is not always as responsive as I would like. Camera is not real fast cycling pictures and shutter lag (though better than many point and shooters) is still significant (I am probably spoiled by my DSLR). The noise of the zoom coming through on the videos is certainly a negative but cannot have everything. I also wish they would allow these to take Compact Flash memory again one day. I share complaints of the MOV format for video - just not my preference. Built in flash is OK but I see better performance from many other Point and Shooters. The horn allowing for a pro flash is definitely a plus though. View finder and rear display are not very good for fine viewing - but in this price range it is fair.

Overall Review: In Auto mode it delivers better pics and more vivid colors than my DSLR (in auto mode). Other tricks like blink timer for self portraits was handy too. Camera has a good feel and controls are logically placed. The View finder and rear display are grainy and you are a little surprised how good the end pics are when you view them on PC. For such a nice multitasking camera that gives 560mm of optical zoom, clear sharp video, great stereo sound, light weight, and reasonably compact - this camera has found a place in my DSLR kit and has taken its place on more than one occasion. A well thought out camera at a great price.

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Could not ask for more2/14/2010 4:20:44 AM

Pros: Only had it a few days and am in lust. She is huge and heavy. Not a one person installation job (though from experience I can say it can be done). Unit came well packed and arrived unscathed. The stand (not attached from factory) has a nice glass finish and is very sturdy (be it non pivoting). Had it set up in minutes and let me say it has a spectacular image quality. While not seeing it side by side with other like units - it is as good as I could hope for. Amazing image quality and a very admirable sound quality also (considering most built in speakers are weak at best). I have read conflicting reports on HDMI inputs - it has 4!! Remote is reasonably basic though decent quality. Be sure to get the NewEgg extended warranty - 5 years all up - best deal going for the TV and for the Warranty. My last (sony) LCD TV died after 14 months and they wanted $460 to fix. New TV and extended warranty made me VERY happy. The sony can rot. No dead pixels. No problems/concerns what so ever

Cons: Now I have to upgrade my cable TV package as it looks terrible on this unit. I have been running Netflix via laptop and am impressed by the performance. Great as a big screen for the laptop though cannot see selling the wife on that one. Unit is VERY heavy for its size. Around 100 pounds. I will be going overkill with a wall mount and opening the wall to further reinforce. The surfaces are all high gloss which will make for more cleaning.

Overall Review: For a price less than many 40" tvs are selling for this unit is a bargain. If I had any better performance from a TV I have to say I could not notice it. My father has a 55" LED at 3 times the price. I have to say that I had so many issues with his TV vs this one. Everything works as it should and the image quality is astounding. Sound is excellent - will never compete with a home theater system - but not meant to. A great deal on a great unit with great service onc emore from Newegg!!

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Great card/value - Couldnt ask for more12/9/2009 3:37:05 AM

Pros: Ordered in the morning- arrived next day (year I know it is not card related - but top marks to Newegg!!!) Card is as claimed. Plenty of speed to handle 1080p video and fast shooting of 10mb raw files. I picked up a pair at this price - best deal going I have found and more secure (in my opinion) than using a 32mb card (just dont like putting all my eggs/photos in one basket). An earlier reviewer said that this is some cheap plastic - joker does not know what he is talking about - Same high quality plastic as any other card I have handled (and do you really think they would cut corners on the 0.05 cents worth of plastic in this thing). Quality card - lifetime warranty - great performance - what else could I ask for.

Cons: No real cons without being greedy!!

Overall Review: Hard plastic carry case is a nice add on. Other brands include a soft card holder which would be a plus (mind you their cards are more than double the price - and for that I could buy a few separately!!) see - now I am being greedy.

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What an awesome little drive8/14/2009 12:18:54 AM

Pros: Ok - so no long term use advice here but first impressions really impressed. Very quiet and extremely compact drive. No power supply ROCKS. If your on the road this unit really gives you freedom. Unit runs cool, quiet, and perfect.

Cons: As with any HD - speed is always slower for large transfers - but for what it is it is a GREAT deal!!!

Overall Review: Some sort of carry sleeve would not go astray - I know the HD market it very competitive but just a thought. You wont regret this drive if your on the road.

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Awesome deal and powerful storage3/11/2008 6:02:53 PM

Pros: Price and capacity are outstanding. Newegg had it to me in no time (competition was backordered and considerably more $$). I have been using a 16gb Sandisk Extreme III (rated at 133x) with my Canon DSLR. The camera can shoot around 3 pictures a second with Raw and jpg files totalling around 16mb each. Between the cameras buffer and the memory cards capacity I found the performance of this new 32gb card to be identical to the more expensive 16gb Sandisk. Awesome card!!

Cons: None

Overall Review: What else can I say - she is a great card - I have had other transcend cards and they have not stopped performing.

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